Russia Is Giving Away Free Farmland – Up to 12 Acres per Family

And yes, it is beautiful, rich farmland, some of the best in the world, near the Pacific Coast, close to Japan, Korea, and China


Lets see, combine the free land with the generous cash handouts to small farmers, which we covered in August, and by our calculations, you can set yourself up in Russia as a farmer with no money down…

This article originally appeared at The Moscow Times


About 5 hectares – the size of 10 football fields

Authorities in Russia’s Far East are handing out hectares of land free of charge in a bid to attract people to the vast region, which offers its sparse population a wealth of resources and a harsh climate.

The offer is available to all Russian citizens, the only requirement is that people put the land to use.

The land can be used “for any purpose,” including farming or building a home, just as long as the land is being used at all, the Far Eastern Development Ministry said on the website it runs for the project, NaDalniyVostok, or “To the Far East.”

Those interested in the offer can hold on to their land plots free of rent, tax or any other payments for five years and will then receive ownership titles to the plots, also free of charge, if they can prove the land has been used during that period, the ministry said.

“Unused land plots will be confiscated,” it added.

Land allocations can reach up to 1 hectare per person — meaning that a family of five can claim up to 5 hectares, the statement said.

No advance travel to the Far East is required: Interested parties can choose a land plots using an online map.

The project could increase the region’s population nearly six-fold — to 36 million people, from the current 6.4 million, according to estimates by Russia’s Minister for the Development of the Far East, Alexander Galushka.

“We view this project as a possibility for Russian citizens to achieve self-realization in our Far East, and for attracting people to the region,” Galushka said this summer, according to comments posted on his ministry’s website.

A survey commissioned by the ministry from the state polling agency VTsIOM indicated that one in five Russians would consider relocating to the Far East and settling there permanently if they receive free land, Galushka said. The number is about 50 percent higher among young Russians, he added.




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  1. This is interesting and exciting. At some level, doesn’t it show that elements within Russia as dkblue said the other day seem to be essentially good, they seem opposite to Agenda 21.
    Look at their GMO policy. Attitude to troublemaking NGOs to undermine the family and society
    With the internet, hopefully a decent postal system and hopefully off grid tricks and maybe even some basic heath robisnonish even Zero Point free energy devices, life out there could be good despite the harsh elements, if a comfortable enough house could be built etc.
    Do such zero point devices exist? I think they might. But not sure which ones, and im sure the NWO will have put out lots of useless ones.
    And who knows too. maybe waiting in the wings are good spiritual people on this planet now, who have indeed made some more substantial, proper free energy machines, portable, to roll out and share when more tectonic shifts start happening.

    Because Tapblog I do not think, chaos and destruction are coming at all. I think and feel some powerful Force of Good on this planet. I think the Evil and its infrastructure will start to fall away more and more, esp when more Superwave etheric energy starts coming in, it is already, but its building.

    This is, and will be the time, when there WONT be hell and chaos. I can really see how easy, basic, relatively simple, Hydroponic Tower Gardens for example, and quality seeds
    (no wonder gates wants them all locked up in Norway only giving us GMO seeds. No Bill not going to happen)

    Strategies for water purifying, easy accessible ones, the Doulton gravity ceramic candle filter Charles drake suggested recently an exciting idea maybe even better than carbon filters. Theres inline pipe UV water disinfectant machine lights. All these simple things can be shared, for one and all in communities.

    A massive Buckminster Fuller Geodesic |Dome patchwork of decentralisation, where people are becoming less dependent on Nestle and Delmonte and all the other Bilderberg corporations

    Simple tools to help Decentralisation, small self sufficient (relatively, helping one another sharing ideas and being spiritually minded as problem solvers together will also go a long way), will be powerful.

    Im speaking as a layman, ive never been a gardener before. It can look offputting all the details and paraphernalia.
    But im convinced it can be fairly simplified so with this New World 2nd Renaissance were now in, very easy for people to do hydroponic tower gardening on roofs, back gardens, in apartments even. I still like the idea of farming but its not for everyone.

    I think keeping a few goats, walking with them in beautiful open spaces, making CLA rich anticancer unpasteurised butter and cheese from them, would be a beautiful thing to do if ever can in future. Cows seem a lot more hassle and difficult to work on with, much as I like the idea.

    My point here is look at Russias actions above. There is surely some good operating there somewhere.
    Yes I know the Satanic NWO will have infiltrated in Moscow too, they did arrange the 1917 revolution and USSR after all. But I sense a real force of Good there too. perhaps the Russian Orthodox church is a force of Good, pitted against the Vatican?
    Although perhaps im wrong there. maybe there are Satanists and paedophiles at work in the orthoidox church too but I don’t know.

    Dkblue grows vegetables and ill have a list of questions to pick her brain sometime

    Kefir grains are another example of the power of decentralisation. Kefir grains multiply and give trillions of diverse strains of bacteria. They are a Gift from God. kefir grains, odd as it sounds. I see parallels they have to Free Energy technology. very decentralising and empowering. Kefir grains and Free energy are very spiritual loving good things I think

    One last interesting question to ponder about Russia. : if its that good, why doesn’t Putin just roll out Tesla free energy for all and let its country and society flourish and transform itself?

    – maybe that’s what the good people in Russia would lke to do, hope to do. But the NWO presence in the kremlin wont allow. And maybe this very topic is a big contributing reason to the hatred towards Russia from the nato west.

    One could say, Russias as bad as the rest because their huge oil economy, theyre benefitting just as much as others by suppressing free energy.

    But maybe this is the huge Spiritual Battle underway on this planet now. And maybe there are good people who are working to help this come about. Once free energy genies out the bottle everyone benefits, the game is changed

    • dkblue says:

      I wonder what they mean by harsh climate – can get tens of degrees below zero in parts of Russia!
      As far as growing ones own vegies – well I’m no expert! We put in a few raised beds, added organic soil mix then before planting some rock dust. Unfortunately haven’t gotten round to making own compost but that is the best way to keep soils healthy and productive. You can get compact composting devices like barrels with handles to rotate it from hardware/garden centres. Really its just planting the appropriate seedlings at the right time then keeping moist and well fed! I use a liquid soil conditioner (seasol) but wondered last night suddenly where the fish components are coming from!
      Also one will need to take off the little creatures who also like vegies! I have a sacrificial self seeded spinach patch where I rehome them…
      There are also easy to follow suggestions for seasons to plant and companion planting online.
      Vertical planting and square foot gardens are also good for balconies, small courtyards etc

      • [Chlorophyll rich diet enables human cells to use sunlight to directly produce energy in mitochondria: photosynthesis like plants (cooked vegetables mainly or fresh wheatgrass juicein small amounts)

        An amazing study published in the Journal of Cell Science reveals an entirely new reason why it is essential that you ‘eat your greens,’ as mother always said, namely: it enables your body’s mitochondria to produce more ATP energy when exposed to sunlight.

        The study titled, “Light-harvesting chlorophyll pigments enable mammalian mitochondria to capture photonic energy and produce ATP”, indicates that by eating a chlorophyll-rich diet mammals (and by implication humans) can capture specific wavelengths of sunlight radiation that will translate into increased energy within the powerhouses of the cell known as the mitochondria.

        The researchers, working out of Columbia University Medical Center, conducted a number of experiments in order to ascertain whether animals as well as plants can use light-absorbing chlorophyll molecules to capture light energy for ATP synthesis.

        While it has been prevailing wisdom that only plants can use sunlight directly for producing energy (photosynthesis), it can not be denied that not only do many animals consume chlorophyll through their diet but that research has been performed showing chlorophyll metabolites “retain the ability to absorb light in the visible spectrum at wavelengths that can penetrate into animal tissues.” (Ferruzzi and Blakeslee, 2007; Ma and Dolphin, 1999). Given these facts, the authors of the new study “sought to elucidate the consequences of light absorption by these potential dietary metabolites.” What they discovered was simply remarkable:

        We show that dietary metabolites of chlorophyll can enter the circulation, are present in tissues, and can be enriched in the mitochondria. When incubated with a light-capturing metabolite of chlorophyll, isolated mammalian mitochondria and animal-derived tissues, have higher concentrations of ATP when exposed to light, compared with animal tissues not mixed with the metabolite. We demonstrate that the same metabolite increases ATP concentrations, and extends the median life span of Caenorhabditis elegans [worm], upon light exposure; supporting the hypothesis that photonic energy capture through dietary-derived metabolites may be an important means of energy regulation in animals.

        The presented data are consistent with the hypothesis that metabolites of dietary chlorophyll modulate mitochondrial ATP stores by catalyzing the reduction of coenzyme Q. These findings have implications for our understanding of aging, normal cell function and life on earth.

        ATP production will naturally fall off as we age, leaving a role for nutritional interventions that can help to increase ATP synthesis without, for instance, increasing oxidative stress or causing exhaustion or imbalances elsewhere. Clearly, a plant-based diet rich in chlorophyll will have certain advantages over one without this compound (and its metabolites). Also, chlorophyll and/or it’s metabolites may be an ideal nutritional and/or functional medical intervention for the growing number in the post-industrial world whose cellular machinery is already deeply compromised and functioning far below optimal levels.

        Is A Radically New Understanding of Cell Bioenergetics On the Horizon?

        It’s really not that hard to believe that the human body can capture and utilize sunlight when you consider the extensive body of research that already proves we emit low levels of light (below the threshold of visibility) known as biophotons. And this study is actually only the tip of the iceberg! Two new studies just published and well worth reading, argue that our bodies evolved the capability to capture the energy of the Sun directly through melanin, as well as other components within our cells, in a process known as “extrasynthesis of ATP.”

  2. freebornman says:

    You have to be proficient speaking Russian to gain citizenship. I’d go live there like a shot. Putin was unexpected thorn in side for NWO.

  3. freebornman says:

    Russia is also where ‘Kombucha’ was re-discovered Stalin-era, and quickly re-buried.

  4. bangonit says:

    I think learning to speak Russian could be
    a very good way of all non speaking Russian people the world over to acquire
    the right to a free piece of land 10 football pitches in size.
    Could it be any worse than living in the mess western Europe is in?
    Just a thought.
    Love peace harmonies.

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