Busted: Children’s Leukemia Charity Gave Just 1% Of Donations to the Cause



by John Vibes


(ANTIMEDIA) When donating to charity, it is important to be careful and do diligent research on the organization that you will be donating to, because sadly, it is common for charities to be run by scammers.

In the case of the New York-based National Children’s Leukemia Foundation, the organization brought in millions of dollars that were intended for children with leukemia, but it was recently discovered that just 1% of those donations actually went towards helping children with the disease.

The organization was well-respected and perceived as a legitimate charity for many years, despite the fact that most of the donations went towards salaries and elaborate fundraisers to bring in more money.

“Start listing some legitimate sounding programs like a bone marrow registry and people very often have a hard time saying no,” Deputy State Attorney General Yael Fuchs said in a statement.

“NCLS didn’t make any dreams or wishes come true,” he added.

Zvi Shor, the leader of the organization, has been forced to shut down the charity, but he denies that he has done anything wrong. His attorney told the New York Times this week that he ran the charity “with the best of intentions.

However, according to State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, the organization accepted donations across the country, over the course of many years, for programs that did not even exist. Now the New York Attorney General is accusing the foundation of conducting a $9.7 million fraud.

The charity first came under fire in 2010 when it was discovered that Shor was previously arrested for bank fraud, which would make him ineligible to run a charity. After stepping down and replacing himself with friend and long-time accountant, Yehuda Gutwein, Shor allegedly continued to pull the strings of the organization behind the scenes.

These findings reportedly spurred an investigation, which resulted in the recent revelations about the charity.

Source: http://theantimedia.org/busted-childrens-leukemia-charity-gave-just-1-of-donations-to-the-cause/


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Zvi Shor

    Yehuda Gutwein

    Very Aryan sounding names those. Not.

  2. Dogman says:

    The leaders of Britain’s charities face accusations that their six-figure pay packets are excessive and part of a culture of greed polluting the voluntary sector. Research seen by The Independent shows that more than 50 charity chief executives received between £100,000 and £210,000 last year. In one case, a charity paid its chief executive nearly £400,000. Unite, the union which represents 60,000 charity workers, said too many charity bosses were paying themselves more than the Prime Minister’s salary of £197,000.

    Source – http://www.thirdsector.co.uk/united-grand-lodge-england-pulls-benevolent-funds-hearing/governance/article/1101992

  3. Dogman says:

    The Federal Trade Commission says four cancer charities run by extended members of the same family conned donors out of $187 million from 2008 through 2012 and spent almost nothing to help actual cancer patients.
    Each of the charities charged were the subject of extensive reporting by CNN in 2013. And in each instance, none of the four charities would comment. We were ordered out of the building at the Cancer Fund of America in Knoxville, Tennessee, and were the object of an obscene gesture by the CEO of The Breast Cancer Society in Mesa, Arizona.
    The Cancer Fund of America is run by James Reynolds Sr. His son James Reynolds Jr. is the CEO of the Breast Cancer Society. Another charity, the Children’s Cancer Fund of America, is run by Rose Perkins, the ex-wife of the elder James Reynolds. He’s also the CEO of the fourth charity, Cancer Support Services.
    The government says the charities claimed to provide direct support for cancer patients, breast cancer patients and children with cancer.
    “These were lies,” the government’s complaint says.

    Source – http://edition.cnn.com

  4. Dogman says:

    National Cancer Center. For every dollar this foundation raises, only 29 cents goes to fund actual programs. (Source: http: //www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm/bay/search.summary/orgid/4946.htm)

    Childhood Leukemia Foundation spends only 13.5% of its budget on programs used to help children with leukemia. The rest of the money goes to administration (salaries and other costs) and fundraising (marketing and promotion). (Source: http: //www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm/bay/search.summary/orgid/5459.htm)

    Wishing Well Foundation USA. Accounting the Charity Navigator, this foundation spends a mere 10% of its budget on programs that directly help people. The other 90%? Marketing, promotion and administration.

    In a scandal that sounds eerily similar to the one carried out by the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society accepted $1 million dollars from SmithKline Beecham in exchange for permission to use the American Cancer Society’s name and logo to promote the sale of nicotine patches and gum. The problem is that the ACS did not conduct any clinical research demonstrating SKB’s nicotine patch was better than any other patch. In addition, SKB then marketed these ACS-branded products in a way that state Attorneys General said, “…had the tendency and capacity to mislead, deceive and confuse consumers.”

    States sued, and 12 Attorneys General reached a settlement with the American Cancer Society for $12.5 million.

    Source: http : //www.charitywatch.org/articles/decmktg.html

    Favoring drug-company interests that do nothing to prevent breast cancer
    One of the best-known “race for the cure” organizations in the world (at least when it comes to breast cancer) is the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Even though it claims to help breast cancer patients, the foundation reportedly helped block the Patients’ Bill of Rights legislation in 1999, 2000 and 2001.

    The founder of this foundation, Nancy Brinker, even served on the board of directors of a company called Caremark Rx — a firm that was selected by the Bush Administration to help run (and profit from) the Medicare discount drug program. The ties to the Bush Administration run deep, where Brinker has donated $256,000 to Bush and other Republicans. Her foundation also owns stock in several pharmaceutical companies.

    Part of the foundation’s involvement in pharmaceutical companies includes accepting money from AstraZeneca, the makers of tamoxifen (a drug linked to uterine cancer) and major players in the Race For the Cure events. Brinker also reportedly owns half a million dollars in stock in a cancer treatment company called US Oncology.

    Source – http://www.naturalnews.com/009587.html#ixzz2sXlYBkGM

  5. Lynn says:

    Obvious now they are outed.. Playing on the emotions of the masses, conning money for good causes. Yes right, two faced scum have been at this for millennium. Well more fool you for giving now. They are thieves and liars throughout history. Look at the care homes for goodness sake. They are Maffia.

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