National Cyber Security Center Employee Suspended After ‘Revealing’ that “ISIS Is A Zionist Plot”



A Project Leader at the Dutch National Cyber Security Center, who goes by the name Yasmina Haifi, was suspended from her job at the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice after tweeting that the terrorist group ISIS, led by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, “does not exist,” and that it is “a Zionist plot to stain the image of Islam.”

COMMENT – The claim is absurd. Yasmina Haifi is Islamic, and would like everyone to believe that there is no “real”, Islamic, ISIS. She should talk to those who have been raped, or the families of those sold into slavery or killed. She and other Islamists would do more of a service to their communities by demanding the immoral evils perpetrated in the name of Islam be stopped.  Martin

Yasmina tweeted the following before being suspended from her job:


Her Tweet in Dutch translates to the following in English: “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It is a preconceived plan of Zionists who want to deliberately make Islam look bad.”

Right after tweeting the aforementioned statement, the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice and the Dutch National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) responded in opposition to Haifi’s statements.
They said that “Security and Justice and the NCTV distance themselves from her remarks. And since [the comment] relates to the work of the NCTV and the National Cyber Security Center, this will lead us to suspend her from NCSC/NCTV immediately.”

This “revelation” did not go mainstream and very few outlets around the globe reported about it, despite the huge consequences it may entail. In one of those few interviews she has given, Haifa told the Dutch Radio 1 that “I have taken the liberty to express myself and obviously I have to pay for it. I do not know why I should be suspended. This is what I think.”

“Apparently freedom of speech in the Netherlands applies to particular groups and not to others,” she told Radio 1.

The Moroccan Times contacted a leading political analyst, who declined to be named due to the sensitivity of this information, to comment on this sweeping piece of news.

The political analyst told us that he believes “Haifa may have got her hands on secret documents indicating that ISIS is sponsored by Zionists, especially that the type of her work is closely related to National Cyber Security Center.”

“The type of her job requires her not to make public such information.

“Intelligence people who work on such sensitive jobs sign contract not to reveal anything and may spend a very long time behind bars in case they fail to honor the terms and conditions of their contract.

“As a political analyst, in my modest opinion, and especially as Haifa works in the Dutch Cyber Security Department, I believe she must have found some serious documents indicating that a zionist group financed ISIS.

“She is not someone who will just say anything like that. Those people [who work in the Dutch Cyber Security Department] are picked following a lengthy and difficult procedure. They have to go through a lot of tests to see if the are fit for the job.

“Haifa was just not a normal employee in there. She was a project leader, someone who supervises people. Such people don’t just open their mouths and say nonsense. Those are taught to think 10 times before uttering anything. That is a blow to anyone who may argue that she is uttering nonsense.

” I think she is a kind of whistleblower, like Edward Snowden or Chelsea manning. Her ethics did not allow her to keep this secret hidden, but she came after and kind of apologized in order to avoid jail, probably to avoid being subject to local laws like the American CFAA ones, aimed to silence whistleblowers.

“she sacrificed her job for the sake of the truth. Now it is up to us to understand,” the analyst closed.

The Moroccan Times.


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  1. ian says:

    “This “revelation” did not go mainstream and very few outlets around the globe reported about it,”

    so only the people who already knew, get to know.

  2. Lynn says:

    True Ian, very frustrating too.

  3. Steve says:

    Je suis @HaifiY “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionists who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name.” Yasmina Haifi

  4. MARTIN I KAPLAN says:

    The claim is absurd. Yasmina Haifi is Islamic, and would like everyone to believe that there is no “real”, Islamic, ISIS. She should talk to those who have been raped, or the families of those sold into slavery or killed. She and other Islamists would do more of a service to their communities by demanding the immoral evils perpetrated in the name of Islam be stopped.

    • Dogman says:

      The individuals who make up the bulk of death squad invasions across the Arab world – religious fanatics, savages, and the criminally insane – maintain an open hatred for Israel. That is, those death squad members at the bottom who are either ignorant of the fact that Israel itself is a major backer of their own movement or those wholly incapable of understanding anything other than what their faction leader has told them are caught somewhere between tragedy and farce.

      Source is Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post.

      Islamberg, located in rural upstate New York, is a 70 acre, underground-bunkered paramilitary Islamic compound. Islamberg is the best known among 35 such compounds, ranging in size from 25 to 300 acres, that already dot 22 states across America.

      Now, if we can find that out, you have to presume US intelligence sources know of it and it isn’t as if they lack the budget to deal with it, so why has nothing been done?

      • Dogman says:

        The CIA Operation Phoenix in Vietnam was responsible for 20,000 assassinations (Vietnamese sources put the figure at 40,000). The CIA, with British help, put Suharto into power in Indonesia in a violent bloody coup. The massacre of 200,000 people in East Timor followed.

        Read the CIA’s Operation Phoenix

        As Douglas Valentine writes in The Phoenix Program – concerning the CIA’s assassination, torture and terror program waged against the people of Vietnam – the Phoenix teams consisted of SEALs working with “CTs,” described by one participant as “a combination of ARVN deserters, VC turncoats, and bad motherfucker criminals the South Vietnamese couldn’t deal with in prison, so they turned them over to us.” The spooks were only too happy to employ the services of these men, who “taught [their] SEAL comrades the secrets of the psy war campaign.” So depraved were these agency recruits that some of them “would actually devour their enemies’ vital organs.”

  5. Peter says:

    AND I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU: “ISIS” HAS DRONES: Because this web site made note of it, and embedded the ISIS web site into this one to really drive the issue home, ISIS changed their American contractor face name to SIS. But as you can see below, their timing was not favorable, and I nailed them GOOD! See updates at:

  6. Dumb Hajji says:

    Just a dumb muslim mutt who is probably a janitorial manager.

    • Arbroath says:

      For your information: I quote from the Guardian ” Emily Green, who used to teach at the same Beis Rochel girls’ secondary school, now chairs the Gesher EU organisation which supports ultra/Orthodox Jews, who want to leave the community. ‘ it’s not uncommon to be taught non/Jewish people are evil in ultra/Orthodox Jewish schools. It is part of the prayers teaching, their whole ethos,’
      she said.” Evidence strongly suggests that ISIS is a zionist tool used to achieve Middle East dominance and the Greater Israel. Female israeli soldiers gave been pictured holding signs saying “we kill children” , I guess that means the slaughter of Palestinian innocents and now Syrian babies and children.

  7. Arbroath says:

    Clearly to anyone: ISIS is an Israeli/US mercenary terrorist group that is being used to shape geopolitical agendas for the Zioinist Agenda of global dominance and slavery, no matter what the human cost and the extremities of human depravity involved in their vomit inducing evil cruelty.
    After all, they are pushing the YINON plan.
    In British jewish schools jews are being taught that ‘the non jews are evil’ ( see yesterday’s Guardian) , amongst other psy op info they use against their young.
    Game over! The world consciousness is rising and all of their filthy chemtrail etc tricks, cannot stop this. There is a huge agenda supporting us!

  8. kingel says:

    Yup, the genocidal chaos that “appears” to be ISIS is just more khazar zionist perfidy !


    Which I imagine means, UK and US taxpayers are having the “fruits of their labour” UNLAWFULLY STOLEN in order for the khazar zionists to advance their….. theft offensive in the Middle East !


      (This is a partial, not verbatim transcript.)

      DW: What is the pineal gland?

      CG: In the MILAB program, we got injections and sonic treatments focused between my eyes – the location of the pineal gland. They used an metal instrument pointed at our pineal gland and send sonic waves to that location.

      They said it was to enhance our intuitive part of our IE abilities.

      DW: Could you feel a sonic vibration in your skull?

      CG: Yeah, yeah. You felt the sonic waves going in about a good 6 inches into your head. It was obviously an attempt to stimulate our pineal gland.

      DW: In the scholarship that I’ve put out in Source Field, there’s a whole chapter on the pineal gland. We know it is in the geometric center of the brain. We know it is the size of a pea. It has more blood flow going through it than any other part of the body except the kidneys. And mainstream science says, ‘Oh, we don’t really know what this is.’

      There are cells inside the pineal gland that are the same cells more or less as in the retina of the eye.

      CG: Rods and cones?

      DW: They’re called pinealocytes, but they are the same thing. And they are also wired into the visual cortex of the brain by the same type of wiring we have from our eyes. So the ancient traditions literally call it a ‘Third Eye’.

      Pine cones and such iconography show up in all kinds of the world’s religions.

      Do you think that there are things inside the pineal gland that these rods and cones are seeing?

      CG: They said that it was to help stimulate the ‘second sight’ and the intuitive abilities. They stated that they knew that there are ancient earth breakaway groups that they’ve gotten their hands on who have very large pineal glands. They said that once all of our pineal glands used to be quite a bit larger than they are now.

      They were trying to stimulate growth and activity in our pineal glands.

  9. Dogman says:

    The following if from Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:
    Why does Israel not share the concern it has over Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, and Lebanese with al-Nusra, ISIS, and al-Qaeda? Why do these groups wage jihad against Israel’s enemies but not against Israel itself?

    This curious fact was also raised by Nabil Na’eem, the former al-Qaeda commander who recently gave an interview to Al-Maydeen where he stated that these organizations of Islamic terror were in fact controlled by the CIA. Na’eem stated in regards to Issam Hattito,

    Issam Hattito, head of Muslim Brotherhood responsible for leading the battles against Bashar Assad, resides in Tel Aviv.
    Syrian opposition leader, Ahmad Jarba, does he stay in Riyadh, Cairo or Tehran? He’s moving between New York, Paris and London, his employers, who pay his expenses . . .

    It has been well-known for quite some time that Israel has been providing wounded Syrian rebels with medical treatment inside Israel so that they can continue the Jihad against the secular government of Bashar al-Assad. According to Colum Lynch of The Cable (the news wing of the Council on Foreign Relations Foreign Policy),

  10. Dogman says:

    In a 2011 report conducted by The Media Line, an international news organization which focuses on the Middle East, Arieh O’Sullivan was able to film an Israeli-run terrorist mercenary training camp, complete with interviews, on-scene narration, and ample video footage of actual training taking place.

    As the report begins, one can see a multicultural group of men –Arabs, Africans, Europeans, etc. – dressed in typical Arab clothing, riding camels, and taking part in tactical training.

    “The men on these camels have been training for the past week to operate in the Arab world,” O’Sullivan says. “They dress as Arabs, learn to a ride a camel and learn rudimentary phrases that will allow them to do their job. They have come to Israel to learn from former members of the country’s secret services.”

    Same source as the above comment

  11. Dublinmick says:

    Yasmina is speaking to the choir here!

    Adam, as you know I have some thoughts on the pineal gland. I consider it the mother of all posts on my site! 🙂

    This is off topic and I beg taps forgiveness but it is an interesting discussion, as I came under scrutiny over on this blog. See comments

    Beulahman was after me again! 🙂

  12. Dogman says:

    Dublinmcik, when people ask questions that they could or should be able to find the answers to themselves, you are dealing with either:
    a. ignorance
    b. indolence
    c. a troll
    Most of us are aware of the khazar/zionist/jewish involvement in the problems we face, but for some reason the mention of bloodline families, and the Jesuit, Vatican and Venetian influence is unacceptable. Now why is that?

  13. Dogman says:

    I happens on lots of blogs I’ve read adamspiritwarrior, I was generalising. There certainly were a couple on here a few weeks ago, but that might just have been their personaility problems

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