The next generation of solar power will be ten times cheaper

Breakthrough optical rectenna turns light directly into usable electricity

September 30, 2015

Researchers at George Tech have changed the way we will view clean energy forever, completing the world’s first functioning rectenna and describing it as an antenna that collects light and turns it directly into electricity.

The project is six years in the making.  These optical rectenna (part antenna and part rectifier diode) are composed partly of carbon nanotubes that collect light and convert it into DC current.  They work with any kind of light, sunlight is not required, however when this technology is applied to solar panels they will purportedly get a huge spike in efficiency.

“We could ultimately make solar cells that are twice as efficient at a cost that is ten times lower, and that is to me an opportunity to change the world in a very big way,” said Baratunde Cola, an associate professor in the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech.

The technology has existed since the 1960’s, but only recently have scientists been able to make them small enough to couple optical wavelengths.  By miniaturizing the rectifier, they are able to capture electromagnetic wavelength oscillations and produce electricity.

This is big.  This is very, very big.  Because of the extremely easy and cheap process in construction, these could quickly change the entire way we harvest energy.


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  1. Maybe this reason above is another reason why, the Establishment is engineering its particular form of Disclosure on secret space programme matters and possibly even breakaway ancient civilisation matters. Naturally mixed in with Truman Show deceptions to keep us down. Not going to happen

    But my point here is, the above, solar panel costs coming right down. Could be a very powerful genie out of the bottle anyway, regardless if the Freemasons refused to allow nikola tesla t townsend brown physics truths out to be shared openly.
    Cheap solar panels , this could well be another motivating factor, whats pushing the cabal, where the urgencys coming from to have ‘Disclosure’, and lock us down with chemtrail toxins and EMF technologies via Smartmeters etc

    Im not saying there still isn’t some DNA upgrading galactic Laviolette type Superwave still on the cards as prophecised by many. Im sure there is, I think its happening NOW as I type this and will continue on for months and years

    But with cheap solar panels and an increasingly aware population about the truth of the world, and an offgrid mentality…..maybe the freemasons realise too many holes are appearing in the dyke now and they only have 10 fingers.

    And this is leaving aside any Positive Russia / india putin Alliance hopefully, and the recent Tap post off Indian govt supporting that free energy scientist

    One way or another, decentralisation and personal empowerments coming, whether by solar panels or Tesla truths being rolled out for all. And with that in mind…

    we can plot the Freemasonic Talmudic moves to counter this empowerment. If we feed this knowledge into our working equations, factor this in, we can find Achilles heels all over the place, they will show themselves to us then we strike hard

  2. Something very significant recently , I think. Daily Mirror 2 days ago, husband and wife at 5.30am ‘spotted’ a UFO . It was there about an hour.
    Articles carefully crafted, theyre people just like you and me folks, who saw it. And they were stumped/confused etc. Daily Mirror guiding us by the hand on their mental journey what it could be

    As it happened, they happened to know or have a Mayan script handbook to hand, or be Mayan experts themselves. Because mayan writing was seen underneath

    Whats my point here?
    The Secret Space Programmes, highly compartmentalised and confusing even to insiders im sure, are becoming the worst kept secret

    lets leave aside the interesting debate whether Corey Goode and Cobra are NWO disinfo people.

    But lets keep in mind the very convincing point Corey Goode tells us, and we can look elsewhere for convincing evidence to back this up with our own extrapolations and inferences too…..

    That millennia ago in Vedic times and Mayan times, antigravity mercury powered Vimanas happened, this tech existed.

    Advanced tech clearly existed looking at Baalbeck , many other sites round the world as Freebornmans great comment explained, and its insulting the cabal telling us the Darwinian lie we recently evolved from monkeys

    My point here is, ancient Mayan breakaway civilisations, off world, could very well have happened. And are still out there now. Goode has said over centuries they have tried to pass themselves off as ‘aliens’ or ‘Gods’. The Solar Warden faction of the SSP debunked that and determined they were ancient Mayans with advanced consciousness.

    The point im driving at, its very very interesting the MSM Mirror is mentioning mayan writing under the recent UFO

    What could this mean? Because I feel in my bones this has got basis in truth.

    Could it mean there is a genuinely well meaning Elite faction just wanting us to wake up to these truths?

    I wonder if theres a fight going on between factions, to control the Disclosure narrative. Could the Daily Mirror be infiltrated by some kind of Positive faction within MI5 or wherever?

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