10 Responses to “‘Assad regime did us no harm’ – Syrian refugees in Lebanon blame ISIS for their fate”

  1. Aldous says:

    Of course the Assad government is not a ‘regime’ or mob or syndicate or outfit – all of which best describe ZOG western tyrannies which try to pass themselves off (while pissing the people off or killing them with false flags or bad medicine c/o Big Pharma) as ‘democracies’. What a sick joke.

    I see Tom Watson has had to make a sickening apology for outing the conveniently deaded/disappeared Lithuanian Jew and all round deviant scumbag Leon Brittansky.
    Perhaps the darkest hour of lies really does come before the dawn of truth because it doesn’t get any worse than it is at the moment.

  2. Lynn says:

    Yep its sickening to witness the total fantasy we are all living. Unreal and damned frustrating. Lies lies and more lies. I.won’t be wearing a poppy ever again and will gladly tell those who ask why!!!

  3. Lynn says:

    And who benefits from the money????

  4. Dublinmick says:


    If you think Jews have splintered only Christianity and Hinduism —wait till you read how Islam was screwed by the Jews.

    Lawrence was just 5 feet FUCKALL in height ( 5 feet 4 inches ) — yet when Jew David Lean made his movie he chose a 6 foot 4 inch actor Peter O Toole to play his role.

    This says it all— the HYPE .

    His entire life story is a BIG FAKE.

    In 1921 he came to Trissur , for Ayurvedic treatment – a pineal gland massage. He wrote to his class mate and friend at Oxford VK Govinda Menon ( forest conservator in Kerala ) to arrange for the treatment.

    He was going berserk.

    Below: Classmates at Oxford — TE Lawrence ( left ) , VK Govinda Menon ( centre ) and Lawrence’s unmarried mother Jewess Sarah Junner Maden.

    He needed severe flogging on his buttocks to have an orgasm and ejaculate- after gay sex ( receiving ANUS party ) .

    Just before he came to Kerala, he was stationed in Pakistan trying to destabilize the Afghan king Amanullah Khan on Rothschild’s instructions .

    There he frequented the GAY brothels of Lahore and Karachi. He read of the services there from Richard Burton’s ( Kamasutra author ) accounts.


    He was even married to a Muslim hermaphrodite ( has twat and large prick – sans balls ) Akbar Jehan for a while.

  5. Lynn says:

    Watching them all turn up to mock the lives lost in these senseless wars makes my blood boil. All fake medals awarded to themselves. Tinpot Traitors and murderers. They couldn’t fight there way out of a paper bag. Pink tutus would be more fitting. Oh and feathers.

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