The system wants your silence



The forces that work day and night against humanity work in secret, and don’t want to be seen.  Our only defence is to talk.  Talk to other human beings, and make sure they are aware.  You would think telling your MP would help, but ours, Owen ‘Cameron sacked me and I hate him now’ Paterson, thinks GMOs will save the world, fracking is good for you, there’s no such thing as  chemtrails, and the corporations are there to save us all from economic failure.  There’s no point in talking to him or most of the others about what’s really going on, as they’re sold out.  Are there any good MPs?  Do you know of any?  Apart from them, there are good people around you every day.  Talk to them.  Here’s a message for Owen Paterson.



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  1. NPP says:

    “There’s no point in talking to him or most of the others about what’s really going on…”

    Ditto re Matthew Handycock, Camoron bottom licker, MP West Suffolk… OK, so I’m being a bit rude and childish, but he is a useless tool as directed by of his masters.

    Talk to your family, friends, shop keepers, anyone at hand. Try to maintain kindness and calm. Ask questions. Plant seeds of ideas.

  2. RabbiT says:

    More rational post Tap. The system doesn’t work. Most MP’s will not fight their constituents corner. I approached a Labour MP over an issue of corruption in a government department. The MP wrote a sensible letter to a senior officer in the department who in return assured the MP he would seek to resolve the matter swiftly. He did (or rather his department did) the very opposite. Total waste of time all round as the department were staffed by evil scum who enjoyed messing the public about and management would not have them criticised and began victimising the victim further by employing lawyers to threaten legal action for defamation for daring to pursue the departments official complaints procedure.

    Talking did no good but we should talk to ordinary people as doors open.

    Spoke to a guy the other day who volunteered we never put a man on the moon yet he had never heard of building 7 and was going to look into it though he did suggest the twin towers were demolished.

    Boycotting, a degree of non-cooperation, publicity are avenues to consider to try to respond to creeping tyranny.

  3. ferryt says:

    My local mp, Victoria Adams was canvassing prior to the fake election we recently endured.

    She had only recently become an mp. I figured this might be a means to get to her before the system does and perhaps I’d get a chance to see if she’d any idea about what’s really going on in this country.

    I approached her convoy plastered with ‘vote conservative’ stickers and posters. These people really are brainwashed I thought to myself.

    They pulled over to talk to me. This is a conservative safe seat. Whatever that means. I’d be an easy target or so I assumed they thought.

    I gave Victoria a printed copy of this:

    And asked her what exactly her new party were doing by voting against a change to the official secrets act whereby child sexual abuse can be covered up by the state. Child sexual abuse that is apparently rife I’m Westminster with full support of the ‘security’ services.

    She looked anxious and confused. Then she announced that she was a criminal barrister. All barristers are criminals I thought to myself. She then announced that she used to prosecute criminals for a living. Riiight eh ho. Then she suggested that this was a conspiracy theory and that there were some really big names on the list. Good people. I asked why this vote was kept quiet in the media and held at night. She announced that we should be proud of our free press. I stated in no uncertain terms we have no such thing as a free press. She looked perplexed once again. I mentioned the disgusting antics of Cyril smith mp and how the press were threatened by special branch. I said that many people are truly sickened by the paedophile antics at Westminster. She agreed that child abuse was ‘awful’ and asked where I got the list and could she have it. I agreed and said it was sourced from exaro however had been reformatted so the list was legible. She promised to investigate and get back to me. She hasn’t as of yet. I don’t expect her to.

    Now I could forgive her naivety but coming from a barrister background, I’m afraid I can’t. She must know full well the system stinks. If she didn’t back then she will find out soon enough I thought.

    This is what we’re dealing with. It is pointless taking the recommended channels of contacting your mp. They are useless, naive (or pretend to be), tow the line and are simply there for those who still watch the bbc, like the royal family, celebrate war ‘victories’ and think that Britain is indeed great and that we have a free press.

    These people are so caught up in this system, whether they realise it or not that you may as well complain to your postman or the doorpost. In one ear and out the other. I do wonder if Victoria will ever realise that she is a pawn being played. Check out the drivel she spouted in her ‘maiden’ speech:

    These people are nothing more than 2 bit actors keeping the show going. I truly hope that more people wake up to the scam and reject idiots like Victoria for what they are.

    • This is a great comment and I admire how you confronted her, and gently pressed your points and didn’t let her squirm out of it, and kept on pressing.
      it seems you came right up against, the invisible glass …..boundary that is all around, but hard to sense. But yr questions, and her reactions, being a top barrister, I think you were brave in yr actions. If more and more question barristers and mps in this way the country wouldn’t be in the state its in.

      Anxious and confused. I bet. There is an invisible but very real fabric , woven in our society, an evil fabric. Its fascinating to see a glimpse of it from your comment, her reaction. She obviously knows stuff
      Victoria Derbyshire I don’t warm to and have my suspicions shes involved in very unsavoury things and people and I don’t like her manner or the energy she gives off either
      ive emailed this comment on
      Im reminded of a perhaps 2010 guardian or telepgraph article I read,
      on ester rancid. A very sycophantic one. Going on about her abilities, and steely drive etc etc.
      And in one of her surgeries ( I think she was an MP or hoping to be one), she talked to constituents, one guy started going onto her about Agenda 2 and other ‘conspirscies’. Rancid listened to the guy and engaged him in discussion but I think shell have run rings round him. However this was before coleman in 2010, I doubt now shed hold mp or mp wannabee surgeries with constituents

  4. ian says:

    To accept what we talk about as true, would be career suicide for political newbies, real “suicide” Robin Cook style, for existing MPs. That road to truth is completely blocked by people who know that they are better than us. The most obvious lies if official are adhered to to the letter.

  5. Lynn says:

    It is all one huge conspiracy. They are well aware of that. No one gets near the corridors unless they are useful tools. We have been stitched up and shut up. The whole thing makes my blood boil , We are ridiculed and laughed at. Well the days are coming when all the sheeple will realise that they were fools to believe any of the media, or the Establishment tools. We are in serious trouble but until it affects them they will just fall for the narrative being pushed at them. Jeez isn’t it so obvious.

  6. Lynn says:

    Aldous you make me smile with your wit. Amidst all the doomband farce we still have a sense of humour. Lol.

  7. Lynn says:

    Just watching Jamie Oliver on channel 4. Talking diabetes. The connection of course is Pepsi Cola, Coke is the scurge of humanity. Sugar is being blamed. Well what about Aspartame in the diet Coke, just as dangerous. People literally having limbs chopped off. I heard he was another stooge for GMO’s,

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