Before Putin Showed up, 11 Other Countries Were Already Bombing Syria

Before Putin Showed up, 11 Other Countries Were Already Bombing Syria



(Truthstream Media)  Russia has struck over 110 ISIS targets in Syria in just two weeks. Over 40% of the Islamic State’s infrastructure has reportedly been destroyed already.

We lost track somewhere (sadly), but it was recently noted by Putin that, by the time Russia showed up and started systematically destroying ISIS in short order, there were already 11 other countries bombing Syria.

Eleven other countries…

In fact, it has been over a year since America started an airstrike campaign over there.

What does that tell you?

It hardly needs to be pointed out how blatantly obvious it is that, regardless of how many billions the American people were told just had to be spent “fighting the terrorists” over there, this was never for one hot second about the West actually stopping ISIS.

The only way that lie works is if the Western coalition is the most inept terror rescue team ever invented in the history of time.

Further, instead of applauding Putin’s timely and efficient intervention in Syria, the West is protesting Russia’s involvement and bombing of terrorists.

Gee, it’s as if they want the terrorists to win, isn’t it? (This is sarcasm.) If Assad gets deposed, then what? The terrorists take over? Yeah, that worked really well in Libya, Iraq, Egypt…

Meanwhile, NATO has dusted off and thoroughly updated its Cold War plans like giddy children at Christmas. Sure took them long enough to get their pretext to drag Russia into war, didn’t it?

Published on 9 Oct 2015

If you believe the highly scripted propaganda news networks — and conveniently ignore the recent history of U.S. imperialism in the middle east — then Putin is now the greatest aggressor since Hitler.

General Jack Keane, a former U.S. Four Star Army General, a board member of military contractor General Dynamics, and a neocon warhawk, gave testimony that Russia has officially started a proxy war with America, and he calls for action to shutdown Russian forces in Syria before Putin can instigate a world war the way that Hitler did.

In reality, WWIII is and always has been part of the narrative. After toppling or destroying nation after nation in the middle east region, the U.S. bid for a “New American Century” of superpower dominance, must meet Russia in an Endgame.

This delusional thinking, and its variant strategies, have been responsible for dragging American soldiers into endless wars in theaters across the globe… all while undermining the Constitutional powers for war, and supplanting national sovereignty in favor of world government management.

Disgusting and sick! Let’s hope their attempt to spark a full blown war — with this “proxy war” as a catalyst — is stopped short.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Putin will kick America’s Ass. Obomber is an illegal alien that was planted on the people by the CIA. America is armed and that will be the biggest civil war on planet earth. The Globalist chicken hawks will be rounded up and marched into oblivian. Or shot on site. It is a massive awakening and it won’t be wasted.

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