“Aangirfan is opposed to people being allowed to own guns.”

From http://aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/oregon-shooters-links-to-military.html
“Aangirfan is opposed to people being allowed to own guns.”
I’m sure I read a comment from Aangirfan…
“All sane people oppose guns..”

I find this declaration perplexing. I am not a gun owner, though grew up in the countryside surrounded by gun users.
Guns are not the problem. The problem appears to be patsy set-ups, mind control, pharmaceutical psycho drugs and gneral perpetual war is peace mind set that has long prevailed with our governing bodies down the years.

As soon as the latest US shooting was being reported upon, the media instantaneously pushed the gun control theme. There was not any inclination to explore the situation more widely.

Thugh the likes of Ry Dawson apparently support Sandy Hook was a genuine shooting and dismiss Jim Fetzer’s analysis, I would at least welcome Wolfgang Halbig’s question being addressed:
Richie Allen:
Wolfgang Halbig: A Lot Of People Have Gotten Very Wealthy Since The Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax!”


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    NPP God Bless you Sir!

    Aangirfan as bent as f**k.

    Have been trying to tell people this for some time now but had kind of given up although I suspect a number of other old timers on that website came eventually to the same conclusion. This was evident from the disappearance of comments by named and known bloggers/commenters to be replaced just by anon, anon, anon.

    People voting with their feet.

    You can tell a lot about a blog from the comment situation:

    1. No comments or hardly any ever =

    a). No one reads the blog because it is about knitting or something similar;

    b). It is too hot to handle and the paid trolls are out of their league and know it. This will be the case if the blog is low rent looking but fiercely attacks real targets.

    2. Lots of comments but does not allow comments or deletes certain comments =

    a) It is a disinfo blog that is pro-zionist etc

    b) It is a disinfo blog that is pretending to be anti-zionist but actually is pro-zionist.

    3. Lots of comments and does not delete comments or does not feel the need to =

    a) It is a genuine blog that is anti-zionist. Therefore it is telling the truth so does not need to censor and is confident of itself.

    b) It is a genuine blog that is seeking the truth with good intentions but is still suffering from a need to undergo more de-programming and/or is still under the influence of previous disinformation.

    Category 3.a). is rare.

    Category 1.b). is the Gold Standard and very rare.

    The tactic applied by TPTB to combat those blogs is to try to deny them traffic and keep them as far off the radar as possible. Censor from Google/redirect etc
    At the same time ELF target the owner.

    Category 3.b). is less common than Category 2.a) or b) which are everywhere

    Most of the alternative media is controlled opposition or zionist. Most of the rest is deluded or has fallen into deception somewhere along the line whether it be aliens or socialism or Putinism etc etc

    Other problems are that the few blogs that really consistently call out zionism, these are obsessed with Hitler or Nazism. The Nazis being Satanists this does not provide a long term solution either. Then there are the anti-zionists who are still socialists/liberals and just refuse to/cannot deprogram. Then there is the New Age crowd who are a pain in the a***

    Most of the real truth seekers are Dead.

    Bill Cooper, Linda Thompson, John Todd

    Or they have served long periods in prison,

    Fritz Springmeier, Edgar Steel, John Todd

    The best way to find out about who is running a blog and whether they are for real is to comment on that blog and get under their skin. You will soon find out if they are a) phony b) deluded c) about to be jailed/destroyed/killed/silenced.

    A good recent example of c) is the colemanexperience blog. Probably one of the best blogs the UK ever had. Sadly missed. Gone but not forgotten.

    Places and people to avoid:
    David Icke – David Icke
    Mike Rivero – WhatReallyHappened
    Alex Jones – Prison Planet / Info Wars

  2. Dublinmick says:

    You know I have followed aangirfan for a long time. There is many times some great info there.

    That having been said there is no way I am going to agree with the homo agenda there at times.

    There is a tendency to gloss over the vatican connections also throughout history.

    People can’t get it through their heads the vatican and jesuits for the most part are jews and have been for hundreds of years.

    I simply take what is usable from it and leave the rest.

    It is pretty well known that site has had some connections to intel. Most know that.

    They do a good job of pointing out pedophiles in merry olde England.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Yeah Dubs the Homo thing is a dead give away. I mean I am not trying to go on some kind of fanatical anti- homo crusade yet there is no denying that it really is something that is being used against the Western nations to try to degenerate and destroy them so helping to push that agenda is actually helping to push the NWO / Zionist / Anti-White / White Genocide / Talmudic Agenda. In summary some of my long term concerns with Aang have been:

      1) strongly Anti-Christian – not just, not pro-Christian which is okay, I still have questions myself, but Aang/Irfan is actually actively anti-Christian and has also been making anti-White statements;

      2) Pro-Homo Agenda. A while back he was saying how great it was to have gay teachers in schools and was shouting down anyone who disagreed (wtf ?)

      3) Half-Naked Photos of Children on the blog for little or no apparent good reason – And then some photos I would say are actually illegal and should be taken off that blog. It is kind of reverse conditioning i.e. talk about all these horrible child abusers and then stick up a photo of a child tied up on a bed (wtf ?)

      4) Management of the comment board – I don’t want to go into too much detail but I proved it to myself too many times by operations I was running on his comment board that he is a phony. His reaction said it all – I once did him like a kipper with a coded comment and then went back to comment again after one of his shill mates at 5 commented back and then I revealed the code I left in the earlier comment was calling him out as disinfo and him and his masters got really pissed that they were made to look like pricks and they ripped all the comments down. Unfortunately I did not copy the string of comments before it all got ripped down and censored by Aangmi5an but trust me it was an absolute beauty of a rip down!

      5) Disappearance of all of the old guard who used to comment and the reluctance by other trusted names to confirm that the Blog is absolutely genuine.

      6) Constantly pushing Bhuddism (wtf ?)

      7) Aangirfan was at one time being approached by RT to go on TV and give a live interview – Major Red Flag. If you are a true White Racial Patriot then you are not going to be allowed anywhere near the TV by the NWO – they were not asking Coleman to do that, put it that way!

      Yes that blog does lay out some touchy stuff but they have to have one place to do that so that then they can maintain some kind of lead, some kind of control and foot in the alternative media sphere.

      Other theories are that it represents the interests of a weaker intelligence faction and/or that it is linked to a foreign or far-eastern intelligence network.

      Dubs I think you nailed it when you say,

      “I simply take what is usable from it and leave the rest.

      It is pretty well known that site has had some connections to intel. Most know that.

      They do a good job of pointing out pedophiles in merry olde England.”

  3. Dublinmick says:

    Ha, as for the guns.

    Doc Holliday, the deadly dentist was my cousin. I have discussions with my cousin who runs the Doc Holliday museum. He thinks Doc was actually faster than I am! Silly boy.

    All kidding aside, he shot himself in the leg once practicing fast draw. He said he was going to leave that gun to me and keep in the family.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Ah Doc Holliday what a guy!

      I loved that movie Tombstone. That is what we need to take out the Zionist elite a show down at the OK Corral. I was hoping to be Doc Holliday but you can be him and I can be Wyatt. What do you say Dubs?

      • Dublinmick says:

        This is my cousin, he is 74 now and getting tired of the museum. That is him in the video.


        I have seen that movie about 20 times, I have it on CD. I have many shirts from the museum, I’m your huckleberry etc.


        Earp was quoted as saying Doc was the fastest man with six gun he had ever seen. My other cousin was Margaret Mitchell who wrote gone with the wind.

        Doc’s dental chair went for 40,000 dollars on auction to a dentist in Florida.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        This is interesting Dub because an ancestor of mine emigrated to the US and ended up being a gun fighter called “Deadwood Dick”

        I think he stopped a stagecoach robbery in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Not bad for an old Cornish Tin Miner!

  4. ferryt says:

    Aang and irfan. Whatever.

    That comment was out of order.

    You should retract with immediate effect.


  5. ferryt says:

    ERM no guns.

    Except the cunts that have guns.


    Aang irfan.


  6. Dublinmick says:

    I do check that blog every day or so however. I though this was one of her/his best ones.


  7. Men Scryfa says:


    All debate as to who is behind the Rape Wave and Mass Immigration Genocide against White Europeans is now over:

    9 September 2015, Jerusalem,

    The Leader of the Jewish Sanhedrin calling for the Genocide of all non-Jews


    All those non-Jews who do not submit to the 7 Noahide Laws to be killed by Order of the Sanhedrin.

    As if on cue (well it was) right after this the Mass Immigration Wave was released across Europe of hordes of foreign races.

    There is now no doubt. The Jews themselves have announced their guilt.

    • Yes, the Roman Catholic Empire worships the Sun. Sun as the source of kundalini energy
      the Papal Key is meant to show the un, the 3 knobs on it interdimensional portals. This is why the SOHO camera on the sun shows massive, strange crafts going in and out the sun.
      Ancient Egypt had Ra as kundalini source. And the Luciferian freemasons today still do it seems. Many/all evil people in this world, groups, think the Sun is very special and Ra and kundalini. Hilary Clinton is one example.
      If this spiritual war is real, which I think it is. Coming from the demonic underworld could be Kunadlini having its effects , showing itself, in our bodies. Coming from above, Good, Holy Spirit could be the exact opposite, also possible to be seen and felt in the human body
      If theres battles and deceptions going on, between good and evil light and dark being fought out. Why shouldn’t there be opposing manifestations of Supernatural phenomena that effects our bodies too, a War, competing for our attentiosn going on? The battle rages within us
      So its a very interesting question, is everything ‘neutral’, but just misused by evil ? Or are there 2 things, each coming from opposite ends, one good one evil?
      All very interesting still more to read.

      The Holy Spirit on reading makes me think of the Higher Self.

  8. Tom74 says:

    Of course guns are the problem. Canada and Australia don’t have massacres like this every few weeks, do they?
    I don’t know about Aangirfan, though – he is on the mark on many issues but there is some stuff on that site that feels suspect and too close to parody. An article like ‘The Gestapp – very Jewish’ is plainly taking the piss.

    • ian says:

      If citizens aren’t allowed guns, then, the likelihood of them shooting someone is nil. That’s obvious, but given that the vast majority, if not all shooting massacres are false flags by the government, then we have to ask why do they do it. Why does the government want people who are unable to fight back.
      Remember that if you shoot someone, that there is a fair chance that it will cause them to die, you will be charged with murder and could spend the rest of your life in jail or worse. It is a fair deterrent and you could run them down in your car or stab them or poison them, you don’t need a gun if you have the wish to cause harm.

      • Aldous says:

        Spot on Ian. Disarming citizens in order to later mass murder them more easily is a Bolshevik Jews’ trick.
        “One man with a gun can control 100 without one. … Make mass searches and hold executions for found arms.”
        ― Vladimir Ilich Lenin

        That’s what it’s all about and they need false flags/hoaxes in order to achieve it. Unfortunately for them – and fortunately for us – the internet and alternative media has thrown a huge pork chop and spanner into their kosher works. It doesn’t look good. Their use of some of the worst crisis actors one could ever imagine is testament to how desperate they are.

        Talking of spanners and pork chops ( and your alternative suggestions of ways of people being murdered by the deranged) it’s certainly possible to cause serious harm or death to someone with a large enough spanner and even with a carefully aimed pork chop. I’m serious.

        If you look at Godfather 3 and the assassination sequence, one of them gets killed with his own pair of specs rammed into his throat! According to Coppola, they had to tone down this scene and re-shoot it as it was too graphic for the censors with blood jetting out of his neck like a busted fire hydrant.
        People getting shot to bloody bits all over the place but they objected to someone getting it with a pair of specs and a bit too much blood. Shouldn’t have gone to Specsavers.

        Coppola also said there were serious concerns over the horse’s head in the Hollywood big shot’s bed scene in the first Godfather but they managed to get that one through. Again, people getting shot, multiple times, spiked with a knife, garrotted, etc is all OK but a horse’s head from a pet food abattoir seemingly upsets the public.

        Lucchesi’s Death (Godfather 3) 1:24

        Anyway, I keep all my old specs nowadays as you never know when they might come in handy but horse’s heads are more difficult to come by whereas horse’s asses are to be found everywhere watching brain zapping X Factor and the like. There’s never a Russian jet fighter around with a left over laser guided bomb on board when you need one.

      • Good comments Ian and Aldous, shining clarity on things, spelling it out. Nice catalysts for peoples minds when I email these things out. Things need spelling out in basic terms such as this. Great for emailing on

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