Discredited Univ. of Florida professor promised ‘a solid return on the investment’ just two days before receiving $25K from Monsanto

Monsanto money letter to Kevin Folta emerges:



(NaturalNews) Discredited Monsanto shill Kevin Folta, a University of Florida agricultural professor, just doesn’t know when he’s been caught. He’s still screaming that he never took money from Monsanto while claiming he’s an “independent” scientist who writes for GMO Answers to spread pro-GMO propaganda while expecting nothing in return from Monsanto.

But today, the jig is up. Monsanto’s letter to Kevin Folta — confirming the $25,000 donation to him — has now surfaced. We’re publishing it below.

Here’s $25,000 to use for whatever you want

The letter is dated August 8, 2014 and confirm that Kevin Folta is receiving an “unrestricted grant” in the amount of $25,000, which “may be used at your discretion… in support of outreach projects.”

This means the money can be used for travel expenses, trips to Hawaii, luxury hotels or anything else Kevin Folta wants to use it on.

But it gets even better:

Two days earlier, Kevin Folta wrote Carolyn A. Daly of Monsanto (carolyn.a.daly@monsanto.com) with the subject line of “Re: Hotel for visit to St. Louis”, saying:

“I’m grateful for this opportunity and promise a solid return on investment.”

The “return on investment,” of course, refers to serving as Monsanto’s propaganda puppet in exchange for $25,000. This is the very definition of academic corruption. Payola. Bribery. Folta has been caught red-handed taking money from Monsanto and promising results in return!

After receiving this money from Monsanto, Kevin Folta went on to viciously smear clean food activists like the Food Babe by lying to media organizations like The Atlantic, loudly proclaiming he had no financial ties to Monsanto even after cashing their check for $25,000 and promising them a “return on investment.”

Here’s Monsanto’s confirmation letter to Kevin Folta:

And here’s Kevin Folta’s email to Monsanto, promising a “return on investment” just two days before receiving the money:

Case closed: Kevin Folta accepted a bribe from Monsanto to push GMO propaganda

Case closed on Kevin Folta. As GM Watch correctly points out, Folta is now a “documented liar.”

“In addition, the emails reveal a near constant communication between Kevin Folta, Monsanto’s top lobbyists, the crisis public relations firm Ketchum and a handful of U.S. scientists working behind the scenes to manipulate public perception on the safety of GMOs and Monsanto’s flagship herbicide Roundup dating back to at least 2013,” writes Dave Murphy in this Ecowatch.com story.

“The emails between Folta, Monsanto and Ketchum PR are especially damning as they indicate that agents from the New York crisis management PR firm wrote answers specifically for Folta that he then cut and paste and posted on the GMO Answers website under his own name.”

What’s even more hilarious (or pathetic, perhaps) in all this is that Kevin Folta still claims he never took money from Monsanto and never did anything wrong.

In other words, the mind of Kevin Folta is so twisted and corrupted that he can’t even recognize academic corruption when he’s engaged in it!

There’s even talk in the Kevin Folta document dump of how Monsanto operatives in academia can hide money from public reporting. As found in page 104 of the Folta document dump:

Folta ran a scam and got caught; now he’s mad at the world

If the “scientists” of our day are so blind to corporate influence and corruption that they fail to recognize it, then they have no chance whatsoever of resisting it (even if they wanted to). Folta’s intentions seem clear from the start: Whore himself out to Monsanto, take the money, push the propaganda, lie to the world and hope nobody finds out.

The problem is, we did find out, and now Kevin Folta looks like a Monsanto douchebag (and the University of Florida looks like a science shill diploma mill!).

“Might it be possible to just ask the powers that be to do an ‘unrestricted gift’ for the amount to UF? I can then just charge the travel to the account,” Folta says in an email to Lisa Drake at Monsanto. He then explains he doesn’t want to “…end up getting taxed on the dollars as income… long after my brain is erased.”

Yep, his brain was erased after all. And then it was repopulated with Monsanto propaganda. (Monsanto’s Manchurian Candidate!)

After being exposed as Monsanto shills, academic whores now want to operate in total secrecy

What’s the response to all this from the Monsanto shills and science whores working at taxpayer-funded universities?

They are now demanding black box science — absolute secrecy and the shutting down of the Freedom of Information Act.

Apparently, these corrupt douchebags now believe they should conduct science in total secrecy, absent all public scrutiny or oversight. Yep, it’s the new “science” of corrupt academia: Everything’s a secret, and the public isn’t supposed to know how this science is being conducted or who’s being paid off by which corporations.

The stench of scientific corruption in America has now reached the point of projectile vomiting. It’s no longer science at all: It’s a RELGION of scientific fundamentalism that demands total obedience, absolute secrecy, and unlimited money for secret research projects that the public is never allowed to see.

Thank goodness for the independent media and websites like GMO.news, AlternativeNews.com, US Right to Know and GM Watch, or you might not hear about any of this at all!

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