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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Pot Kettle Black

    • ian says:

      Hi MS’ is RT as bad as that? I don’t follow them, but dangerously assumed they might be better than UK MSM.

      • was it you Ian, or someone else, saying perhaps a month ago. judy Wood 911 wasn’t to be trusted somehow?
        One of the disinformationists to lead the awakening astray?
        Or have I got it wrong, not her, but someone else. I admit im being lazy. Im tired, overworked, haven’t got the time . Your reply may well prompt me to research in whatever direction though. Someone im sure said judy wood was some kind of red herring operation. And Richard d hall. I think it was you Ian
        Iveforgotton, id be grateful if you could say again
        Whats judy wood and Richard d halls agenda, trying to achieve

      • ian says:

        commented below Adam.

    • On Aug 19, 2014, ITAR-TASS reported that Russian scientists had found microbial life, similar to sea plankton, on the surface of the International Space Station (ISS). The Russians first detected the microbes over a year earlier and confirmed that these organisms can live in zero gravity within the extremely low temperatures and cosmic radiation. Despite the harsh conditions, the scientists reported that the bacteria were thriving on the surface of ISS and could live there for years.

      The Russian discovery is startling since it confirms that extraterrestrial microbes can flourish in deep space. Vladimir Solovyev, chief of the Russian ISS orbital mission said:

      Results of the experiment are absolutely unique. We have found traces of sea plankton and microscopic particles on the illuminator surface. This should be studied further.

    • This week David and Corey discuss more of the psi-abilities developed in the secret space program. According to Goode, there are 2 types of psychics, telepaths and telekinetics. The training programs used in MILAB required young minds, ages 5 and 6 ideally. This allows their skills to be greatly enhanced in ability and potential power.

      The cost of using powers for nefarious ends comes with karmic impact. The light-side of the the force, so to speak, is more difficult in its depth of approach, yet more empowering as one furthers along the path.

      The cabal spends a great deal of energy to ensure humanities co-creative consciousness remains chaotic and in their control. But as a result of tsunami waves of galactic energy, humanity is going through a mass initiation, which will one day culminate in a grand awakening of ascended abilities.

      DW – Why do you think that in Hollywood movies that it’s always the evil characters which seem to gain supernatural powers, and its always the heroic characters that have to fight them using weapons, true grit and dumb luck?
      •CG – Well, its because of the people who make these movies. They want to promote going down the path of hate and fear, the dark path, as the strongest. That is the way to get rich, famous and powerful; to be ruthless. To be nice is a very hard, almost always a loosing battle. A difficult battle to win.
      •DW – Tibetans also had black magic, and I think people don’t realize this, there were some very negative practitioners in Tibet, like what is described in the book: Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. One of the things it talks about in this book is what some of these black magic Tibetans would do if they want to assassinate someone. They would take a knife or dagger and charge it up with huge amount of anger or hatred, and then if they do that enough, the person would want to pick up the knife and kill themselves with it. But they said it was very dangerous to do this, because you might want to pick up the dagger and use it on yourself. Or some kind of bad karma happened to the practitioner. What do you think is going on there?

      CG – There are universal natural laws kicking in. If you are going to use hate and fear as a tool, then the laws of karma are always going to catch up with you. It seems that we see a lot of evil politicians get away with many things, and are never held accountable. Well, eventually the law of karma is going to catch up with them, and they will get hit with it all at once.

      Related Black & White Magic: How do you Manifest your Desires? – Understanding the 2 Modes of Manifestation
      •DW – But we also see them getting hit with incredible scandals, or they get injured some how. It seems like they are required to be there for a certain job description, but even in one life time it doesn’t appear like they are having a lot of fun. [In my research, the powers that be hold a principle of incompetence to be a foundation for their authority. That since humanity is unknowledgeable it creates disharmony and error, requiring a higher intelligence to step in and bring order to chaos. The papal bulls are founded on the principle ‘let he who would be duped be duped’ meaning that the universe will allow a certain amount of deception to initiate others into higher consciousness. Essentially we are going through a huge cosmic initiation and the Cabal are playing the role of evil doers to teach us to become self mastered and truly sovereign; not dependent on external authorities. This is why we can’t be ‘saved’ by angels or benevolent ET’s, although they do intervene in our affairs, yet only in ways which provide for personal empowerment and education. If they swooped into save us from the Cabal, they would rob us of the opportunity to grow and evolve. Instead they keep the balance and foster individual moments of catalyst, nurturing each embodiment in a unique and personal way towards self mastery.]

  2. ian says:

    Hi Adam, Yes it was me, and I’m not 100% sure that they have agenda’s to discredit. what it is that get’s me is the fact that Richard Hall always has an awful lot to say but in the end never seems to say much at all on anything that matters, sort of like a BBC documentary on 9/11. Judy Woods again, she does this thing about where did the towers go and speculates about directed energy weapons and beam weapons, which may or may not exist, but as far as I can see does nothing other than muddy the water even more than it is.
    If they or either of them has an agenda then to me it seems that they are pleasant distractions who will draw attention away from the real issues whilst being entertaining, sort of like tv.
    I may be wrong on both counts as I’m going on purely what I personally feel, but in both cases, they ring my alarm bells.

  3. Lynn says:

    Without a complicit media they would never have pulled this off, proving a certain tribe are in it up to their scrawny necks. Nukes were used and Vets Today have it all in detail who did this, well worth a read,

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