Bishop escaped abuse charges after MPs and royal family intervened, court told

Peter Ball, former bishop of Lewes, sentenced to 32 months after admitting abuse of 18 young men between 1977 and 1992


A member of the royal family, a senior judge, cabinet ministers and public school headmasters all supported a Church of England bishop who escaped prosecution for sexual abuse 22 years ago, the Old Bailey has heard.

The scale of the backing of senior establishment figures when Peter Ball was first accused in 1993 by a vulnerable young man of sexual exploitation and abuse was revealed for the first time on Wednesday.

Ball, 83, was in court to be sentenced for 15 years of grooming, sexual exploitation and abuse of 18 vulnerable young men aged 17-25, who had come to him for spiritual guidance and inspiration between 1977 and 1992 when he was bishop of Lewes.

Jailing him for two years and eight months, Mr Justice Wilkie said Ball had abused his position as a senior member of the established church. “You pursued selected individuals to commit or submit to acts of physical or sexual debasement under the guise of it being part of an austere regime of devotion,” Wilkie said. “These acts were committed at your suggestion for your own sexual gratification.”

Ball, who counted the Prince of Wales as a loyal friend, had first been accused in 1993 by Neil Todd, who had attempted suicide three times as a result of his abuse, and went on to kill himself in 2012.

The police investigated and six other victims came forward. But support flooded in for Ball from within the establishment and he was never charged. Instead he received a caution for gross indecency, resigned his post as bishop and was allowed to continue officiating at ceremonies for many years by the then archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey.

Bobbie Cheema QC, prosecuting, said: “The police report that accompanied the papers sent to the CPS in 1993 after the police had done their work stated they had received telephone calls supportive of Peter Ball ‘from many dozens of people – including MPs, former public school headmasters, JPs and even a lord chief justice’”.

She said there were many more letters of support, including from cabinet ministers and a member of the royal family.

After accepting the caution, Ball resigned and rented a cottage on the Prince of Wales’s Duchy of Cornwall estate.

Clarence House in a statement said: “The Prince of Wales made no intervention in the judicial process on behalf of Peter Ball.”

The decision not to prosecute Ball was finalised by the then DPP, Barbara Mills, Cheema said.

At the time of the allegations, Ball told other young men in his charge that Todd’s story was “total fantasy” and tried to deter them from coming forward.

Todd’s sister, Mary Mills Knowles, said in a victim impact statement: “Neil had already made three attempts on his life in 1993 before he summoned the courage to speak out … The church wanted to sweep this under the carpet. They had no concern for Neil’s wellbeing. He was very distressed, vulnerable and distraught. He felt nobody believed him.”

He killed himself in 2012 – unable, she said, to bear the weight of what had happened to him when a new police inquiry began.

Ball was arrested and charged after the 2012 investigation. After months in which Ball attempted to avoid justice by pleading unfit to stand trial and arguing his role as a bishop was not a public office he finally admitted his years of offending last month.

He pleaded guity to misconduct in public office relating to the exploitation of 16 young men and two counts of indecent assault on two young men.

The court heard he ran a scheme to encourage young people to give a year of their life to the church, through which he met his victims, many of whom lived in his home.

Cheema said: “He was highly regarded as a godly man who had a special affinity with young people. The truth was that he used those 15 years in the position of bishop to identify, groom and exploit sensitive and vulnerable young men who came within his orbit.

“For him, religion was a cloak behind which he hid in order to satisfy his sexual interest in those who trusted him.”

The court heard the abuse included beatings, and victims who were in his sway were made to strip naked during baptisms in which Ball also was naked. One victim said he saw Ball as a “living saint”.

Another said: “It seemed to be the better-looking boys, we were taken from the chapel and we would then remove all our clothing and be naked in front of the bishop, in front of the altar, in front of God.”

Defending, Richard Smith QC said the offending was part of the former bishop’s “dark side”.

Bishop Paul Butler, lead bishop on safeguarding in the Church of England, said the case was a matter of “deep shame and regret”. “There are no excuses whatsoever for what took place and the systematic abuse of trust perpetrated by Peter Ball over decades,” he said. “We apologise unreservedly to those survivors of Peter Ball’s abuse and pay tribute to their bravery in coming forward.”

The archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has commissioned an independent review of the way the church has handled the case.


TAP – You think he’s the exception or the rule?  Welby’s independent review is a joke.



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  1. NPP says:

    Welby TAP? But, he’s such a good egg; an ex corporate, now Godly follower of peace maker Jesus… let’s bomb Assad!

    Todd’s sister, Mary Mills Knowles, said in a victim impact statement: “Neil had already made three attempts on his life in 1993 before he summoned the courage to speak out … The church wanted to sweep this under the carpet. They had no concern for Neil’s wellbeing. He was very distressed, vulnerable and distraught. He felt nobody believed him.”

    May be Panorama could document the independent review just to keep it all in the family…. as I type I am listening to BBC R4 analyise the recent Panorama programme. I’m waiting for Dave to blame Putin for all child violation as well as bombing Libya and Syria.

    Keep going everyone. Don’t let the bastars get you down; and remember to laugh despite the apparant madness about you.

    TAP, the ‘she’s got a penis’ song by the 83 year was great!

  2. Aldous says:

    One of the problems I see with stories/cases like these is that it keeps, reinforces even, the ‘historic sexual abuse’ narrative/deception in the public’s mind. 22 years ago is a very long time. Why now at 83? Many would argue that someone of that age is not fit to stand trial or sufficiently defend him or herself.

    Also it’s NEVER a rabbi or imam is it – or hardly ever?
    Christianity is always fair game it seems but justice that seemingly only targets one group while turning a virtual blind eye to other groups can hardly be called justice.

    It’s the same with the Saint Stephen Lawrence saga where the law (Double Jeopardy) was even changed to ensure a guilty verdict which even then took a third trial. That is not justice – especially when the far more frequent murder (and rape) of whites by other ethnic groups is far more prevalent but usually ignored by the Zionist media because it does not serve their sick and satanic agenda.

    There is something very uncomfortable about sending an 83 year old to jail on such dated ‘historic’ testimony, even when these allegations have been looked at previously. Would they have done the same for a rabbi or imam – or even a black Christian cleric? I don’t think so somehow.

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    The Police and Courts had no trouble putting away old Spivey just for scribbling though didn’t they?

    Kinda makes you think.

    • ian says:

      Don’t it just mate.

    • I don’t get it, Freemason Judge Ball looks innocent in that photo to me, with no interest in children. They’ve got the wrong man! 🙂


      EU Undercover Zionist Agent Claude Moraes’ employing Doublespeak, distraction and waffle and hidden agendas attempting to manage the Immigration Asylum narrative:
      ‘ A tricky situation for the Left ‘
      ‘ Economic migration the big elephant in the room ‘
      ‘ Managing migration is a 2 way street ‘ (?!)
      ‘ Migration should be handled in a compassionate way ‘

      And so it goes on.
      Is Claude Moraes 25+ stone girth the only thing he has in common with notorious Liberal MP Cyril Smith?

      Our country is at stake

  4. beLIEve says:

    “THEY” are all in it …TOGETHER……….

    AND, will be until “THEIR” …..NIHILISTIC GENES….are….EVISCERATED….from the gene pool of mankind !


    If, you look at the Michael Tsarion video…@ 12:30……
    Planet Earth was invaded 50,000 years ago by, scientifically advanced, soul dead beings, who saw themselves as Gods and, the Indigenous Sovereigns of Planet Earth as…..SLAVES.. !

    Sounds familiar ?

    The name of these …ALIEN INVADERS….Nephilim/Annunaki/The Brotherhood of the Serpent.

    The invasion was “apparently” accidental as, the …SCIENTIFICALLY advanced SCUM….were being chased across the Universe…and, having “fallen” on Planet Earth, the pursuers withdrew and…. QUARANTINED Earth…in order to contain the POLLUTANT RACE …..and prevent it…escaping to infest other planets !

    The SCUM-BAG Nephilim could not escape so, to make their existence bearable, they …..POLLUTED THE GENE POOL OF a spiritually unique HUMANITY….in order to create a race of psychopathic, left brained, obedient slaves.

    It “appears” the psychopaths in society are descendants of the …….ALIEN RACE of INVADING NEPHILIM……and/or…..the gene engineered “successes” of the ….PERFIDIOUS ALIENS.

    ‘Grace of God – Michael Tsarion’

    “THEY” are… “off-planet” ….SCUM !

  5. Aldous says:

    Keeping in mind all the false flags, hoaxes and BS that spews like Delhi-belly diarrhoea from the msm’s cancerous rectum, why should we believe a word of this particular story? Cui bono? Who benefits from it and what is it keeping off the front pages etc?

    Chris Spivey has posted that the Shoreham Air Show disaster is a complete fabrication and I tend to agree with him, thinking the same from the get-go on seeing the initial footage.

    If they are faking those things – Tragedy Porn as I call it – faking Christian bishops/clerics getting up to no good must be a walk in the park. After all, they control the police, courts and media.

    Right on cue:

    “Coming Out” [Stunt] Exposes Schism in Vatican

    According to Leo Zagami, there is a power struggle in the Vatican between the Jesuits and a powerful “gay lobby” who want greater acceptance.

    Islam is about as demonised as it is possible to be in the feeble minds of the gullible goy, so they don’t need to clog the media with stories – true or false – of reprobate imams. Rabbis get a free pass of course because of the Holocaust Hoax and its no see, no hear and no speak kosher monkeys silencing effect on a complicit media.

  6. Aldous says:

    Another agenda that may be in play here is to desensitize the weary public to this sort of stuff. I find myself thinking it wrong that an 83 year old is dragged through the courts and imprisoned on testimony a generation old – assuming the story is genuine. Am I falling for one of their agendas here? Misplaced sympathy, then acceptance, then normality.

    There’s a lot of bad stuff going on out there but the paedophile establishment and royals always seem to land on a keep out of jail spot in the squared/skewed circle of life on Mars-like Earth with Jews at the helm.

    The stuff that came out about Savile was absolutely no accident but all coordinated to the last detail. References to his necrophilia were calculated and deliberate.

    In the Frankfurt Marxist plan, we (The West) are already at gay marriage(sic) after civil partnerships. The next steps are paedophilia, then bestiality followed by necrophilia – after they have been snuffed and filmed in many cases.

    Make no mistake, these perversions/abominations are going on all the time perpetrated by a hard core of sexual deviants. The sick aim is to make them as socially acceptable as pillow-biting while having one’s anus desecrated by the new normal ones amongst us.

    • Yes, your comments here refresh the mind and understanding that things Are Not What They Seem

      He might still be an expendable guilty person though thrown under the bus

      ” Misplaced sympathy, then acceptance, then normality. ” ” The stuff that came out about Savile was absolutely no accident but all coordinated to the last detail ”

      And the Shoreham fear porn show. Yes ive had to remind myself just how Truman Show like everything is. I was starting to forget

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