Obama, Pope Francis, Abbott and Turnbull

Sent in by Phil

Is there any way you can publish my attached spreadsheet please?

Obama Pope Francis Abbott and Turnbull days of wk# 39

As you already know, time is rapidly running out!

All the figures are facts and reliable and take a long time to discover.

Because I realised that Obama id 54 years and 54 days old on 27/9 I then took a much closer look at the days after his and the Pope’s last birthdays. Then I added them together for that week the Pope is in the USA plus 1 day of 28/9, the day of the last Blood Moon of the Tetrad.
Then, when the spill motion happened on last Monday I looked closely at Abbott’s and Turnbull’s days past their own birthdays and the figures went ballistic with multiple 666’s!
See also how Abbott’s and Turnbull’s figures overlap for 332, 333 and 334 which are the first three numbers for Turnbull and the last three for Abbott. ie perfect symmetry!
To me this means that someone chose those particular people to be in those positions a long time ago for this to happen on 14/9/2015. This is somebody or some people in high places with a lot of power to manipulate such things. People with wicked intentions.
Also astonishing is the fact that both 328 and 338 appear in the Obama/Pope combined day and the Abbott(328) and Turnbull(338) days exactly next to each other on the 22nd and 27th respectively! Unbelievable!
Added with numerous YouTube videos from long-time contributors it would seem that next week will be BIG especially on 23rd and 24th. Do not be deceived by what THEY come up with.
CERN will most likely be involved.


4 Responses to “Obama, Pope Francis, Abbott and Turnbull”

  1. Tapestry says:

    I’m glad you can follow all this hokus pocus.

  2. ian says:

    Pleased someone else said it first. I don’t much care for numerology as it seems always very contrived. I’m 66 in 2017 if I live that long. If you take the 1 from the 7 that makes 6 which when added to 66 makes 666, so does that make me the devil. I may be wrong but it always seems that they just look for something to give them the numbers that they want.

  3. beLIEve says:

    I get the impression that numerology is intended to instill fear, in susceptible souls.

    My birth date, when added = 6966…….
    I am hoping it means a big lottery win !

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    What happened when a lady from Sussex married a Kenyan. Wonder what will happen to the U.S. after wedding itself to Barry Obama?


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