ISIS don’t call themselves ISIS. To themselves, they are ‘The Caliphate’



People across the world greatly underestimate the threat posed by Islam.  In the Philippines, for example, people believe that the Moslems will stop killing if they’re given their own lands to rule independently of Manila.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The fifty or so a year who are dying in well publicised attacks while they negotiate to acquire lands will be as nothing to what will come if the lands are ceded.  Millions of Filipinos could be killed within the conceded lands, and then of course the expansion of those lands which would inevitably follow, with millions more put at risk.  Filipinos will not easily concede their religion so would be especially vulnerable.

For some reason the World Government sees Islam as a great way to achieve their own objectives of dominating the planet.  Once the Islamists achieve control they can in turn be easily massacred or set to fight each other to extinction, as they won’t offer any resistance to the demands of their leaders, who are controlled by the same entities that control the Christian and Jewish churches.  Humanity is under threat total, not just one religion rather than another.  All will be eliminated, just one group first to be followed  by another, unless people wise up, and realise we, humanity, are all under attack by the same agencies.


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  1. Great succinct analysis of events yet again Tap, cutting through the confusion lingering in recesses of the mind
    Humanity is under threat, total, yes. Stan Monteith lecture I saw recently confirms this
    BIG SECRET that’s all around. We are under attack by the Occult dark forces
    Justin Welby (unless hes a crypto jew) , seeing his background, seeing Pope francis’ background (again, the same), goes to show, we are under Satanic attack under a variety of guises whether infiltrated Christian, islam, Judaism. Freemasonry. kabbala. it all seems riddled infiltrated with Satanists

    • sovereigntea says:

      Not “riddled infiltrated with Satanists” but contrived by the father of lies.

      “In The Name Of Tragedy”

      Were you ever lost,
      were you ever young,
      were you ever safe little brother,
      Do you see the sense of the evidence,
      are you still part of the struggle,
      Did you bang your head,
      did you go to bed,
      does it still feel pretty funky,
      Lay back and dream,
      in the death machine,
      pity you still think like a monkey,

      Bring it up, bring it down til you hit the ground,
      Get a rude attitude, turn the world around,
      Shall we see, shall we disagree,
      Sing it all In The Name of Tragedy,

      Did you ever lie,
      ever wonder why,
      nobody believed you honey,
      What a pretty smile,
      drive the people wild,
      wonder who ran off with the money,
      Do you ever change,
      is it going to rain,
      will it bring you pennies from heaven,
      Do you know the score,
      are you waiting for,
      anxious for the new Armageddon,

      Live it up, live it down til we hit the ground,
      Cop a rude attitude from the world around,
      Shall we see, shall we disagree,
      Sing it all In The Name of Tragedy,

  2. sovereigntea says:

    It seems that all of the leaders of the Abrahamic hearsay one god sheep/shepherd religions are all in the same gang.

    Orgasmatron [With Subtitles]

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