Police uniforms, police cars and police hats are covered in occult symbology. Same goes for the military.

The hypercube, the octagon, the floor of the house.

The symbols mean that these agencies are in ‘our’ power – the power of the Satanists – denoting totalitarian power .


In the second video Mark Passio tells how he was duped into serving the Satanic system but realised that he was duped and got out of it.  He challenges a serving police officer to realise he’s been duped, and to get angry about what the Police are doing without immediate success.


Symbology explained.

The music industry is the same.



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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Such symbols are examples of applied semiotics employed by your controllers since the beginning of time.

    Semiotics: the study of signs


  2. sovereigntea says:

    ‘Uniforms’, as a subdivision of clothing categories, are continuously and obviously present in our daily lives. School uniforms may be our own personal experience of uniforms, followed by those worn by the public services such as the police, defence services of the military, and even up to and including hospital workers, shop assistants, and the ‘business uniform’ of the suit worn to the office. However, uniforms are present in many less defined areas of our clothing decisions. Using theories of semiotics, we can begin to understand how our conscious (or unconscious) decision to wear black clothing, for example, may link one’s appearance to that of the goth, without comprising a set uniform, but by taking clothing as a signifier of non-verbal messages to extend an idea of a ‘uniform’ of a certain ‘social group’ towards others.

    To understand this idea of simulated uniformed dressing, one must first address the idea of semiotics, which cultural theorist Umberto Eco defines as “concerned with everything that can be taken as a sign.”[1] Clothing acts as one of the many social signifiers with which we visually convey information about ourselves to each other. According to the semiologist Roland Barthes, who used theories of semiotics and applied them to fashion, “for any particular object (a dress, a tailored suit, a belt) three different structures exist, one technical, another, iconic, the third, verbal.”[2] In terms of fashion, media and social informers are used to determine the visual language that certain clothing conveys. This links back into the idea of networking social subcultures, as we may give a certain meaning to a specific garment according to the social subculture we come to identity it with.

    The same idea can be applied to uniforms, https://anthromodeologist.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/uniforms-in-western-culture/

    • Ursula Haverbeck and I think its Nick Kollerstrom if memory serves need to be added to that list as a matter of urgency

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Agreed. The web site is badly in need of an update. But some of the older sites have some great information for the younger readers. Personally I think the The Occidental Observer is a great place for the serious student but as Kev MacDonald has said what we need is open discourse in the mainstream. If we win the battle for the consensus then we will easily and quickly win. So it is bravery in speaking out that is now required.

        On a separate but related note. I have noticed how the powers that be are now trying hard to keep “hate crime” prosecutions low key and out of the media whereas before they used to paint that kind of show trial all over the news reports in order to try to intimidate the native British population. Clearly the penny has dropped that that will just back fire big time now. Equally they have stopped their previous tactics against right of centre political parties and instead of trying to win hearts and minds the focus is just on stealing elections by outright electoral fraud.

        [Oh yeah anyone noticed how “hate crime” only applies to White people? Mention that in a trial and the prosecution is going to go to sh*t – kind of proves the real racism in one go that, thanks ZOG]

        These are all signs of major weakness. If I was in one of the non-zionist rings I would start looking further down the road…

        Last summer the control grid that the Zionists have been using on the UK was seriously wobbling. Weakness exposed all over the shop and there had hardly been a finger lifted in opposition to it.

        Now we see ‘Mendick’ at the Telegraph having a go at Chris Fay I wonder how much longer before the part of the UK establishment that might have been capable of being saved commits suicide?

        I think it could be brought to a head in as little as 24 hrs. That is truly insane.

      • sovereigntea says:

        A Saga of Propaganda, & Subversion (The Fable of The Ducks and The Hens)


  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Some of the pansies that come on here (no offence intended to anyone who is gay) need to read the following link to then understand the fundamental difference between the jew and the White MAN. The White man stands up in the face of danger even if that means death (well most us did until we forgot what it meant to be men) while the jew will kowtow


    A White man may be able to be bought off but he will not be frightened off. I think there are a few out there who forgot this.


    Holocaust revisionism, and business boycotts could soon become the mark of genuine activism in Western countries given the racial hatred being continuously thrown in our faces by “zionists”.

    • Hi Men Scryfa, better today, a releasing of pressure for whatever reason, whole body can breathe better and my mind can optimistically think to the future on various levels again. Crucially the energy draining away has stopped.
      How are you , holding up fighting back I hope?

      I can see now, nows the time to place bets. The roulette balls about to stop, the big horse race is starting.

      And this situation, these matters we speak of, are not to be messed about with or sitting on any fence, otherwise evil will destroy

      Plus I have a craving for simplicity, I really need it. And its my only hope to put on the Protective Armour to fight in this War

      Again I have to say ive taken what little awareness I have, from dr wilsons website. 23rd Psalm Thy Will be Done for instance. Also, saying daily , ‘Father, what will you have me do today?’
      Things of this nature.

      Also asking God to act through me.
      I can certainly see the reasons for in times past, lives in spiritual pursuit to get closer to God, not cluttering life with too many distractions.
      Creating an empty space within and asking for the Holy Spirit to come down. Or my Higher Self to guide me

      Im doing this more and more and Wilsons articles are accessible for me helping this. Im finding more lately, emptying myself, praying, doing the downward pushing etheric meditation too, and asking at the beginning of the day ‘Father, use me for Thy Will’.

      Im finding Men Scryfa some quite interesting good things happen during the day when I ask for that.

      The Time is Here and Now and im not on the fence anymore, and im putting on the Armour of God in the best way I can

      Things the Taoists say and Dublinmicks OM Laviolette article today I will compartmentalise separately, in supernatural physics, and still take an interest in. But there needn’t be any conflict with this and being a proper Christian. And evidence is showing theres something about the white Christians they truly truly detest

      Im thinking Montague Keen messages might be on the ball, stuff hes coming out with, Ireland, etc. Chiming with what you and others say.
      Any Nag Hammadi insights Sinai Bible you arrive at im interested to hear.

      Ive found these plain English Bible versions to read through since the Biblical Language I find hard to follow



      Matthew Mark Luke John Gospels ill start with unless you recommend a better starting point

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