ALFRED LAMBREMONT WEBRE – Why the globalists are exposing their own false-flags


In the interview, Webre claims that the evil Anglo-American “elite” (in association with Draco Reptilian aliens who have a penchant for ‘human sushi’) had plans to depopulate the Earth through a Mad Max-style economic collapse (in conjunction with “Fukushima radiation, GMOs, Vaccines, and GeoEngineering”), but this “catastrophic timeline” was altered by the timeline fairies on December 21, 2012. He asserts that humanity is now on a “positive timeline” that will feature a “BRICS Golden Age.” So according to him, the evil Anglosphere is trying to kill everybody, therefore “the whole world is migrating over to the BRICS system” (41:03).

This narrative of his precisely follows the Decoy-NWO vs. Real-NWO problem / reaction / solution format I’ve identified in many previous entries (here is one). The following excerpts speak about the globalist strategy:

“They have widely publicized a heinous New World Order planned by the Western Powers while simultaneously publicizing a benign New World Order planned by China and its allies (thus establishing danger from one side and safety from another)…

Problem – The evil Western power elite are out to steal everything and kill everybody!!!

Reaction – People are both angry and fearful, and are longing to end the old system and start something new.

Solution – The angelic BRICS power elite swoop in on white unicorns to save the day and give us a new financial system and all the money people need.“

Now let’s have a look at some specific quotes from the interview…


If you consider the implication of this timeline idea, it is the same as the “Ascension” and “Alien Saviors” memes: “Don’t bother doing anything about the NWO, because we’re on a positive timeline that will sweep you where you want to go. Just relax, don’t feed the evil with your attention, and concentrate on ‘raising your vibration.’” The whole idea of “the ‘light’ has already won” only serves to de-motivate awakening people from taking action that could actually make a difference (such as forming their own political and monetary structures). As for the “paradise on earth” part of the passage, I talked about this in The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven… at first.

From the 32:15 mark: “Now, getting around to this… what this means is that the controllers, the matrix, as part of their depopulation plan had included a financial collapse component as sort of the centerpiece, or one of the centerpieces, of their depopulation plan that would click in, say, around 2015. And if they could combine that with World War 3, if they could combine that with famine, if they could combine that with ebola, if they could combine that with GMOs, hey, you know, it’s mass extinction. It’s exterminate all those surface-dwellers…

(34:16) So it remains to be seen that the financial system is going to collapse in the usual, the expected way in February of [2015]. Why? Because none of their false flags has worked in the way that we think.“

It is true that the evil depopulation plan and its associated false flags will fail, but it has nothing to do with a new “positive timeline.” I laid out the reasons the globalists are sabotaging their own false flags in Throwing the Game: Why the globalists are exposing their own false-flags. In fact, Webre suffers from a Freudian Slip when he says “none of their false flags has worked in the way that we think.” A normal person would not expect the globalists to sabotage their own attacks, so they certainly haven’t worked in the way that we think, but they have served the purpose for which they were designed. As for the whole “total economic collapse / depopulation” narrative, it is a scary campfire story the propagandists are spreading so that people will rush into the arms of the BRICS “saviors” when they step up to stop it.


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  1. beLIEve says:

    Fascinating write up Adam.

    Is there an ALW video that should accompany your hypothesis ?

    We have been warned by others reference the “decoy” NWO, namely BRICS.
    I am aware there are those who state, that BRICS is the SCUM BAG ELiteS (SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM)…..presenting themselves as saviours of mankind.
    The …REALITY…being the opposite.
    They intend enslaving humanity.

    IF…… this is true Putin & President Xi are presenting a good show to the World.
    (1) Putin’s cleansing of Syria.
    (2) President Xi’s “confrontational” development of the Spratly Islands.

    I have been “flip-flopping” in my allegiance for Mr Putin.

    My belief and, I currently still hold it, is Putin is fighting for….INTEGRITY…in the world.

    One cannot “sit on the fence” for ever and, at some stage must choose a side.
    My “colours” are currently nailed to Putin’s mast…to coin a phrase.
    I pray to God I am right.

    If, it is true that Putin is on a…CRUSADE…..for the good of mankind……


    (1) Deflect Putin
    (2) Deflect those who support him !
    (3) Encourage humanity to “stay asleep”.

    So, what is the genuine TRUTH ?
    I do not know but…..

    Putin is putting on a show, that puts the neurologically and, linguistically challenged khazar zionists in a box labelled……..PUERILE !

    Have you noticed that Putin can…..
    (1) Conduct an intelligent, reasoned dialogue ?
    (2) Appears to have a wealth of knowledge stored in his brain, that can be utilized at any time ?

    Conversely the… fake “British”… fake “American”… fake “European”…. khazar zionists, seem incapable of little more than scripted sound bites and, excruciatingly pathetic/dishonest ones at that ?

    I feel, at this moment in time, I have to choose a side.

    My choice is Putin.

    Time will tell if, I have chosen wisely !

    • Hi Kingel I hope youre well,
      I think basically all the ALW videos on youtube or wherever else (exopolitics), you can watch him spout the same rubbish. Which I hold my hands up I got taken in by at various times over the last 2 yrs.
      Yes , even though I feel more data evidence needs to come in about Putin, eg dogmans posts a few weeks ago Putin is was a Royal Arch Freemason of the |Russian branch, and in 1993 apparently Putin was going to be killed on arrival in Uk but Putin was tipped off.
      I don’t know the answers but maybe its possible Putin was once as evil as all the rest. But then switched after a falling out?

      If my inner radar is worth anything Kingel I really do think, the RedefingGod blog is worth studying. The blogger, seems a simple decent man, who cares for his disabled son
      The blogger seems to have a gift of seeing cutting through the bullshit.
      And I have had to have humility and climb down from my belief positions such as Cobra and others after reading his articles.
      Also, for example, his Obama antichrist article is very convincing. Please read to see what I mean

      I know this may cause offence to many but
      Just if this article has truth doesn’t mean there isn’t a God Divine intelligence in our Universe. But this blogger I feel cannot be ignored. if I can get myself together sufficiently I will try and create a Tap article they might post based on this

      Youre right, one cannot sit on the fence.
      if we do sit on the fence we can still change our minds/position moment by moment depending if new data comes in we can logically screen to give us a new assessment. We all have our own intelligence agencies, intelligence apparatus, inside all our own heads/minds

      I wonder where cloning technology fits into all this . Unfortunately I feel the illuminati mafia khazarians freemasons Satanists will have created clones for the public to take the flack while the real people hide away. But this is too complex for now and does my head in

  2. Lynn says:

    Cameron gives RAF orders to shoot Russian planes down. What a stupid man he is, we told him no 2 years ago, he is aiding and abetting the world wide terrorist, but then we all kñow why!!!

  3. beLIEve says:

    Hello Adam.
    I went off ALW, when he turned on Kevin Annett so, pay little attention to him these days.
    I will have a look at redefininggod.

    My personal opinion reference the Universe, I am convinced there is a Divine Intelligence….somewhere.

    A bee dropped dead on our dining table, a few weeks ago !
    I took a really close look at its inert form and, the design was ….AWESOME.
    It’s gossamer wings were, unbelievably intricate and fine.
    The bee was exquisite !
    No way could “science” design/produce anything so tiny & complex.
    And, no way did a…”tiny, flying, breathing, living, beautiful entity”…just occur as a result of some….catastrophic bang, Imho.

    Reference Putin, it could be that in the past, he had little choice but, to work in line with the EVIL designs of the …..SCUM at the top.
    However, with time comes enlightenment and, as you say, Putin may have switched to …….the LIGHT.

    Cloning… I have read some pretty ….godless stuff…on it, dead scientists included.
    I am ignoring it at the moment, too much of “THEIR” filth, to use your words, also does my head in.

    • ” And if we look back to the previous point in this entry, we see that the covenant Obama broke with Israel was to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons.

      Are you beginning to see a pattern here? The globalists have not only set up Obama to be “the man of peace who brings war,” but they are also setting him up to be “the man of nuclear peace who brings nuclear war.” And it is at the point we see the ICBMs rise from their silos that the globalists would cue the “divine intervention.” Given the work the Rockefellers, Jesuits, and the Vatican have put into pushing UFOs and aliens into the mainstream consciousness, this intervention would likely take the form of missile-stopping UFOs (black budget aerospace craft posing as alien craft).

      Does this sound too far-out to believe? If so, just have a look at this video from the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure… ”

      • beLIEve says:


        If you goggle …Fake Rapture…..there are plenty of sites running this …..possibility.
        It has been known about for a while.
        It might have been Verner Von Braun who first “put out” the warning.

    • ””As was already mentioned, the globalists will promote the being who shows up with the “aliens” as either the real Christ or the real Antichrist (depending on which scenario is actually in play). Should he/she be cast as the real Antichrist, what would that mean for Greer, Wilcock, and all their New Age playpals? They’d be identified as being on the Antichrist’s side, right? So was the New Age movement set up as a spiritual straw man to be knocked down as the Antichrist’s false religion? It will be interesting to see how it plays out.”

      Something very interesting happened on the eve of Obama’s 2009 Nobel Peace Prize ceremony: a mysterious spiral appeared in the sky over Norway, the nation hosting the event. The Norway Spiral, as it is called, has been variously explained as a tumbling missile, a vortex caused by a scalar energy emitter, and a holographic projection – all of which suggest that it is a “lying” (manmade) sign. Whatever caused it, though, it was an impressive “sign in the heavens” and “wonder,” and its timing and location associated it with Obama’s debut as “the man of peace.” As such, it can be spun as fulfillment of the “lying signs and wonders” requirement on Obama’s Antichrist resume.

      Another interesting thing about the Spiral is what Rockefeller lackey Steven Greer and New Age propagandist David Wilcock said about it…”
      …They claimed it was done to scare Obama into silence on the UFO subject, and this makes Obama look like a sympathetic figure – a real “man of peace.” These two also openly promote the alien visitors (who, if they actually show up, will most likely be black budget GMO humans posing as aliens) as bringers of peace.

      This is how Wilcock cast Obama as he made the scene back in 2008…”

      • beLIEve says:

        We live in …INTERESTING…times Adam.

        I suspect that all the “auspicious signs” of the …LUNATI….are simply… THEIR…agenda…writ long ago.

        I am beginning to wonder if Nostradamus was a khazar shill !

        “His” prophesies being nothing more than the …….fake jew/khazar/nephilim…agenda ?

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Hi BeLieve

      “I went off ALW, when he turned on Kevin Annett so, pay little attention to him these days.”

      I know what you mean about Weber, in some ways he is quite convincing but then there is the disturbing fact that there is a distinct pattern emerging of ALW being the last man to interview a number of big alternative names just before they are subjected to massive character assassination and discrediting campaigns.

      This has happened now a number of times with Kevin Annett just being one in a long line of victims of this tactic. There was Sabine McNeill also and a number of others.

      Basically as soon as you see someone appear on his show you know they will be for the chop next.

      The evidence against Annett was that he was a bit shady with taking some money from someone and was guilty of exaggeration. This may or may not be correct, but completely overlooks everything he did before hand and how genuine his background is. That kind of background is very difficult to fake imho.

      There is also the fact that Weber is a former bigwig at the U.N. Go figure…

  4. Dublinmick says:

    Men Scryfa
    You inspired me to update my about page.

    Always remember, gun control is about hitting your target.

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