Why Are Millions of Pounds Sent to Israel by British Charities, Tax-Free?


What happens to the many millions of £s collected in Britain each year and sent, tax free, to Israel by UK registered charities?

Is it used to help underprivileged children in Israeli orphanages or is it used to help finance Israel’s seven year illegal blockade of 1.8 million innocent civilians in Gaza? Does the UK Charities Commission (or the Inland Revenue) know? Who checks and what controls, if any, are in place?

If such tax-free tranches of money are used for military or political purposes; for illegal blockades or illegal settlement programs then Britain would be colluding in criminal behaviour by a foreign government against a persecuted minority – subsidised by the British taxpayer – and that would make it an accessory to such criminality as well as being a prima facie violation of the Geneva Conventions, and also illegal under UK legislation.


1. http://www.globalresearch.ca/how­dangerous­is­nuclear-israel­a­short­independent­film­report/5477549


‘The dangers posed by Israel are far too great for the international community to continue to ignore!’

An EU poll named Israel as the country that possess the biggest threat to world peace. With an arsenal of undeclared nuclear weapons, a reputation for assassinating political enemies and rising tension with Iran, how dangerous is Israel?



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Inland Revenue led by Common Purpose Lin Homer will never investigate this, she is on their team.

    Lin Homer’s odyssey – First off-Join Common Purpose

    March 26 2013; Who are her backers? The Unstoppable Rise of Lin Homer, (Common Purpose Member)

    Born in Norfolk, Lin Homer studied law at University College London, before working at Reading Council for two years then Hertfordshire Council, where over a period of 15 years, she rose to the position of Director of Corporate Services. Now a member of “Common Purpose” This proved the springboard for her first major town hall job, in 1998, as chief executive of Suffolk Council.

    4 April 2005; Judge upholds vote-rigging claims – Lin Homer Threw rule book out the window,

    Homer was parachuted into the same post at Birmingham City Council, on a jaw-dropping £174,000-year. In 2005 she was accused of throwing ‘the rule book out of the window’ in a major postal votes scandal in Birmingham that ended up before the courts. Election judge Richard Mawrey said fraud in the city ‘would have disgraced a banana republic’. He described Mrs Homer’s decision to allow postal ballot papers to be transported to the count in shopping bags as ‘the direst folly’.


    NOTE the article linked to supports an independent Scotland which I view as folly.

  2. Lynn says:

    Izrahell is the death cult of Planet Earth. They have everyone blackmailed and the Gladio placed. Mossad and the CIA all part of the rigging. The takeover is almost complete. Will Russia stop this madness or are we on the verge of a Coup. Enough slaughter has soaked this Globe in humanity’s blood. It is time for a showdown. May the best men win.

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