Why does the NWO hate Yorkshire people? Ask David Cameron.

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that the NWO hates Yorkshire and its people.  Immigration has been heavily concentrated into Yorkshire’s cities with Moslems becoming majority populations in areas of Bradford for example.   Yorkshire is one of the first and the biggest areas targeted for fracking, clearly seen as a sacrificial zone of Britain.   On this blog we’ve had regular comments suggesting Yorkshire gets chemtrailed more heavily than any other area in Britain.  And now Cameron can be heard adding to the assault with clearly targeted words.



The Guardian writes – David Cameron is heard off-camera making a ‘joke’ about people from Yorkshire, after giving a speech about how the Conservatives are helping British families more than Labour. Cameron can be heard saying, ‘we just thought people in Yorkshire hated everyone else, we didn’t realise they hated each other so much’


Is it the independent spirit of Yorkshire people that is anathema to David Cameron?  He clearly hasn’t spent much time there.  Yorkshire is one of the friendliest parts of Britain.  People will readily talk to you, unlike the South East where anyone attempting to make small talk with a stranger is regarded with instant suspicion.  They can’t easily break that strength of community, but the NWO and its agents such as David Cameron are clearly trying.   The chemical, cultural and political assault on Yorkshire is full-on.  Is Yorkshire awake and aware as to what is happening?


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  1. Lynn says:

    Yorkshire is full of farms and lush land. The sly dogs of war are aware of the counties fresh food supply. Can’t be having that now can we Dave. Also lots of fresh water springs, the people of Yorkshire are also strong comunities, maybe a big threat to these after dark freaks, Chemtrails are very heavy here and less sunshine = poor health, All noticed and talked about. We say it like it is in Yorkshire,

  2. beLIEve says:

    I believe Yorkshire is also well blessed with Ley Lines !

    • Really, Interesting observation
      And savile of course heavily involved in Yorkshire, interesting.
      I presume they must run through leeds city centre and could it even be, major landmark buildings there, and statues, might have been built to sacred geometry by satanic freemasons and positioned in just the right way, to set up some kind of……negative energy field using the leyline energy?

      Could this be going on in many cities? Could major main streets in cities with major statue memorials somewhere…..maybe monuments, could they be leylines and where leylines meet? I wonder.
      I wonder even if the hotel saviles gold coffin stayed in leeds was on a leyline,

      I wonder how we, as Good people, a Force of Good can fight back against the evil ones using these same leylines? And vortex intersection points. Perhaps just walking there with Love and Goodness in our hearts and Determination to fight Evil, and to feel the Source and Holy Spirit cming down into us. And to pray perhaps. Perhaps this is all that is needed

      Henry would walk round a powerful vortex point in Manila , that helped him a lot, where an international bank is situated

    • freebornman says:

      Just got a copy of ‘The Old Straight Track’ referred to in this link. I have heard it said that Leeds is a place where the barrier to the underworld is thin.

      • Interesting thanks
        Do you happen to have a link, for a map, that shows actual leylines run down major streets in city centres? ive looked but cant find one
        Or is this knowledge the freemasons have gone out their way to obscure perhaps?
        I have an instinctive sense anyway where in city/cities a certain street feels good to me, that I like being on. And as ive considered it more ive realised that major, major govt and uni bldg. as well as war memorial as well as church are all situated at the top of this street. And im guessing its a vortex point.
        And the street itself I suspect is a leyline, ive come to call my ‘lucky street’
        It seems my mental state, thoughts, communicates with that street, and in response to what my consciousness seems to ask for, eventually manifests. But not in an instant while u wait order what you want type of way
        Lessons have been taught to me on this street too, some quite uncomfortable, but ultimately not harmful, and definitely helped me grow and evolve
        As well the intense experience for the woman ive spoken about, happened on that street over several months.
        And now that street is benefitting me, which im grateful for, with a decent job with conditions id actually hoped and prayed for. Im always grateful now. But looking back some uncanny things have happened . I wonder of its a leyline

        I type all this being aware what I read on the oraclereport.com a while back, where she said theres a major major leyline in NE USA. And on 911 loads and loads of negative fear energy that apparently the Satanists love, got loaded into that leyline
        So its an interesting concept, your mental energy vibrations can get loaded into a leyline.

        It would be very interesting though to see precise maps of thoroughfares in cities showing leylines and vortex points. Fun even.
        And find vortex points and Like Henry does walk round one to receive etheric energy benefits

      • freebornman says:

        Reply to Adam (reply button not showing ‘reply’) Had a quick look, the link above was the best I could find. Think you’re right re freemasons obscuring this knowledge.
        Have a look at this, LUFC emblem. Owls? slaughtered lamb? https://duckduckgo.com/?q=lufc+emblem&t=ffsb&iax=1&ia=images&iai=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wafll.com%2Funited-badges%2Fcity-crest-yellow-on-blue-1.jpg
        Also, have a poke round this website http://www.openingportals.co.uk/ I’ve had a long conversation with Nigel Mortimer, he’s a genuine guy. One of many, trying to piece our obscured history back together. He has had a lot of friction from the local masons.
        Also, bit O/T, (but it was in Yorkshire), I saw the damndest thing today. Heading for Skipton on the A65, for a stretch of about a mile, all the trees had what looked like plumes of black smoke rising off them, in thin columns. It was a bit breezy, and raining lightly. Seems it was probably midges doing what midges do, but the durndest damn thing I saw in a long time. And I reckon I’ve seen many strange things.
        Back to your comment. Interesting what you say about your ‘lucky street’. It is likely that esoteric matters played a big part in town planning, back to masons. And from personal experience, some places are ‘special’, seemingly posessed of positive/ healing energy. I found my healing place was the west coast of North Harris, in the Outer Hebrides. Being there for an extended period cured me of ‘depression’.
        I’ll try track down some better ley-line maps, they do exist.
        Also, check out Wren’s cathedrals, dahn sarf, built in a perfect pentagram. With un-christened babies buried beneath the aisles. http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/DionysianUnderground/london_pentagram.htm
        I’m sure there is a larger alignment covering places other than London as well, in the form of a pentagram.


      1. Anti-oxidant effects. Singlet oxygen atoms cause oxidation in the body tissues. An example of oxidation occurs when a bite is taken from an apple and the surface turns brown. This also occurs inside our bodies and is very damaging.

      Coffee contains powerful anti-oxidant chemicals that prevent oxidation. These are particularly helpful for the liver, which is highly susceptible to oxidant damage. Unlike other antioxidants such as vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid and vitamin E, the antioxidants in coffee are far more yang in Chinese medical terminology. This is a great advantage today because the bodies are already too yin and adding more yin antioxidants makes the problem much worse. Some day, doctors will realize this problem and will stop recommending so many anti-oxidants, perhaps recommending coffee enemas instead.

      A nutritional balancing program and coffee retention enemas reduce the need for antioxidants because the program removes oxidant sources. These include certain minerals such as iron, copper, manganese and aluminum, among others. These are described in detail in the article entitled Iron, Manganese and Aluminum – The Amigos.

      2. Increased pH or alkalinity of the entire intestinal tract. This is due to enhanced bile flow, most likely. Increasing the alkalinity of the small intestine makes it much less hospitable for parasites. It also helps destroy many other types of infections in the small and large intestines. This can help improve the quality of the flora of the intestines and reduce dysbiosis or improper bugs in the intestines.

      3. Palmitic acids. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, researchers in the lab of Lee Wattenberg identified salts of palmitic acids (kahweol and cafestol palmitate) in coffee. These act as potent enhancers of glutathione S-transferase which is an important enzyme in the liver. It is part of a major detoxification system that catalyzes the binding of many toxins from the blood stream to the sulfhydryl group of glutathione. For this reason, the glutathione S-transferase system is an important mechanism to get rid of cancer causing chemicals.

      Adding coffee beans to the diets of mice enhanced glutathione S-transferase 600% in the liver and 700% in the small bowel. A similar stimulation by coffee of glutathione S-transferase in humans is probable.

      Dr. Max Gerson, MD, a major proponent of the use of coffee enemas, wrote that:

      “Heubner and Meyer of Goettingen University, Germany had shown in animal models that rectal administration of caffeine would dilate bile ducts and promote bile flow. Theophylline and theobromine, major constituents of coffee, dilate blood vessels and counter inflammation of the gut.

      The palmitates of coffee enhance glutathione S-transferase, which is responsible for the removal of many toxins from the blood. Finally, the water in the enema stimulates peristalsis or the movement of toxic substances from the duodenum or upper intestine, through the intestine, and out through the rectum.”

  3. freebornman says:

    We especially hate pompous shiny-faced southern twats like Cammeroid.
    And we live in the best bit of the country. Well, the rural bits anyway.

  4. freebornman says:

    Question for mods. What causes a comment to hang, awaiting moderation? If I knew I would avoid doing whatever it was. 🙂 Please? Pretty please?

    • Thanks for this
      Black smoke rising off treesin skipton thin columns
      Very odd. Scratching my head cant think what it could be. A possible effect of the use of some kind of electromagnetic tesla weaponry? Fylingdales isn’t far is it? might have some connection
      ill look through the stuff. Opening portals link not working

      Tbh since im quite lazy its a wholearea id rather not get into, metaphysical stuff the freemasons know. Id rather just lead a simple good life and do prayer and downward meditation.
      Except, I feel the significance and importance of these leylines and vortex points portals is too great for me to ignore so I am looking into it.
      I do the Wilson roy masters downward meditation each day when I walk in my lucky street. Or round town
      It brings more etheric energy in and apparently is a powerful safe mental exercise. See the comment I sent to dkblue about unsafe meditations and trances earlier today, cant remember what article,
      but its a recent one
      Fylingdales could have some connection in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if black magic is performed there, and at alice springs Australia. In fact I bet military bases are built on vortex points as well as castles
      Amazing world we seem to be living in

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