The Super Rich And Us Season


Published on 18 Jun 2015

Britain has more billionaires per head than any other country on earth, yet we’re also the most unequal nation in Europe. We were told the super-rich would make us richer too, so why hasn’t that happened, and what does the arrival of their astronomical wealth really mean for the rest of us?

In programme one of this two-part series, Jacques Peretti looks at how the super-rich first exploited an obscure legal loophole to make Britain one of the most attractive tax havens on earth. He argues this was no accident. Wooing the super-rich was a deliberate strategy by government to reconfigure the British economy, under the belief their wealth would trickle down to the rest of us. But it didn’t. The OECD now say the British economy would have been 20 per cent bigger had we not pursued the super-rich. So who sold us the fallacy and why?

Jacques meets the super-rich themselves – from those buying premiership football clubs to the billionaires who are breaking ranks to criticise the decisions that made them richer and society more unequal.

Jacques challenges the architects of these policies, as well as tracking down the foreign multimillionaires who are buying up Britain and turning us from a nation of property owners to a nation of renters.

He uncovers new research that shows growing inequality has been driven by this key factor of unaffordable property, and the far-reaching effect this will have on every aspect of our lives. Inequality is reshaping Britain into two simple classes: the 99 per cent and the one per cent. This is the story of how it happened and what it means for all of us.


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2 Responses to “The Super Rich And Us Season”

  1. Eternity says:

    Wealth attracts wealth, there can never be a trickle down (unless men were to give up their wealth, they never will) only a trickle up, or as is obvious a mighty whirlwind suction up.
    The creation of a two tiered communist dictatorship is the true manifesto, the prototype tested and succeeded. The world government is power hungry and has no plan of sharing that power so you and I are the 99% in a communism reminiscent of the Soviet Union, worse even whereas their own level of communism is of unparalleled wealth only for the privileged and self chosen deserving leached by the parasites of this group off the former group.

    All those “multimillionaires who are buying up Britain and turning us from a nation of property owners to a nation of renters” are traceable and accountable on the map in this link on Private Eye:

    • sovereigntea says:

      Indeed the Fabian / Soviet model is being imposed.

      I would argue that a three tier society is being imposed. The top two privileged layers who are immune from the laws of the land, layer two being employed by the oligarchy to doe their bidding and suppress / enslave / exploit the serf layer.

      Oligarchs aka the super rich

      Their minions think Cameron Blair and the entire apparatus of the state along with the management of the controlled media.


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