Police State Scotland

“Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.” – Benjamin Franklin

Having been denied Independence by the outrageously fraudulent ballot of 18th September 2015, Scottish voters elected 56 SNP MP’s in the General Election of May 2015. The other three Scottish Constituencies elected each one Tory, one Labour & one Lib-Dem MP. Since then, the Scottish electorate have been in a state of ‘Political Euphoria’.

So great is this Political Euphoria, that many commentators are anticipating an SNP landslide at the next Scottish Parliamentary elections in May 2016. Coupled with which, there is an increasing ‘air of menace’ against anyone who dares to question or apply scrutiny to the activities of eith Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP.


However, an increasing number of political analysts and observers are sounding warning bells as Scotland is displaying many symptoms of  sliding into a Totalitarian Police State. If you think this sounds outrageously preposterous, you will be shocked by the evidence which will be presented at this unique Workshop:
Pippa King:
Glasgow – The SMART City experiment : TRACKING your EVERY Move!

High Definition Internet Protocol Surveillance Cameras (IPTV), facial recognition, soft biometric ‘persons of interest’ tracking, crowd movement detection, artificial intelligence predicting crime hotspots, on street microphones, police run CCTV/IPTV, ‘smart’ sensors in homes.

This is what is happening in Scotland, ground breaking surveillance technology being foisted on an unsuspecting public.  A nation potentially leaving any personal privacy in shreds – Knowledge is Power … the POWER to stop SCOTLAND becoming the most Surveilled Nation on the Planet!

Read more about Pippa King HERE
Mel Kelly :
Underground Coal Gasification : What Westminster & Holyrood are NOT telling you!

The Westminster and Scottish Parliaments are working together to use Scotland as guinea pigs to roll out an energy industry (Underground Coal Gasification), that is so toxic; all trials around the world have caused serious enviornmental damage.

Just a few weeks ago, the flagship Linc Energy trial in Australia was reported to have caused the biggest environmental disaster in Australia’s history.

Yet the Scottish and Westminster parliaments intends to permit a novice company planning to experiment in Scotland; burning millions of tons of coal underground instead of safely in power stations, without capturing the CO2. This entire process will use unproven technology – with no way for authorities to monitor this toxic experiment.

Incredibly, the SNP government has refused  to include UCG in the moratorium; choosing to ignore the scientific evidence.

… & did you know that Nicola Sturgeon has signed away Scotiish water rights to Westminster?

Mel will present he evidence that both Westminster & Holyrood are hiding from the Nation …


Mel Kelly is a business analyst working in the waste management industry. Mel has been researching the effects of Underground Coal Gasification(UCG)  trials around the world for the past two years. In 2014, she was threatened with legal action by one of the novice companies planning to roll out UCG across the UK if she did not ‘Cease and Desist’ from sharing a report she had written, on the impact of UCG trials, with community groups and politicians. Mel refused and his since written a follow up report, which she continues to share with elected representatives and community groups to allow them to make informed decisions.
Ian R Crane :
Sleepwalking into a Masonic ‘One Party’ Totalitarian Police State?
– The Most Surveilled Cities in the World
– A State Guardian for EVERY Child in Scotland
– A HEALTH database on every Child – maintained OUTSIDE Scotland
– Police Scotland ARMED
– Random STOP & SEARCH
– Random Street Drug Tests
– Police Scotland SPYING on Journalists
– Lifetime bans on journalists who challenge or question the State
POSITIVE, COMMUNITY LED ACTIVISM can lead to an Independent Scotland, where the Scottish Parliament is TRULY representative of the people … and NOT of the Global Corporatists who are currently pulling the strings.

This Event is intended to provide the KNOWLEDGE & INSIGHT to see the Corporatist Agenda and to develop strategies for bringing about the change WE ALL KNOW WE NEED TO SEE!



2 Responses to “Police State Scotland”

  1. Aldous says:

    The more I look at Nicola Sturgeon, the more convinced I am that she’s related to Angela Merkel, who is allegedly related to Hitler/Rothschild.

    The Rothschild’s sire many children in secret to place in positions of power (office) when the time suits. None of Queen Victoria’s children were via her consort Prince Albert but as a result of a Rothschild copulation. Londoners even referred to a chastity belt as a ‘Prince Albert’. Think I’m joking?

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  2. ian says:

    Scotland has always been used to explore new avenues for England who got thrashed at the rugby by the way. New laws, taxes etc usually get tried out on the Jocks first. It has always been that way. If we have it and it works, England have it, if it fails tough, nothing lost.

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