3 Responses to “Is SCOTLAND Becoming a Totalitarian Police State?”

  1. Aldous says:

    Looks like just another Zionist-Jew/NWO front site to me Tap. Pointing the finger at anyone and anything that isn’t a usual suspect.

    Any such site that doesn’t finger the Jew as the root cause is almost certain to be suspect – a usual suspect.

    • ferryt says:

      Yes this is the truth Aldous.

      Hmmm, how to wake people up?

      You know the poor jews!

      Don’t forget the holocaust.

      We must never forget (cameron recently).

      Erm, they er,

      Hate us for our freedoms.

      Repeat after me!

  2. ian says:

    Underground coal gassification, untried. Right lads, we’ll set fire to these coal fields half a mile underground and see if we can catch the escaping gas. If it works then we’ll sell it to the Jocks, if it doesn’t then they’ll pay for the failure and live with the consequences. Better than trying it out where it might lose us votes, ha ha. Apparently they’re using Scotland as an experiment for the latest surveillance technology too. Some in home stuff I’m curious about if anybody knows. Mind you, they’d be very bored listening to me and the wife. Nikola Sturgeon’s apparently sold off Scotland’s water rights to Westminster.

    I suspect it has always been thus. I keep yearning for a return to something that’s never existed. To a time when politicians were honest and represented the people that they pretend to represent.

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