UK drone strike kills British ISIS fighters in Syria – Cameron says ‘trust me’



‘The British government authorised an unprecedented airstrike in Syria that killed two Britons fighting with Islamic State, David Cameron has announced.

The target of the RAF drone attack was Reyaad Khan, a 21-year-old from Cardiff who had featured in a prominent Isis recruiting video last year. Two other Isis fighters were killed in the attack on the Syrian city of Raqqa on 21 August. One of them, Ruhul Amin, 26, was also British.

Cameron justified the assassination in the sovereign territory of another country on the basis that Khan represented a specific threat to UK security, and that he had exercised the country’s “inherent right to self-protection”. He said the strike was not part of the coalition’s general fight against Isis in Syria.’

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  1. driver47a says:

    Maybe I’m going against the grain here and I have no love for Cameron or the British establishment but these guys chose to go out there so they deserve what they got. To me it’s two less people fighting with Isis Israel against Assad.

    • ferryt says:

      Yes except I don’t believe the ‘precision’ weapons they like to tell us about are all that precise.

      How on earth do they know the identities of people they cull using drones? Don’t tell me, pristine passports found next to the smouldering bodies?

    • ian says:

      It could well be that Khan was recruited and trained by the UK establishment and they didn’t want him blabbing after fulfilling his role as a recruiter of ISIL knuckleheads.
      that ISIS is a US/UK/Israeli asset is not in doubt.

      • ian says:

        They probably rang him on the phone they supplied him with and sent the missile down on the signal.

      • ferryt says:

        Yes agree with the patsie setup theory Ian.

        Anyone connected with the middle east can see through the fog of western lies and propaganda after a while. Volunteering to help fight with Is isis isil doesn’t make sense.

        I seriously doubt any ‘british’ people originally from the middle east region would volunteer to join ‘isis’. Unless perhaps they’re second gen UK and believe in the UK media and had a little meeting with james bond about some spy work for the queen plus 50 grand and a totally free mobile from Q that works anywhere in the world for free.

        Kahn types would likely show off such a gadget too. With your phone zap drone theory who’s to say it was Kahn on the phone? Could have been a local senorita he was impressing with his bond gadgets.

  2. NPP says:

    It’s an appalling act of execution without trial or jury.

    All morning the BBC has given a platform to the likes of Lib-Dem Lord Carlyle justifiyng this playing of God by human beings over other human beings. They talk of this being lawful and within international law. It amounts to the killing of humans without trial or jury. It equates ‘us’ to the level of murderers.

    If people want to join the ‘fight’, let them go. The reason there is chaos in Syria is becasue yet again ‘we’ have nurtured it. The endless portrayal of the Western ‘good’ guys is a myth. We have stirred up trouble, we have created this chaos.

    The apathy of the British public enables our UK government to act without fear of accountability. The goal is regime change in Syria. If we were not interfering in foregin nation state affairs, we would not have so many going to the region to join sides.

    Our policies are dictated to us by an arms industry and a mind set hell bent on control, manipulation and lying when ever they deem necessary.

    We, every village, town and city community must take responsibility and call our representatives to account, but few of us do, so few, that ‘they’ know they can afford to ignore and dismiss our pleas for accountability.

    Just look at the treatment of Chris Spivey. So what if he is wrong? We are supposed to tolerate unpalatble opinions in a free society. Chris Spivey’s case proves otherwise.

    I hope the likes of Corbyn, a bloody collectivist socialist, will come to the fore and help lead the way to more peaceful policies. I hope the people back him and protect him from these psychopaths who seemingly justify any unatural and unlawful action they take.

    We must maintain standards and princples and avoid reducing ourselves to the level of Bush, Bliar, Cameron etc…

  3. ian says:

    Spivey was probably correct, otherwise he would have been tried instead of bullied. Corbyn won’t get anywhere unless he is under the control of the Matrix. Democracy is an illusion used to control the masses.

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