Small dead boy – immigration psyop

Israel supports ISIS who employ the methodology of the Bolsheviks.  Take note of the premonitions of extremist Peter Sutherland Mar 2nd, 2015 ( below )  and what has recently  transpired following the small dead boy emotional psyop.

Mass Immigration denuding “Greater Israel” of Christians, Muslims and non Jews.


Time to take snapshots but no one tries resuscitation ?

“CBC previously reported the family of Alan Kurdi had applied for refugee status in Canada.

“In fact, no formal application for refugee status was made.”

Aunt of Alan Kurdi, drowned Syrian boy, did not apply to sponsor family in Canada

The Aylan/Alan Kurdi story sounds like a psy-op?

Is the campaign of wanton destruction of the nations bordering Europe intended to drive and facilitate a wave of mass immigration into Europe ?

Who loses who gains ?

The Guardian reports today

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  1. ian says:

    sounds like a plan. Chase everyone out of greater Israel into Europe to cause a bit of chaos out of which order will be brought including ID to track immigrants. We should all become racist states like Israel. Any refugees going to Israel? any fleeing south?. I suspect that Europe is the chosen coral for the sheep to be herded into for a bit of, as I said ordo ab chao. Id cards,n rfid chips r’us.

  2. Paul says:

    Problem.. Reaction… Solution.

    Pure lies and illusion… again, but they seem to be able to con most of the people all of the time at the moment.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    The Guardian reports today
    Migration crisis: pressure mounts on Cameron over refugees
    Pressure comes from senior UN official and rising number of Tory MPs after pictures of drowned Syrian boy are widely published

    Peter Sutherland, the UN special representative on international migration, said while some countries were “massively bearing the burden” of the migration crisis, the UK was among those that could do more.

    Warsi said Britain must be prepared to be humane by taking further refugees, adding that it should focus on extra help for unaccompanied children as well as victims of sexual violence. Urging Cameron to rethink, she said: “There is no criticism of the government in listening. There is no shame in responding to a humanitarian crisis. What we have seen across the board are calls to think again.”

    • sovereigntea says:

      The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.

      Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

      Peter Sutherland of Goldman Sachs former EU Commissioner and now UN special representative on migration.

      Peter Sutherland is our enemy !

      Peter Sutherland is given a platform by The Jewish Business News.

      Peter Sutherland advocates opening the floodgates to mass immigration into the EU in this article from March 2015 has he a crystal ball ?

      Peter Sutherland: The Migration Opportunity

      How many refugees has Israel taken in ?

      How many refugees has the USA taken in ?

      • sovereigntea says:

        Forced migrations we have seen this before. Who ruled the roost in the Soviet era CCCP ?

        1934: Josef Stalin, who had ruled the USSR with an iron hand since the end of the 1920s, launched the Great Purge in January 1934 to consolidate his power.

        1935: Between 7,000 and 9,000 Finns from Lembovo and Nikoulias districts, in the Leningrad region, becaome the first group to be massively deported based on ethnicity. Falsely accused of betrayal, the Finns were expelled to secure the Soviet frontiers. The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD), forerunner of the Committee for State Security (KGB) orchestrated the operation, as it did for all subsequent mass deportations.
        ** (Gelb, 1996:237-269; Matley, 1979:1-16)

        1936, April: About 35,700 Poles living alongside the Ukrainian frontier and some 20,000 Finnish peasants were deported to Kazakhstan for the same reasons as those previously mentioned. The deportation was class-based in the sense that it targeted specific economic categories; but it was also ethnically motivated, as it aimed to secure the frontiers.
        ** (Bugai, 1995:8-27; Polian, 2004:35-75)

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Dead kid psyop worked – traitor Cameron opens the floodgates, will migrants be billeted in Cameron’s spare room ?

    You will pay the bill for further destroying the homogeneity of your country.

    Just Published on the quisling BBC

    David Cameron: UK to accept ‘thousands’ more Syrian refugees

    The UK is to provide resettlement to “thousands” more Syrian refugees in response to the worsening humanitarian crisis, David Cameron has announced.

    He said the extra refugees would come from UN camps bordering Syria, and not from among people already in Europe.

    Britain would act with its “head and heart”, he said, as he pledged to find long-term solutions to the crisis.

    The prime minister has previously said accepting more people was not the simple answer to the situation.

    Speaking in Lisbon after talks with his Portuguese counterpart, Mr Cameron said the UK had a “moral responsibility” to help those displaced by the four-year conflict in Syria, adding that more details would be set out next week following discussions with organisations working in the region.
    ‘Deeply moved’

    Calls for the UK to take in more refugees have intensified after the publication of a picture of the body of a drowned three-year-old Syrian boy, Alan Kurdi, washed up a Turkish beach.

    Speaking to the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme, the boy’s aunt, Tima Kurdi, said his and his brother’s death should be “a wake-up call for the whole world”.

    Mr Cameron has previously argued that the solution was not to take in more people but the government’s approach to the crisis came under pressure from public and political figures, including:

    Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has written to Mr Cameron calling for the UK to accept more refugees
    Former Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett said the UK should take in 25,000 over the next six months while Bristol’s mayor urged residents of the city to use their spare rooms to help

  5. ian says:

    The perfect psy-op.

  6. Jennifer says:

    On the BBC R4 Today programme this morning , the chief rabbi let the cat out of the bag. Referring to the truckload of apparently liquidised bodies of migrants in Austria, he said, and I quote, “that didn’t do the trick”. So obviously this one WAS set up to ‘do the trick’.
    As if on cue this week it’s all about REFUGEES, not migrants.
    Why is the boy wearing the same clothes on the beach as in family photos displayed all over the media? If so afraid of water, why no life-jackets? Why no obvious signs of having been in the water for so long? Etc, etc………

    • sovereigntea says:

      Supposed to be available here however “please try again later” how convenient if the Rabbi dropped a clanger.

      Chief Rabbi: Plight of refugees ‘our problem’

      The Chief Rabbi has called for a “compassionate and responsible response” to the EU’s migration crisis.

      “My heart is broken,” Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis told Today of his reaction to the photograph of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi lying face-down on a Turkish beach.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Not SO perfect, Ian….. it’s as leaky as a ‘refugee’s’ dinghy.

    • ian says:

      Yes I agree jennifer, but it appears to have achieved it’s aims of giving C A moron an opportunity to look like the good guy whilst allowing even more immigrants into already saturated country, fulfilling another need of Zionism.

      • Jennifer says:

        Agreed, Ian, the Zionists no doubt think their cynical, distasteful ploy ticks all their boxes.

  8. richard says:

    This is a very sad situation, but whilst people were generally against migration they’re now all for it and – it must be said-out of the best motives too.
    Whether this is part of a plan to re-populate an ageing and low-birthrate region ie Europe with fresh taxable workers, or an unintended consequence of bombing North Africa is open to debate. However we only see on TV what we are meant to see, and public opinion has become reversed by images of tragedy such as shown above.
    I would suggest that it’s an intended input of fresh workers to replenish a dwindling economy, and done in such a way to make Europeans support such an influx.
    In view of the fact that most of us are sympathetic to the genuine misery of these refugees, if this is the case then it’s been very cleverly and cynically accomplished.
    To my mind someone should be able to go where they want without having to show papers to anyone else, in which case people would just safely embark on a regular boat instead of leaky and unsuitable vessels operated by criminals.
    What we have is State action ie war which renders a homeland dangerous, State action ie border controls which prevent free movement, and State action ie stopping people then letting them in – which is what will happen – to make the European people believe that they have “forced” the state to act humanely.
    It’s all very sad for the refugees who are being treated with callousness in order to make their entry a thing to be desired instead of resisted.
    I hope no-one else gets killed – politics are one thing but people getting drowned and suffocated, not to mention bombed, is what the problem is, and people fleeing from war deserve our help. They – the refugees – could build a replica of Damascus on the North York moors or County Tyrone in Ireland, for instance, which would hold millions and not one of us would be affected except the local businesses which would get rich supplying them with commodities and services.
    All of which is taxable, surprise surprise.

  9. Driver47 says:

    Yet the bbc (cannot bring myself to type it in capitals) are still saying what the cause of this is.
    Rise Up Rise Up England and put these rabid dogs down.
    Sorry Scotland you have your own problems with that Orc first minister

  10. ferryt says:

    With all of these peace bomb dislodged Syrians ‘suddenly’ being welcomed by zionist ‘greater israel’ cameron due to a psyop dead child in the zionist media, are we to expect a terrorist attack by mi6 sorry mossad sorry syrian refugees when netanyahu arrives to oversee sorry to hold talks this month?

    cameron, government, bbc & media are Very sick.

    We know how much they like children though.

    Usual tools pressing for towns to take these refugees across UK media.

    How about we don’t f****** bomb them in the first place? Ah yes the dead children. And all the other bullshit in the tiresome script.

  11. Aldous says:

    NIMBY = Not In My Back Yard

    ALL White Europeans should be screaming: “Je Suis NIMBY!” OR ” Je Suis NIMN! – Not In My Name, regarding these endless Zionist conflicts for Israel

    It’s the perfect psy-op aright (the Austrian truckload of dead immigrants not having ‘done the trick’) as Jennifer at 11;14 am pointed out, fingering some malevolent rabbi.

    Just wait until the ‘refugee’ tents and cheap housing goes up – literally in their back yards – on their local playing fields and common ground where their indigenous children once played. Just watch the indigenous White Europeans being displaced and dispossessed of their country and heritage while the Middle East burns.

    This is an Western ZOG-Israeli-Zionist engineered humanitarian crisis for which Israel and Zionists everywhere – especially Christian Zionists – should perish and rot in Hell.

    We should be tackling the root cause of this problem by rounding up Zionists everywhere and dismantling the pariah, bandit, illegal State of Israel(sic) which should be immediately returned to its Palestinian rightful owners – while there are still some of them left.

  12. charles drake says:

    turkey A
    traitorious whore of the rabbi.

    who in the zion media sheds tears for the syrian children and woman used by erdogan for organ harvesting.
    istanbul and tel aviv are at the heart of the human traffic energy matter.
    the blood

    is this boy dead wearing red his dads name is kurdy
    he could be dead maybe not
    but kids have been ritually killed and butchered by israel slaughter.
    did murdoch or rita katz show burning child white phosphorus or depleted uranium in gaza.
    this is tavistock psy op
    problem reaction solution
    hegel is that the spelling and his dialect ticks
    oded yinon operations

    when israel is mighty

  13. charles drake says:

    david cam moron thanks his rabbi

  14. charles drake says:

    just wait for the 10 million from ukrainia

    the turks are next
    they arrested murdochs hipster vice crews the other day cia and mi6 men even a hanrihanrohan ro han
    i counted them out i counted them in his dad said during thatchers malvinas wars.

    gladio in place turkey and ukrainia gonna blow
    this is getting biblical

    waves of humans easy pickings for ritual talmud masonic catholic.
    nutty yahoo is he really on the back foot
    or providing the innocent energy juice.

    sayanim hasbara do not need to be goldstein version of bourne bond.
    do not need to have explosives training like the mossads arrested during 9 and 11 ritual.
    they just need to fan the flames while weeping and bringing up 1940 hollow cause.

    call up bbc and local radio talk operation oded yinon
    talk about barbara lerner spector and the jewish project called multicultralism.

  15. Lynn says:

    This was all predicted, pre planned. Etc etc. So transparent and the bleeding hearts brigade all at the microphone. How very dare they insult our intelligence. This missionary plan has always cleared lands ready for raping. They want that gas line and come hell or high water they will destroy millions to get it. Murdoch has been promised the pickings.looks like he is going to get his prize. We have been had again. We are bombing that country by the back door which is Isis. What a clever ploy. Nafarious as per

  16. Aldous says:

    Well I agree with Almost (Most Certainly) Infamous ‘The Nut’ Nutanyahu on one thing:

    “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.”—Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Present in New York City on 9/11 and London during the 7/7 subway bombings.


    • sovereigntea says:

      The stupidity and ignorance of christian zionists knows no bounds.

      Globalist Apostate Bishop Welby is good friends with Nicky Gumbell the UK’s version of Billy Graham. They both advocate The Alpha Course.

      Here is Nicky Gumbel interviewing the Israeli ambassador in the HTB church of sedition.

      12 May 2014 – Christian Friends of Israel report that the Israeli Ambassador to the UK Daniel Taub was interviewed this past Sunday by Rev Nicky Gumbel

      Published on 16 May 2014

      Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub speaks to thousands at the HTB Church in London. Interviewed by Rev Nicky Gumbel, the developer of the world renowned Alpha Course.

  17. Lynn says:

    Antisemitism has been pushed to send all the yids back to Israel. We are seeing the same Nazi stop at work, victims fleeing for sanctuary. What a bloody scam this is, Aangirfan has nailed this, a greater Israel indeed, how very transparent,

    • sovereigntea says:

      Recall the Charlie Hebdo farce in Paris.

      Netanyahu and his co zionist extremists fret over demographics. Without an influx of jews or deletion of Palestinians there will eventually be a majority of Palestinians in the stolen land.

      Is terrorism and the associated psyops intended to drive jews from europe ?

      Netanyahu, Hamas, the Murders in France, and the Stoking of Islamophobia
      February 22, 2015

      Elly Bulkin

      News coverage of Israel’s response to the murders in France of four hostages at a kosher supermarket and 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo offices highlighted two ways in which Prime Minister Netanyahu tried to exploit the violence for Israel’s (and his own) political purposes. At the huge march against terrorism in Paris (which the French president had asked Netanyahu not to attend), video showed him pushing to the front row of the march and waving to the crowd as if he were at a pro-Israel rally. At a Paris synagogue, he encouraged French Jews to respond to the country’s anti-Semitism by emigrating to Israel, as the only “safe place” for them—a theme he reiterated at the funeral in Israel for the four murdered Jews, as well as after the most recent killing of two people outside a Copenhagen synagogue and a free-speech event.

      • sovereigntea says:

        With any crime including faked terrorism. There are three aspects.


        The above provides Netanyahu’s potential motive. As for the other two Israel has a long track record.

        Incidentally – Parliament considers all petitions that get more than 100,000 signatures for a debate

        NOW – 100,041 signatures

        email your MP & demand a debate if nothing else you can embarrass them.

        Those who dont desire a debate clearly put the interests of a foreign power before Britains.

  18. Lynn says:

    Best get your dentist appts booked and hospital appts chased, we are going to see the collapse of services and be pushed to the back of the que. How very convenient.

  19. Aldous says:

    It’s all hidden in plain sight in the demonic Israeli flag.

    1948: The Flag of Israel is unveiled. Despite tremendous opposition the emblem on the flag is a blue coloured version of the Rothschild, “Red Hexagram or Sign.”

    This angers many Jews who realise this Hexagram was used in the ancient mystery religions as the symbol of, “Moloch,” (described as a demon of unwilling sacrifice and is also interestingly the name of the stone owl the elite worship at Bohemian Grove), and, “Astaroth,” (described as the Lord Treasurer of Hell).

    The Hexagram was also used to represent Saturn, which has been identified as the esoteric name for, “Satan.” This indicates that anyone killed in the name of Israel is actually a sacrifice to Satan. These dissenting Jews believe the, “Menorah,” the oldest Jewish symbol should be used and pointed out that the Hexagram is not even a Jewish symbol, but of course as the Rothschild Zionists use it that is what ends up on the Rothschild, I mean Zionist, I mean Israeli flag.

    In the early hours of April 19, 132 Jewish terrorists from the Irgun gang, led by future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and the Stern gang, led by future Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, brutally massacre 200 men, women and children as they are sleeping peacefully in the Arab village of Deir Yassin.

    KILLING and a Greater Israel was ALWAYS the endgame.

    “The blue stripes on the Israeli flag actually represent the rivers Nile and Euphrates as the boundaries of Eretz Yisrael, the land promised to the Jews by God.”
    Those making this allegation [statement of fact in reality] insist that the flag “secretly” represents the desire of [Zionist] Jews to conquer all of the land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers, which would involve conquering and ruling over much of Egypt, all of Jordan, and some of Syria and Iraq.

    Those in denial state: “In fact, the blue lines derive from the design on the traditional Jewish prayer shawl”. – Yeah sure.

  20. charles drake says:

    just as i said
    training isis for syria is done
    time to move the wife and the kids back home to
    the here ho sas,isis,sis,mossad aman and cia and pentagram men folks
    move on over to centcom jordan
    for next chapter
    turkey going hot inside
    erdogan sending military syria side

    my guess is mossad gonna nuke some holy relics in turkey
    with threat to the turk homelands sheep will rally around this strong ugly turkic dog

    Hundreds of U.S. military families are urged to leave southern Turkey amid new concerns about safety,

  21. charles drake says:

    The Planned EU Immigration Crisis – Morris

  22. kingel says:

    In line with charles drake comment and, link…………

    As an Indigenous British Sovereign, my message to “khazar Cameroon” and all scum-bag khazars…………CONSENT DENIED.

  23. beLIEve says:


    “Apparently” bodies “wash up” on the shore…parallel….to the waves ! !

    This “image” has the “body” placed perpendicular to the waves !

    Sloppy psy op.

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