Putin to meet Obama at UN

US willing to cooperate with Russia on Ukraine and Syria — White House

September 25, 8:58 UTC+3
Barack Obama is looking forward to discussing these issues with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, Deputy national security adviser says

WASHINGTON, September 25. /TASS/. The United States is open to cooperation with Russia on Ukraine and Syria, Deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters on a conference call on Thursday.

Commenting to reporters on President Barack Obama’s forthcoming participation in the UN General Assembly session, Rhodes said the United States is open to cooperation with Russia on such important issues as Ukraine and Syria. He said the US president was looking forward to discussing these issues with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. Rhodes confirmed that the meeting of the two countries’ leaders will be held on Monday, September 28.

According to him, it would be irresponsible not to hold a meeting with the Russian leader, given multiple international crises. “President Obama was urged to have this meeting with president Putin by some of our closest European allies,” Rhodes said. “We will be measuring the outcome of this meeting not only by the nature of their discussions but by what follows.”

Celeste Wallander, senior director for Russia and Eurasia on the National Security Council, said that the meeting in New York would focus on the situation in Ukraine, which remains a serious concern for the American administration, as well as on Russia’s actions in Syria.

On Thursday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists, “The [Putin-Obama] meeting will take place on mutual agreement.” Peskov said the meeting would last from 50 to 60 minutes after Putin’s speech at the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 28.



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  1. ” Despite the overwhelming money and power of the secret earth government syndicates, they have been steadily opposed all along by various groups.

    Since murder, treason and espionage are used to maintain power, any opposition groups have been forced to work under the strictest levels of secrecy.

    The level of success these Alliance groups will have is a direct function of how effectively we are moving towards the positive as a planet.

    The greatest power you have is in how you think, feel and act… every day.

    The more you are tested in any given moment, the more value your efforts will have. ”



      So again… if hardly anyone is still going to church, even in the Country, why is the Cabal trying harder than ever to attack Christianity?

      I have withheld a variety of data points I obtained from our high-level insider Pete Peterson. One that I will leak now, for the very first time, concerns the Bible.

      The Library of Alexandria never burned down — at least none of the good stuff. It was all secretly relocated to the Vatican Library, where it exists to this very day.

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      One such planet was a super-Earth that was utterly destroyed and whose fragments became the Asteroid Belt — originally known as Tiamat or Maldek.

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      These Biblical documents are at least eight thousand years old, maybe closer to 10,000 years old — or more. Pete witnessed and handled them firsthand.

      Even more interestingly, he said they are “almost word-for-word” identical to how these books now read in the King James Version of the Bible.


      “Uh-oh, David’s going all Jesus freak on me now. I knew it. He’s finally gone completely over the edge. I’m outta here.”

      Yeah. I know. I get it. I am right there with you. Up until the events I experienced on this trip, I would have never released any of this data. And I certainly did not.

      My own conditioned reflexes and biases against organized religion caused me to sit on this data for five years and never say a word. Until now.

      Let’s just pause for a minute, set our socially-engineered hatred of religion aside, and consider what it means if this insider data is actually true.

      My own best guess is that ETs, i.e. angelic beings with time-travel capabilities, brought these books backwards in time to study them.

      Time travel is a well-established fact once you start talking to insiders with access to classified information. There are rules, but it is routinely being done.

      Biblical documents would certainly be one of the most interesting things for these ETs to bring backwards in time and analyze.

      They may have done this for a specific purpose — to ensure that the timeline where these events did take place was not disrupted by the negative.

      They may have also seeded prophecies in various sources, using thought-transference technology, to herald these coming events — such as in the Book of Daniel.



      When he asked these ETs the simple question of “Why did you come here,” one answer was by far the most consistent.

      They heard that a very powerful spiritual event was going to take place on this planet.

      They wanted to be here to see it, and to witness how it affected the course of history that would then follow.

      The consciousness of the galaxy, or Logos, was going to embody in human form — which is apparently quite rare.

      This is supposedly what happened when the man Jehoshuah attained “personality transparency” and began identifying himself as Christ.

      The Law of One series goes into great detail about all of this. The connection between the Law of One and real Christianity is much greater than I had realized.

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