Liam Fox successfully leads Tory rebellion against Cameron over EU exit referendum vote

Former Minister ignored by Tory top brass to head up vital Intelligence and Security Committee
Ex-Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox (PA)
Ex-Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox (PA)

A bitter row broke out at the top of the Tory party last night after it emerged the PM had “snubbed” former Defence Secretary Liam Fox in his bid to head up the vital Intelligence and Security Committee.

Downing Street have revealed the new make up of the parliamentary group in charge of overseeing our security services today, more than three months later than expected.

Former International Development Minister Sir Alan Duncan and one time Attorney General Dominic Grieve will be joining the committee, with senior Tory MP Keith Simpson resuming his place on the spook monitoring body.

For Labour, George Howarth and Fiona Mactaggart have been reselected by the Prime Minister, joined by respected MP Gisela Stuart.

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson (PA)
SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson (PA)

For the first time the SNP are represented on the committee, with their Westminster leader Angus Robertson filling the slot vacated by Liberal Democrat Sir Menzies Campbell.

In light of the PM’s announcement on Monday that he had given the ‘kill order’ for two British jihadis fighting in Syria, Downing Street had come under sustained pressure to get the cross-party group back up and running so they can investigate the government’s new drone assassination policy.

SunNation can reveal that Fox made it clear to David Cameron over the summer that he wished to use his expertise as a former Secretary of State for Defence to spearhead the committee’s important work.

Despite this overture, last night it emerged that Fox will not be joining the ISC at any level, contrary to Westminster speculation that he would be a shoo-in for the top job.

Fox is reportedly "furious" (PA)
Fox is reportedly “furious” (PA)

Supporters say that the 53-year-old Scotsman is “furious” at the “snub” and one ally even accused the PM of putting revenge for rebelling against the party line before national security considerations.

On Monday Fox was one of 37 backbench Tory MPs who voted against the government on a three line whip in a rebellion over the rules governing the upcoming EU referendum.

Labour joined with the hardline Eurosceptics to give Cameron his first Commons defeat since May’s general election.

However, a top government insider claims the decision not to appoint Fox was made before this week’s tetchy Commons showdown.

Former committee chair Sir Malcolm Rifkind (PA)
Former committee chair Sir Malcolm Rifkind (PA)

As Cameron’s first Defence Secretary in 2010, Fox was forced to resign after just eighteen months at the MoD over a toxic scandal involving his mysterious connection to a friend who passed himself off as his special adviser.

The ISC has been without a chairman since Sir Malcolm Rifkind resigned in February after getting caught in a lobbying sting.

The new chairman will be voted for by the full committee of nine members drawn from both the Commons and the Lords and appointed by the Prime Minister.

Dominic Grieve is tipped for the job (PA)
Dominic Grieve is tipped for the job (PA)

The favourites to get the job are Sir Alan Duncan and Dominic Grieve, but a Tory source is scathing of new nominees.

“Those appointed from Conservative side have no previous experience in a security related job,” they said.

“None have served in cabinet – this is unusual when looking through previous Chairs of the Committee who are normally former holders of Foreign, Home or Defence jobs.”

UKIP’s only MP Douglas Carswell added: “Surely the bigger question is can we have confidence in this committee of Westminster toadies to oversee our spooks?”

TAP – I admire Liam Fox’s consistent determination to keep fighting for British independence, despite all other considerations, including his own ambitions.  If he could replace Cameron as leader, there might be hope of some kind of political revival in Britain.  The arrival of Corbyn makes it essential that the Conservatives dump Cameron, and put in a leader who will work towards Britain becoming an independent country outside the EU.  Corbyn has already sold out his previously claimed opposition to Britain’s EU membership.  That lasted two minutes.  Fox has been working on the eurosceptic side for decades on end.  No doubt that’s why his reputation was assassinated in the media, without anyone being quite sure of what he was being accused.  I should declare an interest to Tap Blog readers.  In my days working as a self-motivated unpaid political activist, I was asked to work the media, and accompany Liam Fox during his campaign to win the Conservative leadership against Cameron in 2004/5.  He lost the Parliamentary round, so I was stood down.  Previous to that I had written leaflets and made posters for Nigel Farage in 2000, 2001, and subsequently assisted Iain Duncan Smith to block Portillo’s disloyal attacks in 2003 by running a deselection campaign in Chelsea and Kensington, preventing Blair from toppling IDS and  getting ‘a key ally’ (Portillo) as leader of the opposition.  Obviously my view of conventional politics has changed considerably since that time, but despite that, I still am interested in listening to Liam Fox’s views, and following his progress.  He is a far more intelligent politician than most others in Westminster, and might have something to offer us, as otherwise, we are faced with almost universal evil coming from that quarter.  He gets a rough ride in the media or gets ignored.  That’s a sign I take of him being trustworthy.  Am I being naive?



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  1. Are Different Factions of the Illuminati at War with Each Other?

    According to Corey Goode, secret space program insider and whistleblower, the Cabal power structure has been in complete disarray do to several developments in the past year or so. As a result their long held plans for world conquest are no longer tenable and they are scrambling to find a way to carry on

    If true, it means humanity is at a critical point in its struggle for freedom. While they foolishly try to start more wars and further institute draconian policies, their true intentions are made plain to the public. The collective consciousness of humanity seems to be opening to the truth more easily, and with a little help from those of us who have done our due diligence, we may soon find ourselves able to effect profound changes through a unified effort.

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    There is no doubt that a financial war is going on behind the scene among secret societies. The wars in the Middle East are also wars among secret societies.

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    According to the video in this article, the secret societies controlling Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) have decided to break the Illuminati treaty and create their own financial system and power structure. My intuition tells me that there is some truth to this.

  2. ferryt says:

    Very honest of you Tap, but yeah you are being naïve 🙂

  3. Lynn says:

    He was part of Bridgewater the scam charity. He was caught with his lover also trading secrets. These are all Traitors to the UK. Bet he also is a Synagogue visitor.

    • Tapestry says:

      Fox was born and raised in a Catholic family in East Kilbride, Scotland and brought up in a council house[3] that his parents later bought.

      Along with his brother and two sisters he was educated in the state sector; he attended St. Bride’s High School (now part of St Andrew’s and St Bride’s High School). He studied medicine at the University of Glasgow Medical School, graduating with MB ChB degrees in 1983. Fox is a general practitioner (he was a GP in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, before his election to Parliament), a former Civilian Army Medical Officer and Divisional Surgeon with St John Ambulance. He is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.[4]

      While studying at the University of Glasgow, he was a member of the Dialectic Society and became president of the Glasgow University Conservative Association. From there he advanced through the Conservative ranks. Fox contested the Hairmyres Ward of East Kilbride District Council in May 1984, coming second (210 votes) to the incumbent Labour councillor, Ed McKenna.

      While studying medicine at Glasgow University in the early 1980s, Fox resigned his position on the university’s Students Representative Council (SRC) in protest at the council passing a motion condemning the decision of the university’s Glasgow University Union (GUU) not to allow a gay students society to join the union. The SRC motion called both the union’s decision and the explanations given for it “bigoted”.

      The GUU maintained its stance regardless and the controversy was reported in the national media while leading to many other university student unions up and down the country, including Edinburgh, cutting ties with their Glasgow counterparts. Explaining his decision to resign from the SRC and support the GUU’s position, Fox was quoted as saying “I’m actually quite liberal when it comes to sexual matters. I just don’t want the gays flaunting it in front of me, which is what they would do.” When asked about the controversy in 2008, Fox remarked that “fortunately most of us have progressed from the days when we were students more than a quarter of a century ago”. (Wikipedia)

      He walks the talk.

    • Tapestry says:

      Fox stood unsuccessfully in the 2005 Conservative leadership election. In 2010, he was appointed Secretary of State for Defence, a position from which he resigned on 14 October 2011 over allegations that he had given a close friend, lobbyist Adam Werritty, access to the Ministry of Defence and allowed him to join official trips overseas. (Wikipedia)

      There was no suggestion he traded secrets. He took a friend with him on trips and bypassed the MOD, which is one of the most corrupt departments of government. No crime found, merely a massive media attack. Let’s not say he’s an angel, but at least he came up through the ranks within the Conservative Party and through life, unlike the elite public schoolers who run the Party currently. Cameron fears him which is why he was media assassinated.

  4. Aldous says:

    Liam Fox is a born and bred Scot and should stick to his now fully available Scottish Parliament as an SNP. He could try standing as a Tory MP in a Scottish Westminster Parliamentary Constituency but I wouldn’t advise it.

    Member of Parliament
    His first attempt to get elected as an MP for a Scottish constituency ended in failure when he contested Roxburgh and Berwickshire in the 1987 general election. Thereafter, he sought and won nomination for the English constituency of Woodspring [obviously an English person could not be found] and was successful in being elected MP for that constituency at the 1992 general election.

    The sheeple of North Somerset must be raving bloody mad to vote for a virtual foreigner Jock – they can’t have it both ways – well actually Liam Fox does allegedly. It’s a bit bloody rich that no non-Scot would be tolerated in North of the Border Westminster (or Scottish) Parliamentary Constituencies but they are welcomed with open arms by the English sheeple.

    Let someone from Somerset try standing for election in Scotland and see just how far they get.

    It really has got completely out of hand with these separate Parliaments and Assemblies for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but their Westminster MPs still sitting in Westminster and voting on English issues – the West Lothian Question.

    The 2015 General Election results are damning and the devil as they say, is in the detail.,_2015#Results

    SNP get 1,454,436 votes which is 4.7% of the total cast and get 56 seats in Westminster.

    UKIP get 3,881,099 votes which is 12.7% of the total cast and get 1 seat in Westminster. That doesn’t look like much of a democracy to me!

    Blimey, Sinn Féin/IRA got four seats with a mere 176,232 votes or 0.6% of the total. God help us!

    • Tapestry says:

      Aldous, it’s not intelligent to divide humanity along racial grounds. Look at the person not the background or colour. Fox has lived in England a very long time.


        The number of correlations between Goode’s testimony and the Stargate Universe are astounding. The likelihood that this level of disclosure was unintended is very low. Why would these hidden powers reveal so much to the public via these films and TV franchises?

        In order to understand this aspect we would need to discuss the Natural Laws which govern our universe. Free will is the highest of these laws, and as such when two free will beings begin to affect each other in some way, the principles of trust and contracts come into effect. Those being, that in order to create or generate a desired effect honorably, all beings influenced by an undertaking must be notified and allowed to issue their consent. Given the rampant dishonor of our modern world, this may seem like a dubious claim. but by revealing their activities in ‘plain sight’ the military industrial complex is effectively notifying humanity. Our inaction to at the very least unify towards questioning the status quo, is an issuance of our collective consent; an acquiescence to the Cabal’s claimed authority.

      • Aldous says:

        Hi Tap, like i said sarcastically, the North Somerset Tories obviously couldn’t find a local or at least an English person to stand in their Constituency.
        I would ALWAYS vote along racial lines and wouldn’t have any truck with the LGBT crew either.

        The White Race generally is under tremendous attack (Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for everyone etc), the English in particular.
        Why should ANY English man or woman vote for a Scot (or Taff or Paddy for that matter but to a somewhat lesser extent) when no English person – especially a parachuted-in one – would be tolerated in Scotland?
        How many English SNPs are there? None I would hazard a guess.

        Fox is a nasty bit of work and not to be trusted imho. He may have lived in England a very long time but a dog born in a stable does not make it a horse.
        We talk about’ Israeli Firsters’ a lot and the damage that has done to the USA and its foreign policy; but Fox will always be a Scottish Firster which is why I believe English Parliamentary Seats should only be occupied by the English.

        There are many English traitors occupying said seats of course but that is another argument. I still cannot get my head around why an English man or woman would vote for a Scot when no Scot would vote ever vote for anyone from England.

        I’m all for Britain/UK staying united but not at any price and not when it’s a virtual one way street against the English.
        It’s all been/being engineered of course by the usual suspects in a divide and conquer strategy but my basic argument remains the same that I wouldn’t vote for someone who wouldn’t likewise vote for me if the roles were reversed. Regards 🙂

        Quotations In Support Of White Genocide

  5. Lynn says:

    True Aldous. We have lost our true representatives. Just like footballers no longer play for their local team. Big money has bought the game.

    • Aldous says:

      That’s the point I was trying to make Lynn. Why would any English constituency vote for a parachuted-in Jock-Strap- Scot of the dubious Liam Fox variety?
      It’s absurd. It’s an insult to the majority English constituency – as I am sure it is meant to be c/o the usual suspects.

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