Former soldiers publicly hand back their oaths of allegiance to The Queen outside Downing Street

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These former soldiers hand back their oaths of allegiance to the Queen in public in London outside 10 Downing Street.  They were sworn in as teenagers.  They hand back their hats, medals and other items that represent their former role.   One confesses to the role he played in Iraq attacking people in their homes taking away their menfolk to be tortured in prisons.  They no longer wish to be associated with the things they were made to do while operating under their oaths of allegiance.  War is not the solution, they say.  How many more might join them?  They are now aware of their guilt for what they did.  It must be terrible to live with.  You have to admire their courage in stating in public how wrong they were to trust The Queen and the government when they were young men and hand over their agreement to act under orders whatever they were told to do.

Maybe some young people thinking of swearing an oath of allegiance today might learn from seeing what has happened to these men.  They should look and listen carefully.  These are not small matters.


Veterans For Peace.


3 Responses to “Former soldiers publicly hand back their oaths of allegiance to The Queen outside Downing Street”

  1. Rollo56 says:

    It’s time people woke up, we are being used by Corporations. The Queen on 1/11/2014 signed the last of our Sovereignty over to the EU, who in turn, will give it to Corporations under the TTIP agreements. This means we become ‘slaves’ of the Corporations, which is why this is being done in secret!

    • beLIEve says:

      You can’t give/sign away what you don’t own.

      It would be like me signing over my neighbours car, to someone else !

      The “cween” aint

      (1) The Queen
      (2) Royal
      (3) A Lawful resident of the British Isles.
      (4) A LAWFUL legislator within the British isles.

      She is a khazar zionist ILLEGAL ALIEN.

      She is …..a whole load of other “stuff” as well but, I can’t be bothered to go into that.

      “she” may have signed over your “rights” but, the IMPOSTER did not sign over any of mine !

      My Indigenous Sovereign Rights are UNALIENABLE………

      as “she” very well knows !

      “she”…… under the tutelage of and, in full cooperation with the khazar zionist ILLEGAL ALIENS, currently INFESTING the British Isles……..

      IS TRYING TO DUPE THE INDIGENOUS SOVEREIGN POPULATION …………into believing they have no autonomy !

      To borrow an Alan Sugar expression….

      It’s a load of TUT !

  2. Lynn says:

    Good lads waking up finally to the absolute Tyranny they have planned. These boys were used as cannon fodder as has always been. White boys sent to death.

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