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  1. ian says:

    These little gems should be on after Corrie every night it’s on. Mr Okeefe has a way of presenting these things without unnecessary baggage. This makes it nice and simple even for numpties like me.

    • Yes I agree Ian me too O Keefes a great communicator simplifier with a real snipers instinct unwavering going for his target, every night after Corries whats needed, if I ever win the euromillions ill book an 8pm itv slot the ken O Keefe show

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Note how King George is pictured on the Bradbury note alongside a depiction of Saint George slaying the dragon. KJ was bumped off with a hot shot from his doctor.

    At every entrance to the City of London you will see a small statue of a Dragon — Tali the dragon lord of war. Wars are all fought to create interest bearing debts enslaving humanity and perpetuating the cycle of war & debt slavery.

    Our quisling government did the bidding of the bankers in WW1 and the Bradbury was withdrawn to be replaced with interest bearing debt to the banking cabal crime syndicate. As with all wars the bankers funded both teams and worked to extend the carnage enriching themselves and enslaving nations with debt.


  3. bluefeather says:

    People need to ask their 151 officer

  4. bluefeather says:

    People need to ask their section 151 officer to enable funding from the slush funds in their designated council. The amounts held in these slush funds are considerable. The comprehensive annual financial reports – CAFR, is a scam that also deserves more attention.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Quite – the COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT shows what the delinquents in government actually spent as opposed to the BUDGET which is pie in the sky projection of imaginary figures in many cases.

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