Pope’s minder fingers little girl in public view

From Julia

I am increasingly sickened by world leaders and celebs posing with children and babies. It is like they are telling us, hidden in plain view, what they are upto behind the scenes. If we do not call a halt to this, we will become numb to it, used to it, accepting of it as normal, and the outcome will be legalisation of paedophilia. That is the hidden agenda of some of the biggest powers in the world.


For those of you out there who may somehow think the Pope is a nice man, this photograph speaks volumes. Look at how his minder is holding this little girl. Look at the expression on both their faces. And ask yourself what happens behind closed doors.


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  1. beLIEve says:

    Too GROSS for me to comment on at the moment………..

    And…all in plain sight….YUK
    Not, that hiding…. “THEIR” DEPRAVITY …is any better !

    This…..SPECTACLE….leads me to think THEY NEED our attention/low vibration approbrium.

    Switching subjects from ‘pa-pal’ obscenity to ‘pa-pal’ DELUSION……
    I have just come across this little gem, posted on another blog………….

    In English Law………….

    Those who falsely pretend an extraordinary commission from heaven, or terrify and abuse the people with false denunciations of judgment; they are punishable with fine, imprisonment, and infamous corporal punishment.
    4 Broom & H. Comm. 71. [Black’s Law 4th]

  2. Aldous says:

    Quite amazing when you consider a lone male (parent/grandparent/relative/family friend) can be legally challenged in a kiddies’ play area, even though one or more of the children playing are theirs. It’s become ‘socially unacceptable’ – because of Frankfurt School brainwashing – for a man to be out and about with his kids in such ‘sensitive’ areas. Taking pictures under such circumstances is tantamount to a hanging charge.

    Even giving an unruly or misbehaving child a well deserved slap on the backside or back of the legs can invite any CCTV footage of the non-incident being splashed all over the jewsmedia after it being edited and/or taken out of context.

    These same jewsmedia scumbags will then protect elite paedophile child abusers and killers – alive or dead/royal or non royal – from any serious media scrutiny. The proverbial has just got to hit the fan soon.

  3. emm jay says:

    Ahhh, no ‘stranger danger’ there then!

  4. Lynn says:

    This is a sickening agenda programming spectacle. PR for the dumbed down Goyim. Makes my skin crawl to see these insiders networking together. Sending subliminal messages through the media, we are on the edge of something big now. The masses are taking to the streets protesting and being totally ignored by the fake news. It is a total scam that is taking place and we all on here know it. Something has to give now.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Beware the magicians trick. Whilst a distracted public look the other way and forget about the role of the money laundering Vatican / Pope / CIA in Argentina / Gladio.

      The two documents outlining the master plan of the Masonic group, coupled with top secret U.S. Army document, were enough to convince Judge Felice Casson and his team of investigators that P2 had been involved in the attacks and the secret society was acting as a proxy of the CIA. What’s more, the investigators realized that the secret society, acting under orders of U.S. officials, had been instigating acts of terror throughout the Western World, and most particularly in Argentina, under the watchful eye if not the blessing of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who would ascend the papal throne as Pope Francis I.”

      Giovanni Pellegerino, president of the Italian parliamentary commission investigating Gladio crimes stated [31]:

      The official figures say alone in the period between January 1, 1969 and December 31, 1987, there have been in Italy 14,591 acts of violence with a political motivation. It may be worth remembering that these “acts” have left behind 491 dead and 1,181 injured and maimed – figures of a war without parallel in any other European country.

  5. Aldous says:

    The parents of this little girl are a serious part of the problem. What are they about, taking their child to pay/show homage to this ‘thing’ called Pope Francis? If they are looking for God and Christ, they certainly won’t find either Deity hanging around Pope Francis or any of his Churches of Satan and Rome. The same goes for the Arch Cant(sic) and his crew.

    To Hell with them all, which is where I’m sure all of them are heading, seeing as they are nothing other than the Devil’s Disciples on Earth.

    The Devil’s Disciple, all round Jew and Gentile baiter-hater Pope Francis tries to outsmart God by asking Him what $6,000,000,0 means.
    God replies, “Virtually nothing, not even 0,000,000,6% of 1 Cent. (God knows it’s the same as 0,6%)

    Pope Francis, frustrated, arrogant and impolite as ever demands, “So what does 6,000,000 years mean to you then?”
    God answers, “Not even 0,000,000,6th of one second.”

    Pope Francis, losing his cool, kippah and the plot fumes, “So what does the Holy(sic) Holocaust(sic) and the 6,000,000 Jewish(sic) victims mean to you then hey, Big Shot Deity – and while I’m at it, give me $6,000,000 in reparations!”

    God looks down at the sad, bad, mad Pope Francis and replies:

    “According to International Red Cross (IRC) records and My observations at the end of the last Jew engineered World War, 271,304 people died in German concentration camps during the whole of that latest Jew engineered conflict. Most of these deaths were towards the end of the Gentile-depopulation war as a result of Allied carpet bombing of German cities and the resulting chaos and carnage.

    40% of these 271,304 deaths were estimated to be Jews (108,522) meaning the majority of them were GENTILES. Compare this with the genuine Dresden HOLOCAUST where between 500,000 and 600,000 mainly Gentile men, women and children were exterminated in a deliberate fire-bombing of a refugee saturated city.

    The so-called Jewish Holocaust NEVER happened They tried to make out that a ridiculous 4 Million had perished at Auschwitz but quietly reduced this figure to an arbitrary 1 Million in 1989. However, the absurd 6 Million figure still stands!”

    An aghast Pope Francis begs and mutters, “Yes, yes I know all about the Holohaox but what about the $6,000,000?”

    God whispers in Pope Francis’ eagerly anticipating of $6,000,000 ear, “Give me 0,000,000,6th of one second to think about that will you my Jewish fiend?”

    • Men Scryfa says:

      “The parents of this little girl are a serious part of the problem”

      My ex-wife is Catholic and I can speak from experience that this statement is true

      Just like every other problem. Until the people wake up we will be whistling dixie

  6. ian says:

    As a granddad, I’d have picked a little girl up with my hand holding both cheeks of her bum. That said, and I know I’m on my own here, he might be just a fucking numbskull. Look at her face, she seems ok. I think you all might be hypersensitive about this. Not many people could stand up to paparazzi taking hundreds of pics of you, all day everyday, without anything strange happening.
    Look I know it goes on and it’s the pits, but I don’t necessarily think this is suspect. I might be wrong.

  7. banned says:

    Honestly, is this post for real or is it the Sun?

    • Aldous says:

      It does look pretty harmless doesn’t it – or handless or even fingerless if you like – but that’s how paedophiles operate?

      The said left hand looks very inappropriate and the index/second finger look ‘abusive’. Why is this guy the Pope’s ‘right hand’ man – pun intended? Can he possibly be ready to draw his ‘gun’ – pun intended again – and fend off a would-be assassin, while holding up (offering up?) a child to his satanic boss? The Pope looks vulnerable and ‘exposed’ at such times.

      The way these satanic bastards from Hell work, it wouldn’t surprise me if this little girl wasn’t being/hasn’t been tortured,raped and bled to death (and her adrenalin-filled young blood drunk) before being offered up as a blood sacrifice to their worshipful master Lucifer. Sorry if the inconvenient truth hurts.

    • ferryt says:

      Sun is a murdoch rag.

      murdoch is a cunt of the first order.

      why don’t you tell us why you degrade the sun?

  8. Lynn says:

    Hello banned. You are back then…. We didn’t miss you.

    • ferryt says:

      Indeed Lynn.

      You gotta ask why Tap still allows this prick to post.


      • Aldous says:

        ferryt, I used to ask the same question a generation or more ago and I was always met with the same answer…


  9. ferryt says:

    In no way would any sane man pick up a little girl like that.

    It is disgusting.

    The ‘pope’ was on the ‘news’ in broken english, ha, at the obamas, saying, ‘cli mat chng iiis real’

    Israel I think he meant.

    • nailtown slim says:

      It’s not his ‘English’ that should be broken, it should be his scrawny chicken neck, the creepy little pervo wanker!

  10. Dublinmick says:

    ferryt, Caligula wasn’t just a movie! It was Rome then and now.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Good one Dubs. That would be reality tv that would be worth getting out there to educate the public!

      • Dublinmick says:

        One of the funniest quotes I have ever seen was “the romans thought Caligula was bad news but they were yet to meet Nero!”

    • Dogman says:

      To get rid of Pope John XXIII in 1415, there were 5 charges brought against him. They were piracy, sodomy, incest, rape and murder. Allegedly there were another 49 more serious charges (!?) but they were dropped. Heresy was the most serious charge a pope could be charged with but this was probably dropped because this pope had never shown any interest in religion at any time! I’m reading Vicars of Christ by Peter De Rosa and I have to tell you, wealth and sex preoccupied most popes up until at least the 1800s.

  11. Lynn says:

    In the light of all the revelations, pig gate and child molesting, that is very inappropriate behaviour. Who holds a child like that….not even a family member. They are truly laughing in our faces. That image is disgusting depravity. Speaks volumes of the times we are in. Holy crap being shoved at us from every angle. Used to normalise us.

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