Will Saudi Arabia Stop UN From Investigating Its War Atrocities in Yemen?

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‘The Saudi Arabian government is unleashing a vigorous diplomatic campaign to block a United Nations proposal for a human rights investigation into the country’s six-month-old military assault on Yemen—waged with the backing of international powers including the United States.

President Barack Obama has so far remained silent on the resolution, which was submitted by the Netherlands Thursday and calls for the UN Human Rights Council to launch a probe into abuses committed by all parties.

The Dutch proposal requires the UN High Commissioner to “dispatch a mission, with assistance from relevant experts, to monitor and report on the human rights situation in Yemen.” In addition, the resolution calls for players to grant access to humanitarian aid, in a clear reference to the Saudi-led and U.S.-backed naval blockade that is choking off food and medical aid.’

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    • thanks to Kingel/Believe for this

      ”And as mentioned in my book, I believe that those oblivious responses helped level my frequency enough to prevent even more, or worse, stuff from happening, carrying me through until I gleaned insight about the “fear frequency” and wised up. After I learned about the fear frequency (on that fateful night where I was communicating with my higher self and was rudely interrupted…) and that there was a figurative “Man behind the curtain” orchestrating the things that had been happening to me in order to keep me scared, all the time, then it completely lost its power. Suddenly it was a joke. And hence, it stopped, because it no longer generated that habitual disempowered response from me. Had to move on to somebody else, find a new target.

      If behind-the-scenes hyperdimensional “stuff” is working through people, then your reaction – or lack thereof – ie, your personal frequency, would most certainly influence whether or not this stuff will keep happening to you. I think stuff may have given up on me after awhile because I just didn’t care enough to bother. Kind of makes their job pointless when nobody is even noticing, and then when they do, they forget about it shortly afterwards.

      However it’s a different story I know when there’s physical harm coming to a person, or their loved ones or pets….something I’ve never experienced. I know I’d be singing a different tune then. (I’d also be taking psychic counter-measures to stop it, but, that’s another story I suppose.) But when it’s people just…..watching you….following you around, saying street theater comments and/or making “weird hand signals,” then who cares. Let em, is my attitude. Seriously. “Whatever floats your boat, buddy.” Eye roll and head shake. ;D


      Gang stalking, in my opinion, actually involves a mix of several things that have been mistakenly lumped into the same category:

      1) Hyperdimensional attacks from non-physical entities outside this realm who hone in on individuals over the course of their life either because the target poses a threat to the Negs, and/or, because the target is a guaranteed disempowered, low frequency food source, and then 2) Physically-based groups and syndicates who often times have government ties, targeting people who pose a threat to the negative elements in charge of this reality and the establishment. Both can overlap in my opinion, as it seems that the non-physical demonic Negs can also work through these syndicates and gang stalkers, using them to do their bidding. And finally, 3) a person’s personal frequency and the way they interface with reality, especially if they’ve gotten into habitual mindsets of fear, paranoia and disempowerment, can help perpetuate and escalate harassment by drawing more of it to themselves due to conscious and unconscious expectation.”

      • beLIEve says:

        Adam S

        Glad to see you took a look at that site.

        Hope it helps !

    • ” Rising up and standing up for yourself with confidence, not tolerating crap is the first step. Eventually you get to a point where your frequency shifts so much that this stuff no longer crosses your path at all. You’re incompatible with it. It can’t make that connection with you. Different realms.

      Once you realize who you are and know your own abilities and see the bigger picture perspective on it all, “the game” suddenly loses its power. They only have as much power as we allow them to ”

  1. salty says:

    Here’s What Happens When a U.S. Senator Calls for Israel to Be Held Accountable for Atrocities

    Sen. Patrick Leahy wants Israel and Egypt investigated for brutal killings committed with American military aid.

    April 4, 2016.




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