Remember I Told You: All Our Problems Came from the Illuminati!


The world is in a mess, in case you did not notice. For any journalist out there, one look at the headlines mirrors a reality right out of a Stephen King psychological horror. Migrants swarm into the European Union, America and Russia on the brink of war, ISIL chopping off heads, aren’t you astounded yet? Perhaps Hollywood made too many Die Hard flicks? Maybe most of the world is either immune or ready for the end perhaps? Let’s take a brief snapshot of a week in our surreal existence, a window into controlled media’s expression of our Orwellian fantasy turned real.

Zeit (TIME)

A colleague of mine, Dutch researcher Holger Eekhof, he called last week livid over a clear cut case of propaganda ad nauseam from his favorite German magazine, Zeit Online. What Eekhof discovered was a reposting of this article to the forefront last week, a cutting criticism of separatists in East Ukraine for allegedly interfering with the OSCE. The article, dated September 2nd, 2015, is actually an exact reposting from 2014, just after the crash of MH17. Many of the over 700 commenting pointed this out to Zeit. Unfortunately, the magazine now supported financially by Google takes advantage of the somewhat hapless readership anyway.

Type in keyword “Ukraine” on Zeit, and you’ll get the picture. You’ll read of Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham calling for a “massive” increase in military spending to fend off Russian aggression. You will also read the “MH17 Redux”, some gibberish on EU “plans” to situated refugees of conflict, and Petro Poroshenko’s problems with riots. Lacing the headlines together, it’s not hard to sew the message – Military LAW Needed Urgently! At least this is my take.

The Economist

The publication belonging to the Rothschild banking family of England, and to Exor, the investment vehicle of the Italian Agnelli family that is bitter enemies with Vladimir Putin pal Silvio Berlusconi, it’s a no-holds-barred West-propaganda teletype. At the top of their marquee, China is the target with; “Parade’s End, “ a scathing criticism of Beijing’s Victory Day celebrations. Of course the headlines mimic most other mainstream outlets, but I found particularly interesting the drumbeat “EU immigrant” take. Like Zeit, The Economist stamps EU officials as “on the job” in dealing with a crisis they, and the Americans caused in the first place. And like the US State Department and 10 Downing Street, The Economist bashes the BRICS and any Russia ally every chance it gets. From Brazil’s economy, to poor Guatemala, the editors of this news distorter are relentless.

According to the Rothschilds, I mean The Economist, South Africa is; “Clueless and immoral”, the publication wants a revolution in Brazil (Desperate times, desperate moves ), and India’s traditions are footstools for the Rothschild’s (I mean Economist Group) to trod on. “Love (and money) conquer caste,” is their latest rooting for the Americanization of the sub-continent.

BBC – The British BS Network

Once the most trusted news source on the planet, the BBC now rules as the Queen’s official ostrich, head buried into the sands of “dunno” and disinformation. If the BBC wants to tell one side, they simply ignore things like artillery shells blasting Donetsk civilians to smithereens. On the other hand, if the British need to frame anyone or anything negatively, BBC has a headline for it. Case in point, this weeks solidarity with The Economist, Zeit, AP, Reuters, and the mighty New York Times too. Scan the landing page and find refugees, refugees, refugees, and some more fear mongering.

US Secretary of State, John Kerry is bolstered by the BBC’s proclamation Russia will soon be the cause of MORE REFUGEES, that is if Vladimir Putin weighs in to fight ISIL. This may be the first time in history a deficient military element refused help from a powerful ally. Unless Washington is planning a preemptive nuclear strike on Moscow, I cannot imagine the US response. To quote the BBC report:

“If such reports were accurate, these actions could further escalate the conflict, lead to greater loss of innocent life, increase refugee flows and risk confrontation with the anti-Isil coalition operating in Syria,” the state department said, using an alternative acronym for Islamic State (IS)

It’s interesting to note here, the US State Department posted a supposed readout of the Kerry-Lavrov call, which read in its entirety exactly as above? I guess Kerry called Lavrov, cussed him out, and then hung up on him…. BBC also committed a major oversight in failing to announce Vladimir Putin’s détente masterpiece, Syria’s Assad’s agreeing to democracy in a form (Aljazeera reports). BBC never even covered this news to my knowledge, instead the United Kingdom ‘s chosen news reported on Putin and Medvedev working out together.

Question: Is failing to disclose a lie?

Le Monde – Not a Croissant, No.

I do not speak or read French, but I do wonder what’s being fed to my friends in France. As you probably already guessed, the most popular French news source is here in this post for one reason. Yes, the publication is a parrot that speaks French. This week the headlines are about refugees, Russia’s plan in Syria (though a lesser headline), France’s own role in Syria (weapons tests again?), and the situation in Guatemala.

Guatemala? Is that close to French Guiana? Excuse me, I am just trying to figure out why anyone in France would care much for the goings on in Guatemala (4268 km away to the Northwest). But in fact Le Monde told a disproportionate number of tales on the elections there. Even Guatemala’s status could not foreshadow the French’s need to know of the impending return of Nicholas Sarkozy. My take on Le Monde and France is, if American ever thought they had no choice France is a dismal economic hole from which only crooked politicians emerge from. Poor France is subjected to air filled pastries that evaporate once they hit the bloodstream, as far as being informed is concerned. Yes, Le Monde is a crispy croissant.

(VIVA) la Republica

Never having been one to enjoy ending on a sour note, I got lucky when I scanned Italy’s top news outlet this morning. As is usually the case, the Italians seem focused tightly on what should be of interest to Italians. That is, the news as it relates to the people of Italy. Magically, almost miraculously, Guatemala and Vladimir Putin do not rise above taxes, some good sports stories, and what the Pope is doing to try and help refugees from hegemonic wars. God, you have to love the Italians, no matter what.

However level headed these Italian editors may be though, editorial mentioning Barack Obama and Pope Francis in the same vein, as purveyors of love and peace to migrants, borders on the fairytale. Still, we find little or nothing overbalancing the “West” story, over that in the East. A good example came to light when I searched la Republica for “Vladimir Putin.” A dispassionate news story covering Putin at China’s victory celebrations topped the list. This I find fascinating since the boss of the media conglomerate that owns la Republica is a bitter enemy of Putin’s pal, former PM Silvio Berlusconi. How’s that for free press even amidst contentions?

The rest of the world could take advice from the Italians on keeping the news straight.

The Damned Illuminati AGAIN!

Summing up this week’s “dime novella” of confusing news, it’s actually pretty simple. Once again we see Vladimir Putin out foxing anybody the West has in their think-fishing-tanks. The neo-cons in Washington are dead set on invading Syria, or bombing it to smithereens one. But at every turn Vladimir comes up with a “better solution,” than American and NATO soldiers wielding bloody bayonets. This time he’s convinced Syria’s Assad to relinquish some power, so now American can try and overthrow democratic ideas, rather than former U-S-S-R satellites.

Clintons and Obamas to mingle on Martha’s Vineyard this weekend

Huh? You read that headline up there correctly. We’ve arrived at a sad state these days. As anyone vigilant can see, America, Britain, the EU, China and the rest focused on stopping IS (or whatever we call them now) is not what the Rothschilds (Opps! I mean the powers that be) want. Putin is shunned for all his cool and calm solutions, and anyone siding with Russia is too. It’s so sad, all of it, because together we could eradicate the world’s problems. Imagine news that is true again! Envision world leaders focused on colonizing Mars, instead of eradicating Palestinians, refugees, and lonely and poor people in deserts everywhere!

Nope. Can’t have that, the Queen Mother, the Obamas, Clintons, and Bushs, and the new world order of media owning billionaires can’t have that. If only they could project their earnings from a population with money to spend, homes to heat, and willing to invest in Rothschild vineyards on Venus. Oh, did I make another Freudian slip and say Rothschild? So I did.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.
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4 Responses to “Remember I Told You: All Our Problems Came from the Illuminati!”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Yep the Economist really is the Rothschild in-house propaganda magazine

    No doubt soon to feature guest editorship/articles by Andrew Roberts, Niall Fergusson, David Rose, David Arronovitch or one of the other procession of rent a tossers

    • [will try and post Economist front cover 2015 on here. Also more stuff from below to come. eg turmeric and dandelion synergy. The entire system needs questioning. Since its corrupt and wrong and evil what they do. Pretending to wring their hands and scatch heads and reach for poisons, to ‘treat’, once the patients presented.
      Again it confirms mafia Satanist criminals are at the helm, taking control over a naïve, basically good more or less, but weak and neutral flock. Who via Deception become Satans children thru passivity and default
      My point is lifestyle, food supply, soils, and as well, prevention via awareness of nutrition and supplemtation and a whole other array of awareness. officialdom and NHS just doesn’t want to know which is why every small move effort of attempting to help and awaken, offline as well as online, is a kick in the teeth and throat to the Satanists. many seem overweight and ugly with high paying NHS jobs which surprises me id have thought insiders would know all the tricks and secrets and truth about minerals and toxin avoidance and theyd all look well
      Pope Francis doesn’t look well either despite im sure eating organic delicious meats, organic vegetables, drinking from silver cups and maybe copper (Dublinmick) and im sure whatever Vatican experts are on hand to advise him on minerals, nutrirents. yet the guy looks like shit, ill, for one so in the know

      Dandelion root extract , dandelion tea: helpful weapon in the arsenal anticancer effects

      Dandelion root may become an inexpensive alternative in the arsenal as part of the strategy to use alternative weapons against cancer instead of devastating chemotherapy and radiation — treatments that both come with unpleasant and grueling side effects. And its strange how chemotherapy and radiotherapy is our lot, our choice, in 50+ years. Despite all the money raised and innovations made, and inventions created in so many other areas of life

      Certainly helpful, alleviating toxic side effects of chemotherapy, supportive, and maybe a cure for some too. The automatic shunting no questions asked of new cancer diagnosed patients into the chemo/radio pathway needs to be questioned and challenged. The no questions asked system needs questioning and challenging. Heres one possible helpful tool in the cancer treatment arsenal:

      Non-toxic and nutritive, dandelion’s potential is being explored by cancer researchers in Canada, China, and Japan. Its story is a testament to natural medicine’s vast potential in addressing cancer and other afflictions that elude chemical treatment, while also highlighting how the laws governing the practice of medicine and the approval of prescription drugs have narrowed patients’ options when it comes to treating cancer

      Via: Fotofermer | Shutterstock

      “An oncologist introduced me to dandelion root extract,” he says in the video. She had patients who’d had multiple rounds of chemotherapy and refused any more. “She expected they would come back in an ambulance. Contrary to that, they came back on their own,” with very low blood counts of cancer, and they said they were drinking dandelion tea.

      “We dug out the dandelion root and just ground it in a home blender with water, made the extract, filtered it, tried to put it in the same Petri dishes where we grow the leukemia cells, and frankly speaking I was not expecting any activity because it was so diluted,” he says. Yet cancer cells started dying, and more importantly, the healthy cells were fine.

      His discovery could scientifically validate folk medicine’s long use of dandelion for cancer.



    • [Im sensing a need by them, an intentional self revealing. 1980s iluminati twin tower playing cards as one example. A need for self revealing. Clues, even the jane standley wtc 7 thing I now think could be intentional. Why?
      To fulfil some prophecy, let the deceived flock know beforehand? or could it be some profound spiritual reason, some law of the universe they must abide by? Some kind of rules of engagement.
      Extradimensional seems to be where its at. Extraterrestrial I think has been a concept and term wildly hijacked by Spielberg, the jews generally, blown up and now we see with daily express hype, huffpost hype etc, the alien hype goes on.
      I think men scryfa the reality of things might be a lot more fluid and bizarre and immediate and calling for a whole situation feeling and approach [ I sense the jew Hollywood media Tavistock barons like to keep our understanding separate, theres aliens, theres atheism, theres Hollywood romance, and heres spiritualism withcraft. I see it all as attempts at compartmentalising, deception]
      All evil is compartmentalising. Attempts to compartmentalise, facts so lies can grown on them

      Rothschild-owned The Economist’s 2015 cover full of unsettling symbols

      Here is The Economist‘s 2015 cover (click to enlarge), followed by an analysis

      ”To begin, The Economist‘s 2015 cover is reminiscent of the eerie image on the album cover of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (see below), which was a color photo taken in a studio of the four Beatles wearing band uniforms, surrounded by life-size cardboard cutouts of themselves in suits, as well as those of famous personalities, both living and dead.”

    • 2 other weapons in the arsenal:

      1)- using turmeric in cooking, casseroles, sauces. Even turmeric tea for those who can drink it. or start enjoying indian food especially tarka dal made with olive oil or ghee (not the barrels of toxic vegetable oil the restaurants use)

      Turmeric helps change gene function to fight cancer University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, is almost secret research on the power of nutrition to kill cancer and help traditional cancer therapies work better. After all, the MD Anderson Cancer Center is at the forefront of newfangled biological cancer medicines and has been a bastion of support for the rather toxic cancer treatments that have dominated Western medicine for decades

      2) Coffee enemas done cheaply at home. Not just as a home weekly spa treatment for health.

      But as a definite cancer essential daily treatment routine at home, easy to do

      Why in the world would someone want to take coffee in an enema? I asked this question over 30 years ago when Dr. William Kelley, DDS, suggested, as part of his cancer regimen, that I do daily coffee enemas. In spite of skepticism, I went ahead with them. When I got over the initial feelings of disgust, messiness and other resistance, I quickly saw the benefits of coffee enemas

      Reduce and get rid of many symptoms of general toxicity. Since toxicity is the cause of dozens of common symptoms from arthritis to cancer, coffee enemas help with many, if not most diseases and conditions.

      ”Dr Gerson found that to heal his patients of cancer, he had to stop their pain medication, as it damaged their already weak livers. Coffee enemas, up to 6 per day, would stop the pain without a need for drugs. They also enabled the body to absorb and digest tumor tissue and eliminate it safely, an important stumbling block in natural cancer therapies. Dr. Gerson’s method is offered today at several clinics, most of which are in Mexico.”

      ”Dr. Peter Lechner, who conducted a trial of the Gerson cancer therapy in the post-surgical treatment of metastasized colorectal cancers under the aegis of the Landeskrankenhaus of Graz, Austria, reported in 1984, “Coffee enemas have a definite effect on the colon which can be observed with an endoscope.”


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