New Technology Helps the Elite Survive, Everyone Else Will Sit In the Dark and Die

Doug Hagmann

Doug Hagmann and I have had conversations regarding the use of an EMP on American soil as a means to bring this country to its knees. For the past two years, I have seen what I believed to be clear and unmistakable signs that the United States was going to be the victim of a massive EMP strike that would leave 90% of all Americans dead and the American infrastructure would lie in absolute ruins. Doug felt that the globalists and, in particular, the Chinese, would never find this an acceptable mode of attack because our enemies would prefer to have resources to plunder and they are not interested in inheriting a third-world graveyard.

On the surface, I find myself agreeing with Doug for the reasons he has stated, yet the signs for an EMP attack are still on the front burner.

My Wake Up Call to An EMP Threat

The pied piper for the need for an all-encompassing nation defense strategy to defend against an EMP attack.

In August of 2008, I was sitting in a packed sanctuary in my former 501c3 tax-exempt church in Glendale, AZ. where I heard Congressman Trent Franks speak for the first time about a generalized EMP threat being faced by our nation.

Franks played a 20 minute Department of Defense video which was based on the scenario of terrorists detonating two nuclear weapons high above the mid Continental United States. The resulting explosions produced an EMP burst which took down the electrical power grid. The video mentioned that the Naval War College also conducted a study in which it was determined that within two years following this event, 90% of all Americans would be dead. The Naval War College/DOD scenario reminds one of the former television show, Revolution. Congressman Franks attempted to use this DOD creation as a justification to increase military spending. Seven years later, I view this presentation as a portend of things to come.


Ask yourself an important question, if the United States ever experienced a series of nuclear bomb detonations, who would be in charge of rescue and forced relocation efforts? The answer is the very agency who has signed a bilateral agreement with Russia to train for emergencies. It was the very agency who was working with the Communist Chinese military in Hawaii on November 12 through the 14, 2013 during the Grid EX II EMP drill. In other words, Obama involved our enemies in the highly secure Grid EX II drill at a time when China and Russia were threatening to nuke the United States over Syria. At the time, November of 2013, this made no sense unless we unquestionably accept the fact that Obama is a traitor.

According to Congressman Franks, the critical American infrastructure could be hardened against an EMP attack for the cost of one B1 bomber and yet, Obama refuses to acknowledge or act upon the threat. Why not, Mr. President?

When the lights go out

Adding fuel to this fire, more reasons for concern comes the lips of former Homeland Security Director, Janet Napolitano who was quite explicit about the threat of an EMP attack.


Many of us in the Independent Media have covered the growing menace of foreign troops on America soil, most recently, during the present Jade Helm drill. These troops would be here to presumably mop up after such a devastating event. Despite the evidence, I still find myself agreeing with Doug Hagmann for the reasons stated above. But what if there were an intervening variable? A variable that would destroy America, yet leave selected infrastructure in place?

Are there alternative energies sufficient to terminate the United States’ viability as an independent country, yet leave key and critical infrastructure in place?

Hiding In Plain Sight

The following is put forth to support the possibility that the Pentagon has been covering up the release of a new liquid energy source in which “wise investors” can make a 10,000% profit. The majority of the claims made in the accompanying video are not believable from my perspective. Yet, the underlying premise is very worthy of consideration.

new energy truck


The above references a new so-called energy source, controlled by the Pentagon which is allegedly being distributed to specifically targeted locations at the behest of the Pentagon. The readers may be wondering why I am bothering to even mention this so-called development as it appears to be utter nonsense.These were my feelings exactly until recently and here are the developments which have led me to print these allegations.

Allegedly, this new liquid energy source could supplant oil, solar and wind power while being able to survive and function following an EMP attack upon the American energy grid.

Over the course of the past several months, I have received emails similar to the following:

Hey, Dave. Please keep my identity confidential.  I wanted you to see what has to be another piece of an increasingly disturbing puzzle. It’s a get rich quick opportunity having to do with “Major deployments of “liquid technology” are already leaving their facility in unmarked tankers destined for Pentagon-designated sites and other secure locations throughout the country…”  

The accompanying video is not even sophisticated enough to qualify as a scam and I think there is a legitimate attempt to attract investors, yet the promised rate of return is simply not believable. The origination of this information comes from a self-proclaimed energy insider and has been released through an infomercial kind of format. If you are holding your belly in hysterical laughter, I was right there with you because when I first heard of this so-called product, I dismissed it out of hand as a laughable prpuank. Yet, I have learned that this so-called liquid energy is real and its existence is confirmed by my best source. However, contrary to what is claimed in the video, I am told and subsequently believe that at the present time, this liquid has not been mass produced and is not ready for mass public distribution as the accompanying video suggests. This could be the type of cover story that could be created in order to hide this development in plain sight.

If a journalist, from the Independent Media, stumbled upon this, they would be laughed out of the room because of the perceived quality of the “business opportunity”. In short, they would labeled as a “Conspiracy Theorist” and the whole world would be laughing at any report that would suggest that a new energy was on the verge of being distributed. I would ask the readers to be mindful of the following strategy that is repeatedly employed by the elite when they seek to discredit any disclosure.


The instant loss of credibility.

Why would anyone want to (1) reveal the existence of such technology; and, (2) advertise its initial distribution to pre-selected Pentagon chosen sights? The answer is simple, if I were to hide something from the public, this is exactly what I would do. I would hide it in plain sight and I believe that is what we are seeing here.

Perhaps this infomercial has no connection with regard to the concealment of advanced technology, however, you can bet that a similar strategy is in place should it be decided to take down the United States with an EMP attack.


Many of us are all too familiar with the term, technology lag. The term refers to the fact that the elite, usually through DARPA and the military, have technology which is 30, 50, 70 years ahead of what the general public knows about. I contend that it is entirely possible that U.S. citizens will have their post-industrial world ripped apart while the elite are in the process of migrating to a higher technology.

The death curve among the “peasants” would be around 90% as per the predictions of the Naval War College, while the elite, safely tucked away in their underground facilities will weather the storm. In this manner, the Chinese get what they want, a usable power source for a transferable grid.  Through this scenario, the bankers would get their depopulation event.

Regardless, we are not going to have wait long to find out.

Lord willing, I will be hosting Doug Hagmann on my show on September 20th. Steve Quayle will be joining me on September 27th and we will be discussing the demise of America and the planet as a whole.




6 Responses to “New Technology Helps the Elite Survive, Everyone Else Will Sit In the Dark and Die”

  1. Ok so whats stopping them? Why not pull their EMP Armageddon stunt now, today?

    Why didn’t they do it 6 months ago?

    Why didn’t they do it 14 yrs ago this Friday?

    – Theres some kind of counterbalancing resisting presence, somehow restraining them, keeping them in check just enough.
    – Theres a lot of bluffing going on and this huge sinister machinery infrastructure of hidden technologies theyre supposed to have, perhaps a load is bluffing and instilling fear
    -Maybe they are reluctant to use these ‘toys’ because they are scared, of repercussions back on them. This is linked to point 1.
    – Maybe they are scared because ultimately , they have no real way of avoiding themselves the destruction their toys would create. This raises the question in my mind, could it be true, rumours going round, yes I know David Wilcock seems to be some kind of NWO operator himself but Wilcock seems to be delivering a hell of a lot of truth and awakening too regardless. Plus theres others than Wilcock saying this

    Which is, my point is, maybe its true, the DUMBs have been cleared out, the NWO don’t have their escape caves to hide out in. Maybe its true too, there really is a quarantine in place and things aren’t allowed to fly in or out of earths orbit? (Solar system too according to Corey Goode).

    And if there is a quarantine in place, could that account for recent ‘meteors’ one seen over downtown Bangkok for example, the NWO trying to escape then getting shot down by……whoever? (Im reluctant to say the Galactic Alliance. Solar Warden good faction of the secret space programme perhaps enforcing the quarantine)

    Just saying

    • sovereigntea says:

      EMP Armageddon is overhyped BS. Perhaps the world will be swallowed up by an invisible planet first 🙂

      Unless you are directly below the blast, air bursts only blow fuses and damage power and phone lines. This damage can easily be repaired in a few days or weeks, much like after a hurricane or tornado hits. Its effects are short term and short-ranged.

      Long term damage can happen to infrastructure, and is more permanent. You have to replace the transformers and power plant equipment. It can take up to several years just to replace a power plant ETC. These parts are custom built, and they are not kept in stock.

  2. beLIEve says:

    The “TERRORISTS” on Planet Earth are the ……FAKE “jews”….not the Muslims !

    This article is Imho
    (1) fear porn and,
    (2) possibly an investment scam………. i.e. more thieving from the………. EL-iteS…..SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM !

    As Adam S said, there is a lot of bluffing going on…….
    If, the SCUM at the top are so invincible why, haven’t they acted already ?

    The cost of chemtrailing Italy is reputedly 20 million Euros…per day ! !
    If, the thieving scum could save that “stolen money” for themselves, they wouldn’t be wasting it on the Italian population.
    The reason the Italians and, the rest of the World are being proactively and, UNLAWFULLY poisoned from above is …….the ill-LUNATI ……does not have the upper hand !

    Additionally, the LUNATIC khazars are orchestrating and, funding the….re-FU-gee CRY-SIS……why would they put themselves to the trouble and, expense of this latest “escapade” of theirs if ……….they already had us …LOCKED DOWN ?

    Answer, Imho…..we ‘aint locked down and, we are fighting back……with integrity and knowledge !

    The sooner they “retire” to their underground TOOMBS, the better !

    The website………

    has a list of the “possible” FALSE FLAGS, the idiot khazars, may be UNLEASHING on mankind in the coming weeks.

  3. Lynn says:

    The Elite are too lazy and stupid to survive on their own. They have bought the inventors and manipulated the clever. They will die out as a dependent weak and depraved species. Unintelligent and inbred highly strung disturbed class of idiots.

  4. Gordon Logan says:

    The Chinese government predicted a ‘Carrington event’ (a huge solar storm) for April 2012. It didn’t happen until July and the blast of high energy particles missed the earth. A lucky escape. Human dependence on electricity makes us very vulnerable. It is highly significant that the British government has done absolutely nothing about this problem and is instead pressing ahead with its plans to abolish the welfare state and liquidate state property at huge discounts on the back of Cameron’s huge deficits between 2010 and 2015 (which are being kept out of the mass media).

    • freebornman says:

      Bring it. Anything which causes mass die-off of the brain-dead will be a blessing for humanity. Bob Dylan said “theres no use in tryin, to deal with the dyin”. I’ll leave it at that.

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