Former Czech president: “Call to European citizens, governments and parliaments”

Former Czech president: “Call to European citizens, governments and parliaments”

(Photo above: Václav Klaus)

Václav Klaus, former president of Czech Republic, is in European context a free thinker. His warning that “the destruction of Europe’s democracy may be in its final phase” is spot on, and his present call for Europeans and European leaders to secures EUs outer borders effectively and with any meassure neccesary against illegal migrants is a true expression of common sense, survival instinct and statesmanship.

Czechs are rational and brave people: Two thirds of the Czechs see Islam as a threat and this makes them holder of the European record in Islamophobia with only about 10 percent not being afraid of Islam. Their current president, Miloš Zeman, says that Islam makes Muslims kill Jews – which is also true.


“We, the undersigned, no longer want to watch passively how our authorities and politicians at this historic moment lose time and do not do their duty. Your task is to defend the interests and security of citizens in your own countries. Today we are faced with a fundamental threat to the future of our lives. The mass migration represents a serious threat to the stability of Europe and of the EU Member Countries.

We are not indifferent to the fate of the victims of wars and other disasters in today’s world. However, we reject the manipulation of public opinion, which aim to push an acceptance of mass migration. … We see undeniable risks and threats arising from the artificial blending of different peoples, cultures and religions.

The European governments behave irresponsible… Well-founded fears of the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants must not be trivialized, silenced and scandalized – by politicians and most media.

For all these reasons we call on the governments of the EU countries to:

– To secure internal security and effectively close external frontiers by any means …

– Not accept EU quotas or similar measures on allocation of migrants …

– Countries at the borders of the EU must assure that illegal migrants are returned to their homeland.

First Signature: Václav Klaus, 4. 9. 2015″


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  1. nick says:

    Don’t hate the immigrants, if you do then you are falling into the trap the controllers are setting. I know it’s a trap because they are making sure it is all over the gutter press.

    It is important to tell young women that they are being manipulated by the media to pair up with ethnic men. Of course it is really women who control breeding, they are the ones doing the choosing of who to have a baby with.

    The girls I talk to, whenever it comes up I try to gently tease and ridicule say ‘ooh, if you are lucky you might be able to mate with a migrant, maybe become one of his wives!”
    Then I point out that it is really only poor working class women who are single mothers with ethnic children, you don’t see the upper classes pairing off with ethnic minorities.

    I am not worried about whites dying out. I look at the future of European people as a pint of Guinness or an Irish Coffee – the cream rises to the top

    • Men Scryfa says:

      What like India or Pakistan or Iran or Portugal or Jamaica or Cuba or Brazil?

      More Coca-Cola than Caffreys.

      Please I thought commentators from Tel Aviv were banned here so you must be on holiday or something. And also it has nothing to do with “hating the immigrant”. This is not about “hate”. This is about self-determination and rights as in the right to remain homogeneous and not to have this forced on a population by betrayal by treasonous politicians and a hostile elite who do not give a fig for the views of the indigenous people.

      Those are rights that have been denied to the White Majority populations in Europe for a very very long time.

      How can someone who is very pleased at the fact that there is Africa for the Africans and Asia for the Asians and China for the Chinese be filled with “hate”, how does that translate into proof that they “hate” those races for simply being those races.

      Since when did pride and identity in one’s heritage become “hate” or “evil”. Otherwise then the Inuit who maintains his traditions and passes those on and wants to maintain his village structure and way of life is by your rationale a “hater” and by inference evil, misguided or sick??

      This analogy proves the bankruptcy and falsehood of your argument and assertion.

      “Hate” is a deceitful accusation, particularly by a sly attempt to get the reader to unthinkingly presume it in the way that you have. Slipping in the word “hate” – this is something we would expect of that poisonous cat burglar “Searchlight” Gerry.

      It is perfectly fair for a person to simply DISAGREE with mass immigration.

      That does not make them some kind of “hater” or bogey man. They may be very friendly disposed to the Chinaman or the Asian when they go on holiday to Calcutta or Rangoon but might very legitimately raise strident opposition to having the whole population of either of those localities suddenly transferred to their home town.

      “Racism” is a word created and used as a weapon by the very same dark forces that are forcing this mass immigration onto the European White population against its will.

      That my friend is Genocide.

      That my friend is REAL hate.

      PS Thanks for slipping this one in:
      “I point out that it is really only poor working class women who are single mothers with ethnic children”.
      A very telling remark that is. Basically you don’t give a fig about “poor working class” people do you? No all that matters is the Rich is it? Not much more I can say really.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Winston Churchill the horrible truth

    A Great British Traitor?

    Is this the real reason why Churchill was hitting the bottle – conscience eating away

    • Aldous says:

      “Success Is Stumbling From One Failure to [anally penetrate?] Another Without Losing Enthusiasm”
      ~ Winston Churchill

      “Winston Churchill’s original Sandhurst file, for example, described him as an idle layabout and a confirmed sodomite who was a menace to the younger boys.”
      (numerous sources)
      Hideous Allied War Crimes During And After WWII – Sadism Pure And Raw

      Brace yourselves – it is not pleasant reading:

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Churchill, bum bandit, traitor, crypto-jew, mass murderer, butcher for zion, shabbo

        I followed the link. Blimey. And I think this is coming to the UK – I get premonitions.

        Greetings Brother Aldous! You are without doubt a fellow Truthseeker with the guts to go wherever the truth leads.

  3. Dublinmick says:

    You will probably want to reblog this one. In the video you can see young migrant males playing the knockout game with young European women, hitting them in the face with over hand rights.

    The Germans are screaming traitor at Merkel with a few, fk offs thrown in.

  4. Lynn says:

    The end of this farce is nigh. The truth has them in its grip now. Like a damn bursting in slow motion. It is pouring out and surrounding them.they will be hunted down and destroyed. Their day has arrived to face the history of manipulation and humiliation of us the providers of the good life for the idle rich. We are done with you all.

  5. Dublinmick says:

    Some of those youtubes on the side bar funny as hell concerning Merkel and other enraged Germans. One guy is pissed he is foaming at the mouth.

  6. Lynn says:

    Truly shocking…invasion not migration, wtf.

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