Police drop ‘VIP pedophile ring’ murder case – & instead refer witness’s baby son to social services

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Police have dropped an investigation into a Westminster VIP pedophile ring that allegedly murdered a 15-year-old girl at a “vile” orgy in the 1990s after finding no evidence to support the key witness’s claims.

In January the witness, known as “Darren,” claimed he saw a senior Conservative MP lure the teenage girl into a “medical room” at a pedophile party in London’s Dolphin Square apartments.

The eyewitness, who claims he was trafficked for sex, told the Daily Mirror: “I never saw her leave that room, in fact I never saw her again. I fear she may have been killed.”

Speaking about the “horror,” Darren claimed he was also abused by the group while doing work experience, aged 15, at the Thornham Manga estate in Suffolk, alleging that the convicted child molester Peter Righton was involved.


Dolphin Square

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However, Suffolk police said it had investigated several allegations made by Darren and the claims “have been found to be unsubstantiated.”

According to the Sunday Times, police sources said Darren had never met or worked at the estate when Righton lived there.

After the force dropped the probe, Darren said: “My allegations are true, I have no reason to lie to anyone, I’ve never made any money from speaking out and neither would I want to. I told the truth in the belief that there would be justice.”

According to Exaro news, the police referred Darren’s son to social services, claiming that Darren is likely to turn into a pedophile himself because he was abused as a child.

Statistics show that a large number of survivors of abuse do go on to be abusers,” a police officer told Darren.

Darren said he was “horrified” when the officer suggested he would turn into a pedophile, adding he believes the police did this to “silence” him.

I told him that he was being ridiculous. Just because you are a survivor of abuse, you are sort of labeled as someone who could potentially abuse someone,” he said.

He appeared to be suggesting that I was causing my son emotional harm. I was astounded as my son is still a baby, and is not even walking yet.”

The victim accused the force of “betrayal,” adding his case demonstrates “how much police still have to learn in dealing with their survivors.”

Exaro news said it arranged for a social worker to visit Darren’s family to make an assessment and they found “absolutely no grounds for concern” about the welfare of his baby son.

But the police force still insists the referral “was made out of a duty of care to protect young people where a concern has been raised for their wellbeing.”

Last week, the Daily Mail revealed Scotland Yard has “grave doubts” about the testimony of another witness, called “Nick” who claimed he knew of three murders by the gang.



5 Responses to “Police drop ‘VIP pedophile ring’ murder case – & instead refer witness’s baby son to social services”

  1. Dogman says:

    Threatening people using Social Services to go after family members seems to be in vogue. It’s funny how the police seem more interested in “possible future physical and emotional harm” to children rather than investigating actual abuse that has been carried out. I have no idea if the witnesses are fabricating their accounts but there is a definite trend of threatening people via the SS.
    Scotland Yard isn’t there to protect the common people.

    • ian says:

      Always believed that D’. The cops are to keep us in line, not the gangster child abusing classes. They’re practically immune as long as there’s no in fighting.

  2. Dogman says:

    Ian, I’ve read statements from social workers that contained contradictory views (within the statement) and judges have cherry picked what they needed to remove a child from it’s parents.

    I also heard a judge tell a barefaced lie during the Chris Spivey case in Chelmsford. He made an off topic remark designed to denigrate Chris and any future people that disagree with official versions of “events,” and that remark was either the work of a forgetful man or a liar!

    • ian says:

      Chris never had a chance in hell of getting a fair trial I don’t think. He just had to be silenced, and with the amount of internet interest they dare not risk anything more dramatic.

  3. Lynn says:

    They can drop it…we won’t… It is out and it is gathering momentum. This will be the switch. When the decent men in this country finally see the depravity of this breed. It will be all out civil war.

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