Report: German Media Covering Up Rapes Committed by Muslim Migrants

Top broadcaster refuses to air information on “darker skinned” rapist

Report: German Media Covering Up Rapes Committed by Muslim Migrants

by Paul Joseph Watson

German media outlets are refusing to broadcast information about rapes committed by Muslims over fears that the hundreds of thousands of migrants flooding into the country might be offended and that such content could enflame tensions.

As we reported last week, numerous prominent welfare organizations in Germany warned that women and children were being raped at a migrant camp in Hessen, but the issue received very little press attention in comparison with the overwhelming positive coverage that has characterized the media’s treatment of the refugee crisis.

As the Gatestone Institute reports, Germany’s top public broadcaster ZDF has decided to censor such information. A prime time crime show called Aktenzeichen XY, which seeks public help in identifying criminals, refused to run a segment about a “darker skinned” rape suspect.

Editor in chief Ina-Maria Reize-Wildemann explained the decision, remarking, “We don’t want to inflame the situation and spread the bad mood. [The migrants] don’t deserve it.”

One wonders whether Reize-Wildemann thinks the future victims of the rapist who is now more likely to go free “deserve it”.

“German media is in lockstep with the government, giving happy-talk and a positive spin on migrant crisis of gigantic proportions hitting Europe,” writes Vijeta Uniyal. “Mainstream media in Germany are not merely willing executioners of Merkel’s open border policy, they are ideological players committed to breaking any opposition to the plan.”

Earlier this month, a 7-year-old girl was raped by a north African migrant in a German park, a story that also received little media attention.

School in Germany situated near migrant camps are warning girls not to wear shorts or skirts so as not to offend migrants and provoke “attacks”.

The media has also framed entire issue as the “Syrian refugee crisis,” when only one in five of the refugees are Syrian and most of them are economic migrants fleeing to a higher standard of living.



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  1. nick says:

    Its been like that in Sweden also, but it doesnt fool anyone, if anything it means that word of mouth more than makes up for the lack of media coverage.

    There is a country who are a few decades ahead of us with an ethnic problem – South Africa

    I think that over the years the white community will have more solidarity with each other and pull together, we will have a much lower crime rate as whites will not want to be associated with the anti social behaviour of the invaders. The white community will benefit in the long run, it will be like the Blitz Spirit, whites will look back to their roots and see the altruism that made us the most successful group of people on earth, and as we become a minority in our lands there will be more co-operation among whites because we will stand out more, like when it is on holiday, you naturally feel kinship with those other whites you see abroad, it will be easier to make more friends, I am very positive about the future

  2. RabbiT says:

    Should the title not read:

    Report: Jewish Controlled Media Covering Up Rapes Committed by Muslim Migrants

    • Truth will prevail says:

      You are right, RabbiT.

      The western white ethnic societies are under attack by US-Zionists and globalists (Nuland: FXXX Europe!) They want to destabilize and destroy the homogenous European nations in order to rule over them more easily, and they use Muslim black African and Arab mass immigration (“multiculturalism“) as their weapon to bring about white genocide (see: Zionist Thomas P.M. Barnett, The PENTAGON’S NEW MAP. WAR AND PEACE IN THE 21st CENTURY)

      Zionist Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies – who does she think she is?

      Merkel DOES NOT ACT IN THE INTEREST OF THE GERMAN PEOPLE either. She is a US-Zionist Jewish Freemasonic (B’nai B’rith) operative, too.

      • beLIEve says:

        If you google……
        …. Merkel Is A Rothschild…….

        you will have a choice of sites giving you an answer to your statement ….


        You are, of course correct… appears she is a khazar zionist……as are most Euro-“peon” so-called, politicians.

  3. Dublinmick says:

    Ha, no need to google, it is all here. See my sloppy photoshopping as an added bonus!

    I know you are not supposed to laugh at your own stuff, but in this case ……

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Dubs pls stop shopping for readers. We all like your place but honestly let others do the promoting for you or at least leave the comments with links as anon…

      • Dublinmick says:

        I am not shopping for readers thank you. I have all I need for small blog. At times I have a link that is pertinent and I post it. It saves a lot of jawing an presents my opinion.

        I am not selling anything, it is a noncommercial blog.

      • Dublinmick says:

        You know Scryfa I don’t post on a lot of blogs. I do so once in awhile on aangrifan and the memoryhole blog and here. Blogs I consider legitimate.

        I mirror posts from this blog. The bottom line is do you we want pertinent information to reach people?

        It is my considered opinion that statements such as yours do little to aid this effort. You come across as some type internet enforcer rather than one who would like critical information to be available to the widest possible audience.

        I mirror some of the posts here. Common sense tells us that increases the readership.

        If informed by the administrator, they don’t wish me to do this, then certainly I shall refrain from doing so. Until then with your permission, I will carry on as I have been.

    • Jennifer says:

      I have a lot of respect for you and your blog, Dublinmick and what you link here has always been appropriate and on-topic (unlike some other’s) . Please ignore Men Scryfa, he is only here to agitate (in more ways than one). Maybe he’s envious because his blog has no content at all.

      • Dublinmick says:

        Thank you Jennifer, I am not familiar with this troll but will take him into consideration moving forward.

  4. beLIEve says:

    Who is….stoking ….the so-called “refugee crisis” ?

    Answer….Ebola George Sore-arse !

    Refugee Crisis Exposed ! 10.000 Fake Syrian Passports Seized ! Guide Books Handed Out by Soros Group

    And, here is another Ebola George…refugee scam.
    US Moslem immigration has been a “government” policy for 35 years….

    And, stating the bleeding obvious…. it is jeswish/khazar wars that CREATE refugees…..

  5. banned says:

    So covering up a Muslim problem, is all to do with the jooos, what seemed to be a decent and relatively good report for this site, the comments quite predictably change it to a Jewish hate fest, rather than deal with the real issue.

    • Gordon says:

      Your right of course, the real issue here is that the NWO want to infiltrate white societies to destroy their ethnicity, religion (Christianity) and culture to produce a brown race. On the spiritual aspect, it’s a violation of the laws of heaven in that it was always intended to have coloured mankind races much like we have several kins of cat kinds each distinct from the other but all cats, nonetheless.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Gordon when you start a career in politics let me know I would like to support your hustings

    • Dublinmick says:

      I am a victom oh lord I am a victim.

  6. Men Scryfa says:

    “Europe Braces For Rape Epidemic From Incoming Migrant Hordes”

  7. Truth will prevail says:

    US-Zionists have declared war on Europe (Nuland: Fuck Europe!)

    Anti-white racists, Zionist Jewish supremacists are behind the terror, chaos and wars in the Middle East, Africa – and now in Europe.

    Muslim black African and Arab mass immigration is being used as a WEAPON of WHITE GENOCIDE in Europe.

    WW I, WW II, Hooton, Kaufman and Morgenthau Plans to genocide the German people… and Germany in the heart of Europe is now being targeted the most. Flooded by hundreds of thousands (perspectively millions) of false asylum seekers (“refugees“ / illegal immigrants). African and Arab Muslim migrants are being instructed to conquer the land, rape and destroy white women.

    It’s a US-Zionist proxy war (by an army of “IS“ Muslim terrorists with fake Syrian passports) against white Europeans (Christians). To make the German people an even more enslaved and diminishing minority in the country of their ancestors. Barbara Lerner Spectre brags about Zionist Jews having a leading role in the destruction of the white European race and the creation of anti-Zionist sentiment. She talks of “anti-Jewish resentment“, a rise of “antisemitism“ in Europe because of that leading role. It should be clear who is to be blamed for all of that. It should be clear who the haters, criminals, and mass murderers are.

    It’s called chutzpah for the victimizers to always assume the victim’s role.

    ‘If there is to be a Greater Israel, the Zionist Jews will not want to be outnumbered within that Greater Israel. Thus Israel will want to drive Syrians and other Arabs into Europe as “refugees“. At least 4 million Syrians are already refugees. There are 5 million Palestinian refugees.
    And, Israel will want to promote anti-semitism in Europe and America, so that Zionist Jews will be driven out of Europe and America and into Greater Israel.’

    “IS“ (CIA-MI-6-Mossad-Arab operation) is one of the tools being used by Zionist Israel, by proxy the creation and exploitation of the Syrian refugee crisis.

    Destroyers – Get off our backs!!!

  8. Lynn says:

    Yes no guns and no police protection, we are sitting ducks. We have lost our uman rights and we are all racists. Get ready to see where this is all now leading. Yep NWO moving into residence.

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