Unless you’re a corporate slave, you’re a useless eater


The attitude of the UK Government is that unless you are a Corporate Slave, you are a ‘Useless Eater’ and have no ‘Right to Life’ … and the vast majority of Corporate Slaves are so ‘Dumbed Down’ that they cannot see that they’re next … just as soon as they can be replaced by automation or minimum wage / Zero Hours Contract employees!

The new source of cheap labour has been bombed out of their own Country and are now heading towards the payrolls of Western Europe!

Ian Crane


2 Responses to “Unless you’re a corporate slave, you’re a useless eater”

  1. ian says:

    This is plain to see. Plague will soon remove many of the unwanted and not needed as the waves of deliberately deported arrive. In fact, they could blame them for bringing the plague and their numbers preventing adequate screening. Now there’s a conspiracy theory.

  2. Lynn says:

    The state we are in is by design not by chance. Remember that. They want poverty and disease. Nothing works anymore for this reason. Whilst we are barley keeping our heads above the raising water line , they are making money from misery. Debt was always a dirty word. Well now we see why.

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