The truth about Gaddafi…

What Libya had.

1. He nationalised Libya’s oil industry & has worked to improve the price that Libya is paid for that oil.
2. He used oil revenue to build hospitals, schools, universities, roads, free housing for all Libyan people, the Great Man Made River project which provides 70% of Libyans with pure deep aquifer water. He achieved this without borrowing a penny from Rothschild.
3. Libya has no debt. It has the highest standard of living in Africa, & above Russia, Brazil & Saudi Arabia according to the UN.
4. All loans are debt free. Usury (interest on loans) is against the law.
5. Before Qaddafi came to power, less than one fifth of the people were literate. Now it’s 83%.
6. Free healthcare. If treatment is not available in Libya, then the government will fund foreign healthcare.
7. Libya is largely self sufficient in food production. Anyone wishing to be a farmer is given free use of land, a home, equipment, livestock & seeds.
8. He promised that his own parents would not be housed until ALL Libyans were housed. He kept his promise & his father died before he was able to house him. All Libyans are given homes for FREE.


6 Responses to “The truth about Gaddafi…”

  1. ian says:

    This is a waste of time now. He is dead. Many were saying it before the invasion then was the time not now.
    Saddam too did much for his country. We destroyed them both.

    • ian says:

      Sorry guys, for being so abrupt. It’s just that, like people who cut down annoying trees, knowing that whatever happens, they can’t make them put it up again. It seems ok even mainstream sometimes, to point out that our governments sometimes make mistakes and kill good guys, BUT only after the elite aims have been achieved.

  2. Gordon says:

    No Ian, I beg to differ. This is like saying we’re to move on from 9/11. Not so! Truth must always prevail no mater how old it is. Lessons are to learned from both sides and justice sought.

    • ian says:

      Aye I hear what you’re saying Gordon, and you’re right. Justice should be sought. I fear that no lessons will be learned by the perpetrators of these crimes, as I would imagine that it was more or less as per plan. I do acknowledge that truth justice and honesty should be sought. I perhaps should also apologise for this and some other of my comments, as I tend to write from my heart and not my head sometimes. This works reasonably well if both are working together, but occasionally they don’t and it’s difficult to put into words anything other than a general toys out of the pram anger. It’s like being boozy online it can be difficult to sense with only the written word to go by.

  3. ferryt says:

    Well Libya has been flattened as per the plan. Numerous others in the region too.

    Gaddafi is a distraction. He may well still be alive.

    Syria it seems is not turning out as planned.

    I puked in my mouth watching the sycophant jon snow interview secretary of war jon (quite possibly a prototype gm humabot) kerry about putin’s latest move.

    (Tap have comments disappearing again)

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