Is anyone else suspicious about the RAF ‘crash’ story in Afghanistan?

Two RAF dead in Afghan helicopter crash named

Footage ‘shows RAF helicopter crash aftermath after it smashed into security balloon’

Is anyone else suspicious about this story? The video (one of several of the supposed incident on You Tube) shows nothing but a (still tethered?) security balloon (blimp) ‘drifting’ slowly downward after allegedly being struck by the RAF helicopter.

Largest tethered blimps
ever used in the U.S. military operations
in Afghanistan

Spokesman say the blimp ‘was severed from its cable’ but it appears to me as if it is being winched down – or it’s a very ‘no wind’ day. Was there a crash at all? Is this just more fake tragedy, especially of the military, to garner support and sympathy for what is increasingly being seen as a mercenary armed forces for Israeli conflicts?

From Jamie Wiseman....An RAF Puma swoops down to collect troops from the 51 Squadron RAF Regiment in final preparations in the Kuwait desert, for their role among the first of the British forces in to Iraq. See David Williams Story.


TAP – They usually call it a crash to cover up a ‘shot down’ reality.  That’s to maintain the morale of your own side, and to stop your enemies from getting a publicity coup.  You might wonder if Russia has recently supplied any anti-aircraft missiles to discourage anyone who’s thinking of deploying helicopters in Ukraine.



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  1. Aldous says:

    Hi Tap, yeah that was my first thought and you are probably closer to the truth than my ‘no crash’ suggestion.
    I wouldn’t mind betting that the location of the blimp has nothing to do with the ‘downed’ helicopter site and it is just being used as a cover story.
    If the two sites can be proven to be miles apart, then we will 99% know it was downed and probably by one of these:

    Where Will the Stinger Missiles McCain Gave al Qaeda Show Up?

    Despite the bizarre conspiracy theories the mainstream media continually produces for a public increasingly unwilling to digest such idiocy, events unfolding in Syria have led both amateur and professional observer to one inexorable conclusion, that the United States or at least some rogue elements that control broad capabilities both political and military, is not just supporting terrorists but created these groups as well, not just recently but, as we will show, 16 years before 9/11.

    The world increasingly recognizes that America has lost her mind, at least the majority of public figures quoted in the mainstream media. Hillary Clinton wants a no fly zone over Syria with US jets shooting down Russian planes. Zbigniew Brzezinski wants the US to “disarm” the Russian navy and “arrest” Russian forces in Syria for “resisting” America’s plans for conquest.
    Then there’s John McCain, not to be outdone, McCain who has the power to enact his fantasies, something both Clinton and Brzezinski lack, is not only prepared for war with Russia, he has a plan, forces on the ground in Syria and has already supplied terrorists with weapons Russian commanders in Syria admit represent a threat to their pilots.

    All missions flown over Northern Syria, the area controlled by the al Qaeda terrorist army known as Jabat al Nusra, the group that wiped out the Free Syrian Army, have to be flown at above 15,000 feet because of weapons supplied to al Qaeda and ISIS as early as 2012 by the United States.

    America, or more appropriately Senator John McCain, had already channelled 100 deadly Stinger missiles into the hands of al Qaeda’s worldwide network, a blunder that has raised civil aviation security concerns around the world. A few were used against Syrian helicopters with great success, however the majority have disappeared.

  2. ian says:

    Sounds like McCain. He should stick to making oven chips.

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