Jeremy Corbyn says no to deployment of UK troops in final Labour leadership debate

Front runner Jeremy Corbyn tells the final Labour leadership hustings he “can’t think” of any circumstances in which he would back deployment of British troops abroad


Jeremy Corbyn has said he “can’t think” of any circumstances in which he would back the deployment of British troops abroad.

In the final Labour leadership hustings the front runner said: “I’m sure there are some. But I can’t think of them at the moment.”

It came as the four Labour MP’s hoping to lead the Labour Party, Liz Kendall, Andy Burnham, Jeremy Corbyn, and Yvette Cooper, went head to head before voting closes for the leadership election.

Mr Corbyn’s comments prompted a fiery exchange with Liz Kendall as she demanded he tell voters whether he would take the UK out of Nato if he became Prime Minister.

Mr Corbyn, who has been critical of what he calls Nato’s “expansionist” ambitions, said he would keep the UK’s permanent seat on the UN Security Council but ducked the Nato question.

He also appeared to claim UK weapons have been sold into the hands of ISIS militants.

Jeremy Corbyn

Pushed on whether the UK should bomb targets in Syria to combat Isil, the left-winger said: “The issue would be we bomb, we kill people, we wouldn’t destroy or defeat ISIS, we probably make the situation considerably worse.

“If that doesn’t work the question is would you put boots on the ground? I don’t think so.”

He also laid into the UK’s defence policy, claiming the government should review foreign policy and military power.

He said: “We have to think about the level of armed expenditure we have in this country – £35 billion per year.

“I think we have to seriously look at those issues and the issues of nuclear weapons aswell, and also what our foreign policy objectives actually are. So I’m suggesting we have both a strategic defence review and a foreign policy review at the same time.

“Can we afford to have global reach as a country of 65 million people on the North West coast of Europe? Should we not be more interested in supporting international law and working with the UN rather than deciding that we as a small country can actually afford this global intervention role.”

The candidates also clashed over Europe – as Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall turned on Mr Corbyn after he said he is “concerned” about how the EU operates.

In a clear sign that the front runner could play a part in an anti-EU campaign he laid into European treaty negotiations on trade and added: ““I think we want a social Europe. A Europe of solidarity. What we’re in danger of in Cameron’s negotiations is a Europe of the free market.”

The other candidates all came out as pro-Europeans and Ms Cooper warned: “If we pull back ad stand on the sidelines and shout … we will be unable to change things.”

The pair clashed again over the economy as a furious Ms Cooper accused Corbyn of offering voters “false hope”.

She said: “Once the economy is growing, if you keep simply printing money at that time, that pushes up inflation. And when the Bank of England prints that money, it has to be paid back.

“You’re not being straight with people. It will fall apart. It will be like Nick Clegg before the 2010 election [on tuition fees].”





12 Responses to “Jeremy Corbyn says no to deployment of UK troops in final Labour leadership debate”

  1. NPP says:

    He said “I’m sure there are some. But I can’t think of them at the moment.”

    What’s the problem? Why is such an answer so alarming? Is it essential we have a perpetual agenda to intervene in foreign national affairs?

    “Mr Corbyn, who has been critical of what he calls Nato’s “expansionist” ambitions,”
    … er, I agree with Jeremy! Sounds like common sense to me.

    Hey Ian Duncan Smith, any room in your pad for a few refugee families? Hey Cabbage Patch Dave, let’s bomb Assad a bit more, solve the migrant problem!?

    It’s a sad state of affairs when Corbyn is deemed the extremist; a danger to to stability. Farage, ex US Presidential candidate Ron Paul and Corbyn all have a common link: no foreign entanglements. I’m with them.

  2. Driver47 says:

    Wondered when St Geldof was going to appear. Bono will be next saying we are not doing enough whilst he’s in his mansion with 20 bedrooms.

  3. Lynn says:

    Its all another trick. Good cop bad cop garbage. We are being played by the con men. Nothing to see just more lies and false promises.

  4. Joe says:

    Yvette Cooper is a complete blairite and as for the other two they are there to split the vote even further. Goodness, I hope Corbyn wins. He said something the other day about joining the Labour party as member so that you can cast a vote…. did I hear correctly?

  5. Jennifer says:

    Corbyn, Shmorbyn. Just another set-up for the gullible goyim.

    • ian says:

      Yes we can, did it for the Yanks, by Obomber. I’m 100% sure you’re correct about Corbyn, jennifer.

      • Jennifer says:

        Yes, Ian, the big signifier is the media support he’s getting, even if they suggest he’s the outsider coming up on the rails. Always watch that Obama/Outsider shuffle – it’s there to disguise the scam – where’s the lady? Oh, she just got elected! What happened there? I didn’t see that happen!

  6. Ian R Thorpe says:

    Part of me will happy to see Corbyn leading the labour party because he is anti – establishment, anti – EU, anti globalism anti – war and a complete break from consensus politics.
    The more cynical part of me wants to see him installed as Labour leader because it will be great for UKIP.

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