Agenda 21 becomes Agenda 2030 – the blocking of roads in London and the elimination of private cars


Agenda 2030 hits the streets of London.

Walthamstow becomes ‘mini-Holland’, causing traffic chaos.

Change agents are being put into your community to foster sustainable development – now branded as Agenda 2030.

It’s happening all over the world, using so-called consensus, using devious underhand tactics.

In Walthamstow there is growing resistance against the new min-Holland.  Why are they working on banning cars?

At the opening of mini-Holland, a coffin was carried around by the locals.  Now the town’s dead.

They want to get rid of every form of private transport.  It’s happening in Europe and in America.

It’s being pushed through the global warming myth.

They claim it’s not just a local issue.

‘Cycling for all’ on the website doesn’t say they’re banning the use of cars.

Cycling awards for Waltham Forest, blocking roads.

The public have not actually been consulted, but in the media they create the appearance of public participation.

The A406 North Circular Road has been narrowed and given bigger pavements.  Traffic jams inevitable.  This is one of the main arterial roads of London.

Transport For London stated that 65% of people in the area are in favour.  It;s not true.  They’ve never been asked.

New greenway routes are planned.  New high quality cycling routes planned.  A Thames riverside broadway for Kingston.

They call it ‘Enjoy Waltham Forest’ website to subvert what they’re actually doing.

This is about banning cars.  What about the elderly?  Their relatives can’t visit them as there’s nowhere to park.

They want the public dependent on public transport or cycling.  Populations are to be controlled in high density areas, monitored by CCTV.

They’re closing off land, totally inaccessible to the public, putting in ferocious beasts in there.  Like the Wild Lands in the USA.  In the UK,  Walthamstow e.g. it’s the Wet Lands.

They’re creating new entrances, four of them.  At the moment it’s completely open on all sides, no need for entrances.  Later the entrances will be restricted.

People will be cut off in their villages, cut off by traffic chaos, caused by closing of roads.  Then they’ll ban cars step by step after they’ve created traffic chaos.

Your freedom to drive around will be taken away.  You’ll have to go by train.  The next thing will be toll roads.

A recent riot in Walthamstow was two teenage girls fighting, responded to by 100 Police officers and a tactical support group.  They bring in agitation to which they respond with massive numbers of Police.

Another incident recently was 200 people turned up at a party Hackney.  There were lines of police.  This was a riot in 2011, which is being brought into the media a recent event.

Agitators got involved in Brick Lane anti-austerity march.  Police put in the agitators, to make it look there’s a big social unrest problem, which there isn’t.

The process is extremely devious, placed like Tavistock carefully planning.  Change agent groups.   There are lots of them training social entrepreneurs.

Also business improvement districts are another leg of the Agenda 2030 programme.

This show is based on an article on the website called Big Society Change Agents. The implementation of schemes in London and across the country by Change Agents in your community. the implementation of so called Mini Holland schems and Transport for London policies are the latest example of this which we cover in the article. This is all to promote and implement so called Sustainable Development aka Agenda 21, which was recently rebranded as Agenda 2030. This is a UN Global Action plan implemented in your local area through  ICLEI. It is a worldwide programme which implements complete control of all planetary resources and the global population.  The show focuses on the Consensus society being implemented along with loss of private travel rights and Surveilled Communities. This all done on the back of Cycling!




2 Responses to “Agenda 21 becomes Agenda 2030 – the blocking of roads in London and the elimination of private cars”

  1. Cobalt says:

    Manchester is the same at the moment.

    It’s a nightmare to travel to there or go through there all in the name of improving the public transport system’. Rubbish. Greater Manchester Council tried it on a few years ago with their ‘Congestion Charge’ which went pear-shaped.

    All about confining/controlling people to small spaces and charging people more for the privelige of being able to move about freely.

    – Cobalt

  2. Eternity says:

    In some ways I agree that it would be a good thing, cars are the most polluting machines there are, they are noisy, I long for peace that cars destroy, they stink and destroy the oxygen. There should be cycle lanes on all roads, there is no way I would want to be on two flimsy wheels pulled up next to some enormous Juggernaut powered wheels, it is selfish to deny that.
    However, this agenda like most is all back to front, they implement the structure before they actually think about the effects and how people can handle it with least distraction to people.

    Like the London bus system going cashless with oyster, they implemented the system without employing enough top up locations and not improving the display on buses or having readers available to avoid being caught with no credit, it’s all incompetently rushed through and not thought out properly at all. It is obvious it’s to force cashless onto us, but that’s another story.

    If they are going to implement these things then they should first ensure that there is little disruption to people first and to ensure it does not destroy convenience. In this case it is obvious it is about pedestrianising streets to fit in with the 2030 agenda, they don’t care about the cost and disruption to the people, never have, never will.
    It would be better to make cars cleaner, smaller and quieter, but the money doesn’t like it so it won’t happen and there are way too many selfish people that like the noise, like the size the power and convenience of petrol. But most obvious is the fulfilling of agenda and the money to be made on the way.

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