Religion and slavery



Top 10 weird religions.

Akhaldansolo left this comment on the post “PROBLEMS WITH RELIGIONS“:

Critically Christianity must be partially deconstructed and challenged to get back to the root of what it means to be ‘religious’ or ‘spiritual’ due to the undermining mentioned above.

Understanding ‘Jesus’ in it’s purest form, regardless if he was an actual entity at that time or an amalgam of other old world heroes that fought an honest campaign against oppression and inequality, the concept remains true and sincerely frightens the establishment. In that way Jesus truly is the only way.

Learning the truth about who Jesus was or all of the other hyperbole like angels on the head of a pin should in no way take away from the strength Jesus message contained in understanding your position under the stars as a natural law sovereign.

Brabantian left this comment on the post “PROBLEMS WITH RELIGIONS“:

Ancient Asian wisdom:

– Any religion claiming that some people go to an eternal no-exit hell, cannot be a true religion

– Any religion claiming to be the ‘only one true way’, cannot be a true religion

– Any religion imposing, or even positively speaking of required mutilation of babies or people (circumcision), cannot be a true religion

– Any religion seeking to spread itself by conquest or physical or psychological terror & fear-mongering, cannot be a true religion

– Any religion not respecting animals as fellow spiritual creatures, or not respecting harmony with nature, cannot be a true religion

– Any religion not offering you help to full liberation of mind & soul in your deepest psychology, cannot be a true religion

And also:

There are multiple ways to the divine, which you can freely choose among … there is always always a way back toward God, you always get another chance (even if in next lifetime) … there need never be any fear or terror that you are hopelessly ‘lost’, or doomed forever for some ‘error’ of not joining or believing something … nothing good is ever ‘lost’

Old Asian cultures had Enlightenment long ago, they were not slave-conquest cultures like Greece Rome and Jewish-Christian-Muslim societies.

There was essentially no slavery in ancient India, which had democracy long before Greece. Ancient India had modern tolerant sexuality (Kama Sutra, Temple of Khajuraho) … University at Nalanda India lasted 1,700 years before Muslims destroyed it… (Ancient India was great, but India suffered over 1000 years of Muslim & Christian occupation still hurting it today – e.g, ancient ‘caste’ was gentler, there was intermarriage, caste mobility, no scorned ‘untouchables’)

Cyrus of Persia 2500 years ago decreed freedom of religion & efforts to end slavery in mid-East… Hindu Buddhist Daoist countries began ending the death penalty 2000 years ago … at various times much of India, ancient China, ancient Japan abolished it


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  1. Truth will prevail says:

    “…Ancient India had modern tolerant sexuality (Kama Sutra, Temple of Khajuraho)…”

    Temple prostitution, child rape, paedophilia, traditional slavery – up until today. Nothing “modern” about it – the same old SXXX! Nothing to do with “religion” either.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Agree with Truth above.

    Unfortunately for the atheists, skeptics, wobblers, liberals, followers of ‘eastern religions’ (i.e. satanism), modern “jewry” and general fellow travelers / ignorant assisters of the satanic elite that make up most of mankind (even in so called ‘christian churches’), all expose their lack of bible study by their pronouncements.

    Bible Prophecy

    The prophet Isaiah predicted the reign of King Cyrus the Great hundreds of years before he had even been born.

    The Bible = Truth

    Whether you like it or not, whether you like the law or not that is a fact. Scripture.

    • Ive not had a chance to read research this, its been a month now. But deus nexus website, Nag Hammadi
      Im not even sure what nag hammadi is, but when I read some of it last month I was blown away by its significance (if its not disinfo of course)

      Its interesting how the Sinai Bible dogman mentions below very different to the King James.
      The Truth of the Bible, could have its origins relationship with this nag hammadi thing?
      And the burning of Alexandria looting of precious libraries.
      And maybe theres been a Satanic assault on the Truth of the Bible in the ensuing centuries and Satanists have tried to chip away and corrupt and distort and hide the truths contained within?
      But something , powerful resistance was stopping them cutting out the Gospels and other truthful things.

      Maybe real truths lie less in the KJV bible and more in the older interpretations of Christianity, the Sinai Bible, and these discovered nag Hammadi scrolls might be a clue on this path?

      Yes I don’t rule out the Smithsonian or whoever else planting fake stuff to take us down a cul de sac in these End Times, but from what I read, the Nag Hammadi thing warrants investigation, maybe you can interpret the ins and outs of it better than me MS

      Yes he is great and his SQK theory. I know beyond any doubt, in my heart, he is not part of any Wilsock . Fulford NWO show

      In this world, time of Deception that surrounds us Dublinmick, the physics of Paul LaViolette, are one of the few reliable things we can take to the bank.
      They act like a northern star to navigate by.

      Laviolette doesn’t get drawn into wilcock/goode/cobra stuff. Though he does post most of my commentsrelating to them as I think he realises they provide some kind of contrasting data points, that at least indicate to us something funny is going on. Somethings going down.

      I like Laviolettes sober style, I like him on radio interviews, john b wells was good. He replies to quite a few of my comments including Stephen hawking being a fake.

      It is a relief now for me to drop the wilcock show. DM im sensing theres a whole air of desperation and inevitability coming, if I was in the Satanists shoes, id be doing things differently than this if I wanted total control.
      Even though I accept now Corey Goodes working to some subtle project bluebeam agenda arranged by Jesuits/jews/Satanists/freemasons it seems.

      Look at the fascinating interesting truths about stargate portals, the nature of space and time, the solar system, that Goodes coming out with. A lot chimes with Paul Laviolette.

      SO the Satanists must be getting desperate.

      I for one WILL NOT be going on guided tours round the ‘liberated’ solar system colonies once whatever ‘Event’ happens.

      I think youre right. I think Wilcock/Goode and maybe Cobra too are simply the builders of a much much bigger more elaborate Truman Show dome all around us to enclose us in so the elite Satanists can take this thing to a whole other level

      Im not buying it.

      But Paul LaViolettes SQK physics and stuff on bis website seems sober, unvarnished and real and is my guiding star, one of them.

      Ive not read the OM article will look at it today cheers

    • Sorry pasted a whole other message too

  3. RabbiT says:

    Interesting article, thanks for posting. I am only an expert in my particular field which is gifts of the Holy Spirit but I try to offer from my actual experience where possible and not just offer opinion.

    What this article, like so many offers, is only opinion.

    As we all know Henry’s banner in the blog reads:

    Knowledge Starts Here.

    Is this true?

    There is a proverb which I believe is in certain version(s) of the Bible, although I can’t recall which, that reads:

    “Why is an intelligent man wise?
    Because he knows what’s right.
    Why is an ignorant man foolish?
    Because he only thinks he knows.”

    I see around me and especially with church goers that I occasionally converse with a society which stumbles around in the dark because they have never learned the difference between thinking and knowing.

    Many of them believe “I think therefore I know” projecting their opinions on others and hold opinions of others based upon this fallacy. I see it all the time.

    I was stopped in the street a couple of years back and asked if I was a “Prody?” I replied that I don’t ascribe to “ism’s” be that Protestantism, Catholicism, Communism, Capitalism etc. (Of which Christianity is not an ism).

    The individual wisely replied “Right enough we’re all different.”

    When Jehovah’s Witnesses call at my door I always listen and discuss what issues they have that may cause them to seek to knock upon my door. What I want them to know is that there are people out there who have deep knowledge of God who are not JW’s.

    That is because God created man to be His friends, to take with Him a family to live eternally in the afterlife, this life determining whether they wish to do so or not.

    I invariably ask if they operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and they never do. Lots of emphasis on the Bible but they do not participate in the supernatural aspect of Christianity.

    The first thing I would want to share is that I have one way or another participated in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit as laid down in the Bible. When I say one way or another I mean other people have participated in some of the gifts on my behalf as I am not an autonomous being.

    This post would demand screeds of comment from me and I would need to break that into chunks but would want to finish here with a fact in that true Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with the creator God.

    I no longer attend church (though this can have social benefits) but I continue to find my life affected daily by the enormous impact my life has had by being filled by the Holy Spirit in accordance with the word of the Bible.

    Some of the lesser things have been for example the healing of incurable diseases and I am not alone in having such experiences.

    I would repeat, Christianity to me is being friends with God because He created mankind to be His friend and He seeks out a family to be with Him eternally.

    Sorry but while I embrace the interest shown in the above post much of it is untrue.

    Let us take one example:

    “Any religion not respecting animals as fellow spiritual creatures, or not respecting harmony with nature, cannot be a true religion.”

    How does an animal address spirituality, it cannot, which is why we are created above the animals.

    What is “harmony with nature”? More dead end stories.

    Your tree grows a berry and I or an animal eats it. We dump the seed it grows into another tree.

    You are a cow that means milk, cream, butter, yogurt, leather and best of all meat. I just hope those who killed the cow did so humanely.

    I seek to be the best steward of my life I can be and I do fail and confess to driving a diesel car as one of these but there are reasons…

    Loads more to share but no time right now.

    I do hope some of you find such helpful.

  4. driver47a says:

    I am a 100% committed atheist and have no belief in any books that were written a few thousand years ago. My feeling is that religion has killed so many people that it should be stopped from being taught in schools. I hear people say that atheists have no morals because they don’t believe in a fictional entity, well that’s bs.

    • Dogman says:

      I’m agnostic but enjoy researching. The remark about morals – atheists is like a troll’s childish comments, derisive and ridiculous.
      The Sinai bible is the oldest known bible in existence and contains 14,800 differences from today’s the King James bible.

      “Those who know do not say. Those who say do not know.” – Lao-Tzu, speaking of the Tao (the Way)

      “There was something undifferentiated and yet complete,
      Which existed before Heaven and Earth.
      Soundless and formless it depends on nothing and does not change.
      It operates everywhere and is free from danger.
      It may be considered the mother of the universe.
      I do not know its name; I call it Tao.”
      – Tao Te Ching

  5. driver47a says:

    Dogman, believe me I’m no troll, actually I shouldn’t even have to deny that, no basis at for that accusation and if I sound childish so be it. I don’t question peoples religion I just don’t understand it. As for ancient scriptures, yes I do believe our history is hidden from us by the major religions and including in this history is that no god exists, at least not in the way we are brainwashed to believe when young.
    There’s a movie called God does exist. You can see what I mean when they make atheist out be arrogant ignorant people.

    • ian says:

      Hi driver, I don’t believe either, though, I don’t think not believing in a fictional character deserves a label. It is however an argument that can never be won as neither side can prove anything. If you like to think that a oneness with nature is God then it can be for you.

    • Dogman says:

      I was agreeing with you driver47a, not having a pop. They sound childish, not you. People are free to believe or not believe in whatever they like, but I’m of the opinion that religious history has been grossly falsified.
      I struggle with the concept of committing murder to support a religious doctrine. I’m not saying that there isn’t a higher force, just that I haven’t defined it yet. That’s why I mentioned Taoism and I can grasp Dublinmick’s comment about cosmic vibration.

  6. Dublinmick says:

    Ha Dogman

    I am not for pumping people on how they are on the road for hell either.

    It is more simple than most would believe. There is a cosmic vibration that hsas always been here and will always be here. ….““ “OM

    We all enter our next existence by the truth we tell. You tell much.

    Everybody is going to heaven … the spiritual world, it is just there are many mansions.

  7. Dublinmick says:

    We will all enter the spiritual world or the real world by my own definition of course, by the fruits of our own actions,.

    Have we aided the uplifting of man or have we held it back? This is the age old question.

    It is the only reason I blog, I am not selling anything but my own view.

  8. Dublinmick says:

    And of course if we spend our lives kissing up to zion, oh well. But of course these days you can be destroyed for not doing so.

    That is why we see so many feeble individuals, entities and whatnot crawling on their knees. Molech controls the money supply.

  9. bluefeather says:
    Latest message – how proactive the Irish are, in removing their consent to be ruled by their corrupt government. When do we follow? When it’s all too late?

  10. driver47a says:

    Hi Dogman, my apologies mate. Read it totally wrong. Glad you agree with me. As you know I live in China and 10% of the population is now Christian. That’s 130 million people more, now financing the churches and paedophiles. You’re a very educated man on these subjects. I have a JW that I teach golf to in my spare tim, who’s trying to convert me, anything I can say to stop her in her tracks. She doesn’t give up.

  11. Dogman says:

    No worries driver47a. Not sure I can give you anything to convince a JW to give up to be honest, lol. I’ve chatted to a few and found them to be very pleasant well meaning people, but whilst I feel we should help each other out as much as we can, I don’t feel the need to belong to a religion. People are too easily offended. Try asking for a description of Yehoshuah ben Joseph/Jesus Christ and you’ll find out how shallow believers can be.

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