Is mass immigration and mass rape an attempt to destroy the Rhesus Negative blood lines prevalent in Europe?

Higher than average IQ
More sensitive vision and other senses.
Lower body temperature
Higher blood pressure
Increased occurrence of psychic/intuitive abilities
Predominantly blue, green, or hazel eyes
Red or reddish hair
Increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight
Cannot be cloned
Extra vertebra
Once you have finished checking yourself over, if you are Rhesus Negative you are already very special as very few (15%) people fall within that category. It’s interesting to note that the coloring referred to in these characteristics are typical of Northern Europe – an echo of the Biblical story of Noah’s son being murdered by the Nephilim and the children produced populating Northern Europe perhaps?

Rhesus (RH) negative blood? You may belong to the Nephilim
Posted on June 17, 2015 by Simon Ludgate
If you have rhesus (RH) negative blood you may belong to the Nephilim – a parallel race to us humans.

Recent studies have shown that this rare blood group may indicate non-human traits in your makeup which set you apart from the conventional DNA of homo sapiens.

There is a lot of confusion about the origin of the word Nephilim and what it means. In Hebrew it literally means to fall. As in fallen angel. The Bible, the Talmud and the Koran (where they are referred to as Djinn) all speak of fallen angels.

In the Book of Genesis in the Bible it relates how the Nephilim produced children with humans. One was even depicted as killing Japheth, Noah’s son, and taking his place whereupon he fathered many children with Japheth’s unsuspecting wife which eventually populated much of Northern Europe.

Experts can’t agree about where the origin of this side order of humans may have originated, citing fallen angels (Nephilim) or aliens as possible sources, but they do agree on the characteristics which can include: (As above)

But what does Rhesus Negative mean exactly? Of the human blood types, O is the most common. It is a universal blood type. Blood types are further broken down into two groups, negative and positive. This is called the RH factor. The RH factor is the Rhesus (rhesus as in monkey) blood factor.

If your blood tests positive for this, you have the factor in your blood. If you test negative, you do not have the factor in your blood.

The RH factor is a protein found in the human blood that is directly linked to the Rhesus Monkey.

When blood type is inherited from your parents, it is known that this factor element of the blood is the most consistent human or animal characteristic passed on to the off spring. There are VERY few aberrations. It rarely changes. Most people, about 85%, have RH-positive blood. That could support the idea that humans evolved or were derived from Primates. 15 % of humans have RH-negative blood.

If blood type is one of least mutable human characteristic, where did the RH negative come from? This question has puzzled scientists for years. There is some evidence that suggests the RH-negative blood group may have appeared about 35,000 years ago. And the appearance was regional and seemed to, originally, be connected with certain groups/tribes of people.

Northern Spain and Southern France is where you can find some of the highest concentration of the RH-negative factor in the Basque people. Another original group were the Eastern/Oriental Jews. In general, about 40 – 45% of Europeans have the RH-negative group. Only about 3% of African descendent and about 1% of Asian or Native American descendent has the RH-negative group. Due to the larger European numbers, it is a safe bet that was where it was introduced into the human genetic code. Could this also be where the Caucasian was introduced? Is the introduction of Caucasian related to the RH-blood factor.

This would lend credence that the RH-negative factor was introduced from an outside source. Could the source be from human like beings from another planet? Or maybe we are just as alien as they are, in that, we are a product of their manipulation and interference. Could they have come here and manipulated life forms already present on earth to create modern man?

Many ancient texts, including, the Bible, do support this theory. Many stories in the ancient texts, especially pre-Christian texts, do tell about a race that from the Heavens to the Earth Came. In the Bible, man saw them as gods, living long lives and performing miracles. In the Book of Enoch, which never quite made it officially into the Bible as it was considered idolatrous and too concerned with the story of the angels, the Nephilim and fallen angels are referred to in detail.

The book was written by Enoch who was a very interesting and creative Biblical character. He was considered to be the same historical figure as Abraham in the Talmud. It is believed he was closely connected to Archangel Metatron, who, although he sounds more like a Power Ranger, is believed to be the highest of all the Archangels and the closest to God. Some believe he is the angel who greets you at the spiritual bridge between earth and heaven which technically makes him the Grim Reaper. In Greek mythology he is considered the equivalent of Hades who took spirits across the Styx to the Underworld.

Watch an extraordinary video about the Nephilim below and read more about your possible origins here.

This article was originally published in 2014 and is frequently updated


29 Responses to “Is mass immigration and mass rape an attempt to destroy the Rhesus Negative blood lines prevalent in Europe?”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Despite our differences Tap I have to say this bang on.

    This is the agenda underneath the agenda.

    • Off topic but I have to put things somewhere. And this is valuable info for all. (Good article above BTW)

      – Dental Root canals as many know are bad to have. They trap bacteria in all the microchannels, cannot be reached. Not only do the bacteria live their, bad endotoxins get pumped out and poison the entire body
      – Mercola articles go into this
      – Its been shown cancer patients for example (arthritis and others too I bet), their immune system is freed of the toxic burden and do much better, if all root canals are removed
      – Various detoxification ideas can be tried, eg coffee enemas would be useful valuable support

      But my point in typing this is this:
      – It can be hard for patients to do complex things and comply and be helped
      – Some will refuse to remove their root canals
      – Therefore simple cheap effective DIY strategies can help to alleviate the toxicity of root canals

      – The BBBE Bob Beck Blood Electrification protocol. Not exactly DIY but almost and its accessible

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Bob Beck Formula. perfect for any relative suffering with many types of cancer or even the healthy who want to improve their health. Coupled with high doses of vitamins, minerals, supplements (timed in accordance with the protocol) and ozone water in large quantities and similar timed hot baths/sweat baths sauna detox this will cure cancer if used correctly.

        Other methods are high grade cannabis oil for use on certain cancer. Vitamin B17 in high quantities can also be coupled with many of these treatments.

        Hard core detoxification involves removing all heavy metals from the body. Zeolite and specific clays can be taken and then used to sweat out the toxins. There are other methods to remove the heavy metals from the system. Also coffee enemas are supposed to be excellent for bowel health but have yet to try that!

    • I am formulating questions/strategy how to tackle respond to the white genocide. In the meantime

      to Aladdin, aziz.asghar, jesse, Craig, Mike, Kazuki, Henry, Gordon, Andrew, Jonathan, ian.moss, david.toms

      India Won’t Suppress Tewari’s Free Energy Generator

      April 16, 2015 eClinik Learning Leave a comment

      India considers its own free energy program a matter of national pride, and is very much willing to risk antagonizing Petrodollar countries with its support on Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG) invented by its own Paramahamsa Tewari, an electrical engineer and former Executive Director of Nuclear Power Corporation of India.

    • Without being unduly optimistic. Its possible men scryfa below is correct. Surely it has to be? The Satanists would have done much much worse to us, this planet, much sooner, decades ago, given the chance. If there wasn’t some kind of Resistance Alliance rooted in good esoteric secret socieities going back millennia.
      If the Satanists can have their secret societies, whos to say loving God worshipping benevolent socieities don’t exist too? Exciting times I think

      “THE ALLIANCE IS FAR GREATER AND MORE ORGANIZED THAN MOST PEOPLE REALIZE. There are positive elements within our governments, militaries and intelligence circles who have known these crimes are going on… all along. They have steadily and consistently fought against this influence — which is ultimately a religious cult whose roots go all the way back to the Roman empire.”

      ””HERE’S SOME WEIRD STUFF ABOUT THE BIBLE… why is the Cabal trying harder than ever to attack Christianity?… The Library of Alexandria never burned down — at least none of the good stuff. It was all secretly relocated to the Vatican Library, where it exists to this very day… One of the most fascinating secrets is that the key books in the Bible — Matthew, Mark, Luke and John — were found in these ancient document collections. These Biblical documents are at least eight thousand years old, maybe closer to 10,000 years old — or more. Pete [Peterson] witnessed and handled them firsthand.”

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Wow imagine how much some scholars would pay to access that library if it does contain the contents of the lost library of Alexandria?

        I know that there are many hidden libraries kept secret from the majority but whether the library of Alexandria is still extant?

    • Hi MS I look forward to replying with trains of thought soon when I can.

      This has been a suffocating highly depressing last few days on a personal level. The talk about Mercury being retrograde, and time between 23rd sep to 28th sep ….im really starting to believe theres energetic truth to all this. Also weird things have happened, in last 2 days, car almost being towed away, stroke of luck avoiding it being, and paying 170 to get it released.
      It was a troublemaker reported my car parked on a quiet bend on an estate. The drama and knock on effect with my dad opening floodgates for other issues to arise…;
      ive had to come to the conclusion some demonic metaphysical forces are at work. And angelic ones stepping in at last minute saving me 170. I really do think theres these unseen forces acting in our lives.
      I think we are in the midst this September of a black magic onslaught.
      They say mercury retrograde returns situations feelings from the past.
      My point is difficult situations have arisen , and as though being tested. Ive resorted to going into nature and praying to feel some kind of peace.
      So I do think the Satanists are using these blood moons to bring negative energy sapping forces on people this month
      That said some interesting potentially wonderful developments happening this month too.
      But one hopes October will beclearer, im hoping the Satanists, despite using astrology to bend the world how they want, im hoping were coming through and October will show their tricks just aren’t gaining traction any more.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Yeah I have been getting it badly the last 2 weeks or so. Was feeling good before that.

        It is demonic. I woke up earlier this week to find a teddy bear on the ground outside my window with a small tin can and a note inside it. The Teddy Bear had lots of pin holes and pin marks where large knitting needles had been stuck through it. The gardener on the estate picked it up and threw it away before I could go and collect it. The people that the cult stationed upstairs of me (it is a new lot since last year that they have moved in after the last lot failed to make enough progress on me) chucked it out of the window – likely they replaced it with a new effigy. This black magic is dangerous stuff as I feel very unwell and they are ramping up the assaults again big time.

        As for the idiots out on the street – they deserve what is coming to them so don’t waste any time worrying about them. We have been suffering big time and for a long time for those fools and if it were not for them then none of this would be happening.

        I was thinking about it today – if a person is so stupid to believe the ‘official version’ of what happened on 9/11 and to do nothing or to applaud the genocide of their own people well good riddance to them. God is obviously just off-loading the twats. Or girls just interested in breeding baboons.

        Frankly if the Cults and Cabal left me alone or if one side of them did I would be happy as there are so few people worth saving apart from the few like you and me and I suppose the physical world itself when purified. I would just get on with life.

        I suspect though that they cannot – therefore I will have to destroy them.

        Nothing personal just a question of respect.

        I look forward to seeing what transpires.

      • beLIEve says:

        Adam S and…. Men Scryfa

        Sorry to hear you are being targeted.

        It is par for the course, for those who have the temerity to tell the truth.

        It makes me think the “SCUM at the TOP”….don’t have much of a leg to stand on; considering the…. TRUTH….seems to brings them out in…….HIVES !

        There are actions you can take to reduce/deny the attacks.

        You need to state your authority i.e… Indigenous Sovereign of Planet Earth……a child/entity of the Prime Creator…….in possession of UNALIENABLE rights…..

        You …MUST…DEMAND and COMMAND ….the entities that have infested you space…your body, your dwelling, the rooms within your home, your family, your friends, your car, the bus to work, your workplace etc etc ….to LEAVE with immediate and, permanent effect.

        You need to do this regularly, until you feel you have made some headway.

        You should COMMAND & DEMAND from the heart., rather than the head.

        You need to fully concentrate when you issue your commands.
        There has to be strong sentiment in your …ORDERS.

        Some people say that writing your ..ORDERS… down and, leaving them around the house or, in your room, also helps.

        There are many internet sites that address the issues of …gang stalking and, psychic self-defense……….….

      • beLIEve says:


        Gang Stalking and targeted Individuals

    • ” Corey posted a huge update regarding a meeting that took place between himself, Gonzales and a recently organized breakaway civilization alliance council. The information disclosed in that account definitely raises some questions as to alleged contacts with benevolent ET’s over the past 60 years; at least. Many of the accepted ET contacts of the past could in fact be ancient breakaway humans who deceived the surface population into thinking they were off-world groups.

      That being said, I would suggest not throwing any babies out with the bathwater just yet.

      Undoubtedly there are nuggets of wisdom being shared by these groups, yet this development further underscores why blind acceptance is never advantageous.

      The other interesting point revealed in Goode’s account, was that the Ancient builder race, which is responsible for the creation of many structures and sites throughout the solar system including the ancient star gate system, is referred to by these breakaway groups as the Guardians; the Sphere Being Alliance. The Ancient breakaway council is not happy that the Sphere Beings have refused to make direct contact with them unless it is made as a joint effort between them and the secret space program alliance.

      Part two of that report is set to be released soon, and will most likely provide even more data points for greater understanding of the political landscape shaping Earth’s epic history.

      My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey’s text in black. ”

    • Thanks.
      I hope you can keep strong and find the Spiritual Protection you need at this time.
      Whether Wilcock is a NWO con artist or whatever, I think theres still useful stuff being delivered. Such as how we have spiritual protection if leading a virtuous life, how theres unwritten rules the cabal don’t want us to know, that they cant cross.
      As well perhaps you could find a good non satanic trustworthy priest/vicar of some kind, who knows about entity attacks and spiritual protection.

      I wonder if the Q pendant I think its called, EMF protection might help.

      Wilson does articles about spiritual attack ill look for, resisting it. Entity attachment. A lot is possible to resist, and I think theres spiritual laws the cult cant cross the line with, they have to deceive and trick and tempt. I think reading and keeping the Bible close at hand will also help, which im sure you are doing

    • if its really serious, perhaps buying some kind of wire mesh lining the walls with to make a Faraday Cage to block all EMFs. Or moving out or going away for a while

  2. Truth will prevail says:

    These “elites” must be weaklings and cowards, always in hiding. They hate competition and fair play most.

    Without the complicity and military power of the much despised “Goyim” (US-GB-NATO), they would be powerless…

    We are our worst enemies if we offen them any assistance…

  3. Dublinmick says:

    I have condensed a few things contained in the Babylonian clay tablets. Many of them are found in the Berlin Museum.

    Who Are The Nefilim, Where Did They Go, Will They Return?

    • “THE ALLIANCE IS FAR GREATER AND MORE ORGANIZED THAN MOST PEOPLE REALIZE. There are positive elements within our governments, militaries and intelligence circles who have known these crimes are going on… all along. They have steadily and consistently fought against this influence — which is ultimately a religious cult whose roots go all the way back to the Roman empire.”

      ””HERE’S SOME WEIRD STUFF ABOUT THE BIBLE… why is the Cabal trying harder than ever to attack Christianity?… The Library of Alexandria never burned down — at least none of the good stuff. It was all secretly relocated to the Vatican Library, where it exists to this very day… One of the most fascinating secrets is that the key books in the Bible — Matthew, Mark, Luke and John — were found in these ancient document collections. These Biblical documents are at least eight thousand years old, maybe closer to 10,000 years old — or more. Pete [Peterson] witnessed and handled them firsthand.”

    • Yes good point. Rabbit pointed this same thing out to me a few weeks ago.
      Whats seduced me with Wilcock (I don’t like Fulford),
      has been Wilcocks apparently showing us solid physics metaphysics truths, in Source Field investigations, the salamander dna in the beakers reproducing via lasers.
      This Law Of One I thought seemed to be something genuine. And links with the New Testament books I got excited about.
      I too, think something smells very wrong this endless talk about ‘dragon families’ coming to save us in various ways
      Wilcock seems to have told some truths such as the illuminati symbolism at the 2012 Olympics for example. And Tubal Cain symbol used in the media image for the ebola virus.
      What im getting at Dublinsmick is that if youre right about Wilcock which ultimately I think you are. And hes (even unknowingly himself) a Satanist tool. It looks to me at this stage of the game the Satanists/Freemasons are gambling away giving up a lot of truths about the physical world around us. Wilcock even did a leyline article /secret Freemason knowledge a year or two ago.
      Could it be now in this high stakes game of deception the Satanists are trying to play…..theyre having to gamble with more and more truths going closer to the bone? If theyre to pull off whatever NWO type deception they have in mind?

      I must admit. I try hard to be rigorous and objective and throw in the bin anything and anyone that doesn’t make logical sense standing up to whatever analysis I can do. And stand up to any intutitve empathic inner voice sense too. Ill not defend and hold onto anything out of emotion or sentiment or comfort.

      I must admit I latched on and got a wave of hope and optimism Wilcocks statement yesterday how theres such an organised white hat alliance out there fighting the Satanists.
      And wouldn’t the Satanists have done much worse to us years before now, had there not been some kind of resistance like he talks about?

      Im happy to let go of all the Wilcock hope narrative, dragon families, illuminati gossip updates.

      I just hope, and heres where my emotion heart enters into this and overrides everything. I hope there are positive elements within governments, militaries, intelligence.

      I really do, I hope you might be able to find some clues evidence this is true, and post it on your blog?

      But yes, things are a bit too easy being served up by the Wilcock |Fulford Cobra show.

      Were obviously in a time of huge Deceptions

      I am sad to realise this means Corey Goode is suspect too, being so closely allied wth Wilcock.

      Yet take a look at Goodes recent stuff ive posted. The Physics truths that’s made the SSP possible that’s been suppressed. Im sure cant be argued with, they are mindblowing and true im sure.

      I should keep in mind what sun Tzu or whoever else says: Truth/bait is used, to swallow lies. Truth sandwiched between two lies etc.

      So there may be some SSP deception corey goodes an Agent for trying to make us accept

      I don’t know anymore DM I just want there to be white hats somewhere thinking like us with the same morals and vision

  4. Dublinmick says:

    They say you can ask most anybody on the Solomon Islands and they will tell you the giants still are there in the immense jungles and cave passages. They have tales of them tossing jeeps around.

    • beLIEve says:

      Well well well……

      Reptilians flying around the Solomon Islands and, with laser guns and, UFOs…….fancy that ? ?

      Makes a change from their “usual” haunts…….the Brecon Beacons, the British/European Countryside !

      ‘UFOs: The Human Mutilation Cover Up’
      ‘UFOs AND NATO’
      Full Film 2014 Richard D Hall

      I think those who have “lost” family members or, farm animals to …….the mutilating “practices” of the…… BASE EVIL……..of these….. CREATURES…..will do everything they can to expunge them from Planet Earth, regardless of their current location.

      There will be no place of safety for them, once their nihilism is exposed.

      Since watching the ‘Human Mutillation’ film 6-12 months ago I have been trying to work out what …..HOLD…..these …EVIL….creatures have over the “so-called” governments of the World.

      I came to the conclusion that the ….REPTILIANS…..must have traded technology for “RIGHTS to MUTILATE HUMANS”

      On the other hand, with David Icke type stories circulating about “royals” politicians and,highly placed officials ….”shape shifting” into ….REPTILIANS…..maybe the….. scum-bag lizards…. flying around the Solomon Islands… ARE… the “royals/politicians” ……presenting in their natural FORM ? ?

      Others have suggested that the …REPTILIANS…..are now unable to maintain human form due to the increase in the Schumann Resonance.

      I have been trying to work out why the EL-iteS (SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM) are in such a hurry to lock down/genocide the human race.
      Maybe this is the answer.
      They or, nest members are struggling to maintain human form.

      So, my cynical mind leads me to wonder if, this “off planet evil” has relocated to the Solomon Islands, in the hope of reinventing its history and…. DUPING…..humanity into thinking some unknown/little known species has ….just turned up !

      AND, once humanity has been well and truly deceived, the reptilians will……ACHIEVE THE FINAL GOAL……evisceration of humanity and….DOMINATION…. of planet earth ?

      Just thinking….speculating !

      A warning about the MUTILATION film, it is graphic, in parts.

      • Thankyou very much for the above information Kingel
        Thankfully, it is not as bad, and I hope and pray it never will be, anything like ‘gang stalking’. Not even anything like Men Scryfa endures.
        Yet I do feel convinced this Septembers given me final proof, theres definitely attacks on our/my ‘weak spots’, entities in the etheric dimension attack and go for.
        Therefore this is a psychological war, but also physical because this lot has physical effects. I know my weak spots have been pressed lately. But I am fighting back and grateful its not the end of the world. But I can tell dark entities have tried to trigger and push me to think black thoughts, and even act and do bad things. Such as lose my temper with the person I know made trouble calling police about my car.
        This touches psychological weak spots because of how I allowed myself to be walked on in the past. No longer.
        But when buttons get pressed, its important I don’t react stupidly and regret something for the rest of my life. So I think,
        demoinic entities are making trouble and I will forcefully from the heart do what you suggest cheers.

        I like your comments above, the Schumann resonance, and how maybe they cant maintain human form and must goto Solomon islands. Maybe leaving their clones to cover back in London etc?

      • beLIEve says:

        Adam s

        Your comment……….

        “leaving their clones back in London”

        SH*** I hadn’t thought of that one !
        but, I agree, whole heartedly……….

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Dubs, That was an excellent article that you did on the outcome of the recent litigation case.

      In my humble opinion that deserved a much wider readership. I would endorse the Tap running it again for you or linking to your blog. It is very important information which is being buried.

      • ”In fact, preventing entity attachment is one of the goals of all religions, along with helping people remove harmful entities. This is discussed in the bible and in many holy books of other religions, as well. Even if the religious teachings are flawed or false, having a religious attitude seems to help prevent entity attachment in some way. Perhaps it relieves anxiety and helps control negative emotions in many people.”
        ” 10. Sexually related entities. Some entities love being inside a woman’s vagina, or perhaps inside a man. When people have sex, particularly casual sex with people not their spouse, entity attachment is extremely common. It almost goes with the territory. This is a powerful reason to not engage in casual sex, even if you are single and unattached. It is very easy for entities to attach during and after sexual intercourse. For one thing, the person is vulnerable. For another, sex always depletes the body to a degree, and this greatly favors entity attachment.

        11. Stress entities that come in when one is ill, malnourished or hungry, dehydrated, angry, resentful or depressed. This is unfortunate, but whenever the body is out of balance, it is far easier for certain entities to attach themselves to that body. This is an important reason to always keep yourself well hydrated, well-fed, well-rested and relaxed as much as possible.

        Many people, for example, go on a vacation to relax. However, the trip is stressful, the food is not as good as home-cooked, one drinks some alcohol, perhaps, and stays up late because one does not have to go to work the next day, and perhaps has more sex than usual. The result is entity attachment, that can remain for years.

        12. Meatless-related entities. This will sound odd, but eating meat blocks the entrance or attachment of some types of entities. One may call these vegetarian entities. In other words, if one does not eat red meat, in particular, certain entities find it easy to enter the head area, in particular. This occurs with many vegetarians, who find themselves less able to think clearly, for example.

        This is an important reason to eat red meat at least twice or three times weekly, and it is another danger of vegetarian diets. It is particularly important in blood type O people, who need more red meat, in general, than others. Eating eggs, cheese, milk, or yogurt will not help. One must eat meat, particularly red meats such as lamb. It is part of the special reasons why lamb is used in Jewish and some Christian and other religious feasts and ceremonies. It is a method of exorcism or entity release.”

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