Pope Francis Warns of “Hellfire From Above” Ahead of U.S. Visit

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VATICAN CITY – During a sermon at Saint Peter’s Square on Sunday, Pope Francis spoke of a “forthcoming event in which the earth will be consumed by hellfire from above” and asked Christians around the world to absolve themselves of sin in the days and weeks ahead.

Heavens above ...

In a statement released by the Vatican Tuesday morning, Pope Francis, who is scheduled to arrive in the United States on September 22nd, announced that he has been visited “on three occasions by heavenly beings” who, most recently, have warned of an “impending crisis” that could have dire consequences for life on earth.

The Pope is set to attend a meeting of the UN General Assembly on September 25th, at the United Nations building in New York where he will confer with world leaders, including President Barack Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin, to discuss defensive options.

On Tuesday morning NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that he has made arrangements to attend the General Assembly. “I spoke with the Holy See and [UN] Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon via video conference Sunday evening,” Stoltenberg told the Associated Press. “NATO is working closely with our counterparts around the globe to explore every viable recourse available.”

Details surrounding the Vatican’s extraterrestrial visitors are sparse but a British military intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the situation, told The Guardian that “the entities were described as peaceful by nature.” However, the official said, their stance on the matter was passive in that “they maintain a policy of neutrality” in regards to interplanetary action by “other-worldly” forces.

Pope Francis is scheduled to attend a private meeting with President Obama at the White House on the morning of September 23rd. The Pope will visit three cities, including Washington, D.C., during his six-day visit to the United States. He is expected to address a number of topics including same-sex marriage and immigration.


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  1. ian says:

    Aaron Russo in his video said this would be next.

  2. dkblue says:

    ‘Details surrounding the Vatican’s extraterrestrial visitors are sparse..’ – what a quote! You’ve got to laugh sometimes :))

  3. dkblue says:

    Hmm, reckon Dogman might have some relevant info on Nibiru?
    Is this what he’s referring to? Or is it one of his mate’s nukes he’s speaking of?
    Remember the guy in the survivalist business recently interviewed who said his wealthy and famous clients are becoming increasingly desperate and fearful, clamouring for all his tech?
    Well, perhaps that terrible sense of just waiting and waiting is nearly over…fancy that

    • Hi Dkblue
      yes very very interesting. Goat kids story Lucifer, tarot hanging man.
      (I know david wilcock somehow, is working for the NWO but I feel the NWO has narrow room to move and inevitably, truths are spilling out. My point is he pointed out the ebola images used in MSM, and tubal cain Luciferian Freemasonic symbol)
      And yes, I do feel in manhattan that day dotted round rituals will have been held, in a Pentagram layout. Ground zero may have been one of the points for this mass sacrifice.

      Changing subject can you please in a nutshell clarify for me? Since its an overwhelming job to contemplate, wading back through it all.

      I came to the conclusion a while back the Nibiru Planet X Second sun thing was all disinformation hoax. Yet I admit im not the most deep rigorous researcher. Plus theres so much in this world to assimilate I tend to go less deep generally speaking and connect dots.
      Whats the score with this Nibiru? Do you think theres truth in it? Is there some planet X coming right on our doorstep soon to be visible clearly in our skies?

      I assumed francis above was referring to some attempt at Bluebeam.

      Yes dkblue very strange world we live in and times.
      Laura Walker I think has her finger on the pulse whats going on oraclereport.com I encourage you to look at.
      Hopefully we will all be ok

      • nick says:

        I think all this constant in the background drip drip of ‘aliens’ information is part of the plan as quoted by German scientist Wernher Von Braun about controlling earth with a series of ramped up threats – commies, then terrorists, then asteroids impacting earth, then aliens.
        The Pope would have to be involved to help control a substantial part of the worlds sheep.
        I am assuming in some Darpa type places they have finaly got some properly convincing cyborg type ‘aliens’ ready to put in a personal appearance for those of us who realise its all a NWO scam to chip us and have a global credit system in place of cash, with the elites and their bureaucrats running it all

    • Sad to say. I hoped my emails and comments on bruce charltons blog. Hes an academic, but one who doesn’t think like the rest. I had hoped to awaken him to truths in my small way, acting like a small catalyst. Because of Charlton could have got on board, it wouldhave been good. Ive sent emails about Satanism and coleman and ITTCS. And secret space programmes and nikola tesla
      Dear ears it seems

      In sum, I find no desire in me to celebrate the long rule of Queen Elizabeth; despite my personal regard for her. I suspect that she deplores many of the things that I deplore about Britain, I know she wants us to be a Christian nation, I know she works behind the scenes – but I am afraid that this is not enough, by no means sufficient.

      He just doesn’t see theyre Satanists, hiding in plain sight. Theres no way hed ever accept any possibility cloning technology exists. So ill move on at least I tried

      • dkblue says:

        Shame – disappointing but probably the cognitive dissonance was too much. Also, often older people’s minds can be more inflexible, entrenched. Maybe he’s also protecting his ‘reputation’.
        Probably best to send a couple of links and hint at troubling questions re certain events than give people the whole hideous shebang. I think Satanist is a difficult term because it screams fundamentalist Christian to me so I now use the word Occult or practitioners of …
        Re Nubiru, never looked into it myself. Like most of these apocalyptic scenarios, not much I can do about it personally!

      • beLIEve says:

        The Pope and, Vatican are Luciferians and, pathological liars.

        Non Luciferians, should, Imho treat all “THEIR” pronouncements with extreme caution and, scepticism.

        According to Physicist Nassim Haramein, Planet Nibiru has come and, gone.


        The IMPOSTER who presents herself to the world as, the “cween” of England is, according to Greg Hallett a COMMONER. “She” is said to be the product of a “personal arrangement” between the MAID of……Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and Churchill !

        All UK taxes, to support the “royal” family, have been, so it seems, straightforward THEFT !


        I do not dispute the possibility of “Hell-fire” from above .
        Imho, it will, as always, be a khazar zionist engineered event !

        If, I was a gambler, might put my money on some sort of “Ebola George Soros” …nuke.

        (1) An airborne.. “gift”… presented as an asteroid.

        (2) A fake UFO “event”.

        (3) A TSUNAMI on the Eastern seaboard of the US and, Western coasts of Europe……….presented as a natural event.
        A “natural” event CREATED by …placing nukes in the sea bed off the Eastern Coast of USA.
        The other possibility is nukes placed in the sea bed off the coast of La Palma Canary Islands. The ill-LLUNATI have “invested” some time and, effort in telling us that LA Palma is unstable.
        Whilst, other observers have said, a catastrophic event is not, on the cards, from La Palma !

        The Luciferians, ill-LUNATI, khazar zionists et al……have “apparently” invested hundreds, if not thousands, of years of effort in this …….FINAL ?…….take down of mankind.

        I suspect, in the…. AGE OLD MODUS OPERANDI…….of the LUNATIC LUCIFERIANS…….”THEY” will create the CHAOS…in order to present the ….SOLUTIONS……….YAWN !

        I don’t dispute there will be….fireworks but …….lighting the touchpaper….will be ….as always………..the SCUM of the UNIVERSE.


  4. Dogman says:

    From the 70s to the 90s, Monsignor Corrado Balducci—an exorcist, theologian and member of the Vatican Curia (governing body at Rome) and friend of the Pope, appeared on Italian national television numerous times to state that ETs were not only possible but already interacting with Earth and that the Vatican’s leaders were aware of it. Furthermore, speaking as an official demonologist, he said that extraterrestrial encounters, “are not demonic, they are not due to psychological impairment, and they are not a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully.” He even disclosed how the Vatican itself has been closely following the phenomenon and quietly compiling material evidence from Vatican embassies (Nunciatures) around the world on the extraterrestrials and their mission (the Vatican has secret alien files they’ve been collecting since the 1950s). For example, at a forum concerning the enormous UFO flap in Mexico, he stated, “I always wish to be the spokesman for these star peoples who also are part of God’s glory, and I will continue to bring it to the attention of the Holy Mother Church.”[viii] Whatever you make of his claims, Balducci was a member of a special group of consultants to the Vatican, a public spokesperson for Rome on the matter of extraterrestrial life as well as UFO and abduction phenomenon, and his assertions have never been contradicted by the Church.

  5. Dogman says:

    Source of that came while I was researching this!
    The Vatican’s Project – Exo-Vaticana

  6. Dublinmick says:

    Best post I have ever seen on the internet bar none and I reblogged it.


    Indian scriptures refer to the big planet as Lord Kalki

    Perhaps Lord Kalki was the long-prophesied “Rider of the White Horse”.


    For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful. It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss. The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities which abound everywhere one looks.[1]

    Likewise, it is only for the ultimate benefit of the controllers that their arrogance has become so unfathomable and intractable. Difficult though it may be to understand, they have an integral part to play in this cosmic drama. Someone always has to play the bad guy, you know. Perhaps the time has come to show our understanding, and maybe even some appreciation, to those crazies who are running the insane asylum for putting on such a convincing show.[2]

    • So, this Age of Deception we are now living in, deceptions at every turn. Is a kind of balm, protecting us from the Satanic evil hiding in plain sight everywhere?
      I can see how ignorance is bliss. Occassionally I wish I had taken the Blue pill not Red

      The elites arrogance has an integral part to play in this cosmic drama Truman Show?

      Maybe that’s the case, im sure the Indian Scriptures could have some truth in them, and go far beyond, before, the time of all these Satanist Kahazarian etc etc now here with us.

      I don’t mind being part of a cosmic drama, if that’s what it is. But I resent very much being in this cosmic drama, if it means these Luciferians above are going to get what they want and wipe most of us out and lock us down and have a One World Government

      Everything will seem pretty pointless if the cosmic drama script is they will get their way. I pray we will be able to alter the script

      Lord Kalki things in your article, Cosmic Drama, repeating roles of bad guys good guys. Synchronicity Key David Wilcock parallels

      Could Corey Goodes SSP good alliance be a very real part of this cosmic drama too? I hope so

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