5 Responses to “Suspiciously good photos of alleged drone victims”

  1. Aldous says:

    Just look at the headline prior to WHAM! BOOM! ..THANK YOU CAMERLOON! Camercnut more like.


    I didn’t realise a single missile strike on two personages was a BLITZ! That must mean the Pulverising and Phosphorous Bombing of Dresden killing 600,000 persons was definitely a HOLOCAUST!

    Are these nefarious Talmudic Sin, Sun and Bum worshippers seriously trying to connect this heroic(sic) supposed act by some 2015 RAF chap playing with his joystick, sat in an armchair in the safety and comfort of some UK/US airbase looking at a screen, with the military/industrial targeted bombing of Britain by the Luftwaffe during World War 2? Who buys (into) this shit?


  2. ferryt says:

    More disgusting fake news, lies & propaganda. From a murdoch rag so business as usual it would seem.

    Celebrating death. How heroic of you cameron you total puppet tool. You are nothing more than a con man, a fraud and a bad astor sorry actor.

    I wonder if the prat clarkson sent a crate of champagne to brooks and cameron to ‘celebrate’ the latest hoodwinking of the public with more ludicrous headlines once again. They really all are a despicable bunch of people.

    Thanks cameron. What a hero cameron is, ordering the illegal cull of british nationals to stamp out the nasty Is isis isil that cameron and his pals helped to create.

    It’s all fake anyway, I don’t believe a word of it which leads me to this statement when searching for ‘the sun’:

    ‘The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes’.

    Ah well you know us journos at the sun we strive for accuracy! We’re regulated! But you know we all occasionally make mistakes, who doesn’t old bean? So what’s all the fuss about old boy what what? Oh isn’t the queen lovely? Our brave lads spreading democracy around the world, ruddy marvellous. Now blow up some jihadis or anyone really then put the story on the front pages! Really marvellous. Hat tip to you cameron you lovely lovely man.

  3. natubat says:

    Murdoch’s newspapers are seriously compromised in reporting this issue because Rupert Murdoch has a financial stake in the outcome of war with Syria.

    Murdoch’s investment in a US oil firm, Genie Energy, that was granted a licence by Israel in 2013 to drill for oil in the disputed Golan Heights region that lies between Israel and Syria, has been widely reported. Dick Cheyney and Jacob Rothschild are also investors. Business Insider reported about it here: http://www.businessinsider.com/israel-grants-golan-heights-oil-license-2013-2

  4. Lynn says:

    They are naked now. All the gloves are off. Only the dumb are still asleep. The good men are all awake and the puzzle is almost complete. Who how and why. Check mate !!

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