2 Year olds being monitored for the political views of their parents


More and more people are being required to spy on you on behalf of the state.  It is the ‘duty’ of teachers and child care providers to carry out a risk assessment of whether children might be drawn into terrorism, and to prevent their radicalisation.  Extremism includes calls for the death of members of our armed forces.  Teachers have to be aware of the risk of people being radicalised online.  Two year old children are now regarded as potential terrorists.  Teachers must take action if they observe behaviour of concern.  They have to observe the demands of this policy, or risk losing their jobs.

Secret unaccountable people will decide if a family has to be included in the anti-terror programme.  Animal rights.  Far left.  Far right.  Emerging trends.  All undefined.  This hands enormous power to secret people to intervene in peoples’ lives.  Mappa.  Committees behind closed doors.  No right of reply.  Once you’re drawn into this system, it could be unbelievably dangerous.  Created by David Cameron and Theresa May.

The same people created ISIS and ISIL, the real terrorists.  They’ve ramped up the fear to encourage people to spy on each other.  Here’s the cunning state spying system which can also use sectioning under mental health.  Cameron is building a vicious Fascist State right under our noses.


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  1. beLIEve says:

    The…… ILLEGAL ALIEN fake khazars fake humans ….. are the terrorists; as we have seen in Syria..9/11 and, the anthrax incident that followed…the shooting down of MH17 by proxies… Fukushima and, the list goes on.

    MI 5 and MI 6 are RATs-child controlled entities, their main role is to protect and, promote the well being, physically and financially of the ….ILLEGAL ALIEN drug running/people smuggling/money laundering/child sacrifice/assassination squads of …RATS-child & Co:

    The running costs of MI 5 and MI 6 are unlawfully stolen from the taxpayer.
    The number of snoops/RATs-child stooges has increased hugely in the last 10 years under the lying mantra of terrorism; reference it’s MISPLACED ORIGIN.

    The reality is humanity is waking up to the unlawful evil of the “khazars” so, IN ORDER TO PROTECT THEMSELVES from the inevitable consequences of their nihiilistic actions and, thefts the “jewsuits” have erected a Stasi style snooping service in order to obtain INTEL that will forewarn them of attack to their person/operations.

    THEY are SCARED and, have good reason to be !
    Requiring teachers to report the babblings of 2 year olds serves as a BAROMETER of the FEAR LEVELS of the …DEMENTI.
    Hopefully their time is drawing nigh.

    Finally as an Indigenous Sovereign of the British Isles, I do not recognise the “khazars” or, their stooges as holding any lawful power/authority over me or, my fellow Sovereigns.

    UK is under unlawful foreign occupation by, an infestation of ….illegal alien fake “jews” fake khazars fake humans.

    As we are aware, this situation needs addressing.
    I do not expect to rely on the INTEL of 2 year olds to bring this about.

  2. beLIEve says:

    I wonder if the RATS-childs & Co: are expecting any type of Soviet infiltration into the UK ?

    I am referring to Putin’s intimation of “jewsuit weariness” combined with the fury of true Brits reference the …demented thieving khazars.

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