#PigGate. It’s Satanic ritual.

What no one seems to have connected is that in the initiation ritual, the pig would have been first tortured and then killed without any attempt to protect the animal from intense agony.  It’s not quite as funny a story as most of the world seems to think it is.  The animal’s blood, full of adrenaline, would have been shared out amongst all the initiates.  The inserting of the penis into the animal was about the most innocuous aspects of what took place.  Cameron is a Satanist and would also be taking part regularly in the torture, rape and killing of humans.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Speaking of unspeakable acts, and satanic values, the bbc website is featuring some women who are being encoraged to ‘Shout Their Abortion’.

    Does their depravity know no depths?

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