How to recharge your battery

This came in from Adam discussing yoga-like techniques to move energy down the front of your body to your feet, and then up the back to your head.  The process recharges your cells, and literally electrifies you.  I started doing this instinctively when I was ill, and have often found it a great way to get back to sleep if I wake in the night.  It also stops heart palpitations and fibrillations, and calms the body and mind.  Worth a go.  The only thing I would add to the awareness of electricity moving on the in breath is that you draw the breath to the very bottom of the stomach and then take it all the way down to your genitals.  Yoga-teachers never seem to mention the last bit, but if you do, the sensation of electrical charge to the souls of your feet and palms of your hand is instantaneous, especially if you hold the breath for a second or two at the end of the breath.  That’s the starting point.  Once you have delivered electricity into your feet and hands, you then visualise it slowly passing back up through your body step by step especially on the out breath, which can also be held for a second at the end for best effect. Then electricity moves up past the back of the knees, the inner thigh and up into the base of the spine.  Once there the electrical charge can be felt in the brain stem at the back of the head, around the head, at the top of the head and into the third eye at the front.  It feels very therapeutic.


You can do a similar exercise visualising energy passing from the palm of your hands, up the arms and into the chest, relaxing your heart.  Here’s the link sent by Adam with his comment.


by Lawrence Wilson, MD

© June 2015, The Center For Development


This article has to do with a peculiar quality of human beings.  It is that we are polarized, or directional in nature.  This means that the electrical charge or etheric charge of a person must be in a certain way, or the body simply does not function well.  If the charge is reversed for some reason, the person is said to be “upside down” in his or her thinking, feeling and even bodily functions.  This eventually leads to an early death.

This article also has to do with moving a certain type of subtle energy through the body for the purpose of healing a mental development. This energy may be called etheric energy, described in a separate article.  It goes by many other names such as chi, qi, vital force, orgoneenergy, zero point energy and other names.  It enters our bodies at certain predetermined points and flows through and around the human body at all times, or we cease to be alive.  Learning about it is critical if one is to live a long and healthy life today, since the planet is so polluted that even the best food and the best water may not be enough to sustain one.


Directionality is the key.  A secret means of enhancing the amount of acquired etheric energy one has is to move the energy through the body by some means – with the mind or some other way – in a particular direction.  I do not know why this works, but it does.




The direction is generally from the head down to the feet.  This is most important, even though it is not perfectly accurate.

In fact, the subtle energy flows in a circular motion down the front of the body and up the back of the body, but the hard part is generally to get it to flow downward, down the front of the body at all times.  When one can do this, it generally flows up the back easily and silently, without a need for any effort expended at all.  Therefore, I will refer to the correct direction of motion as downward motion in this article, although it is not exactly true.  This detail becomes important with certain exercises to be discussed later.

Also, if one is lying down, then the energy does not flow downward, but rather needs to flow from the head to the feet.  This is also an important point.  If one wants to be picky, in fact it also flows downward toward the earth when one is lying down parallel to the earth’s surface.  However, the main need is to make the energy flow from the head to the feet.

One other complication – if one is in a seated position, the subtle energy flow is mainly from the head down to the base of the spine.  It may or may not flow all the way down to the feet, depending on their position.  However, once again for simplicity in this article I will refer to the ideal flow as from the head to the feet.


Linguistic aspects of directionality. The idea that downward motion is healthful and life-giving is known on earth.  In fact, it has found its way into many English phrases.  For example, when a person is out of sorts, we may say one is upset, uptight, or mixed up.  Other slang words in common English usage are uppity, screwed up, messed up, knocked up, jammed up, and other similar expressions.  We may say one is up to no good.  People sometimes ask “What is up?”, meaning what is wrong or what is upsetting you.

These phrases may have a deeper meaning, in that they refer to an upward flow or movement of energy that some people can feel in their bodies.

In contrast, when a person is more relaxed and happy, the English language and other languages contain phrases such as calmed down, slowed down, settled down, down to earth, and others.  Again, these phrases can refer to a movement of energy that some people can feel. Not all of the language reflects this idea.  One may speak of an “upstanding” citizen, and when sad or ill, we say a person is feeling “down”.  So it is not a universal reference in the language of English, but it is a common tendency.


Ancient references to this flow of energy. In some yoga books, this exact same flow of energy is called the macrocosmic orbit or themicrocosmic orbit, depending on exactly where it flows.  It is the basic circulation of the chi or vital force.

The word in Chinese traditional medicine that was used for the movement of energy to increase one’s power and force is sung, meaning downward.  In Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient Japanese healing method somewhat similar to acupressure or acupuncture, the flow of energy is also recommended as “down the front, and up the back”.  The same is true in acupuncture as well.  In Dragon And Tiger chi kung, and others, there is also a reference to the fact that the movement of energy is down the front of the body and up the back of the body.

When I studied t’ai chi, we also learned that one must constantly move subtle energy downward or sung in Chinese, to build power in the body.




Upward flowing vital force or chi causes every conceivable symptom of dis-ease.  In some cases, reversing the upward flow of subtle energy is the most important thing that must be corrected for health to return.

Common problems associated with upward moving energy include panic attacks, anxiety, fear, heartburn or GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease).  Others include spaciness or a floaty, ungrounded appearance or behavior, unsteadiness, lack of self-confidence, and low self-esteem.

Other prominent physical symptoms include a tendency for all yin conditions such as yeast or candida albicans infection, fatigue, depression, obesity, and even osteoporosis because there is not sufficient psychological and even physical “weight” moving downward in the body.  This one is hard to explain, but it appears true from our research.

Most poisoning due to toxic metals or other poisons causes an upward flow of energy through the body.  Discouragement and fear definitely cause an upward flow of energy.  One may want to “check out” or leave the body through the head.

Love versus vampirism.  Vampirism always causes an upward flow of energy through the body of the victim.  For more on this interesting topic, please read Energy Vampirism on this site.  In contrast, loving another truly always causes the other person’s energy to move somewhat more in a downward direction.


Men and women and the etheric direction of flow.  In modern times, men are often more grounded, and the direction of their ethericenergy flow is usually more downward.  However, in the past it was the opposite, with women more grounded and downward-moving.  This has shifted today as women have entered the workplace and are expected to work outside of the home.  Some women also wear high heels and tight and sexy clothing that makes it harder for energy to flow downward from the head to the feet.  This has harmed the women, who now have more difficulty grounding themselves.

Other possible reasons why women are less grounded today has to do with their higher copper levels and somewhat lower zinc levels.


Sex and the direction of etheric flow.  Unfortunately, most sexual activity moves etheric energy upward.  Those who engage in more sexual activity are thus always in worse shape in this regard.  Even thinking about sex, reading sexually-oriented material, sexual humor, or the use of pornography, masturbation, watching sexually explicit movies and other sexually-related past times all tend to move the ethericenergy upward.

However, there is an exception.  There is a way of using sex to actually move the energy downward.  For more on this interesting topic, read Down Sex and Couples Development on this website.




The energetic centers of the human body.  Moving subtle energy downward with the mind or using some other method spins the subtle energy centers or chakras:

  1. Faster
  2. In the correct direction – left or right, as well as inward or outward.
  3. More evenly and in a more coordinated way.

This is an important way that downward moving etheric energy heals the body and brain.




The battery analogy.  While not generally known, the human body is somewhat like a battery in which the head is positively charged and the feet are more negatively charged.  In addition, each cell is charged in this way, in this direction.  The etheric charge (it is not exactly the same as an electrical charge) is inside, and around each cell of the body.  It can be measured with a simple volt-ammeter.

Moving energy downward actually recharges the body, somewhat like recharging a weak or discharging battery.  Normally, as we age, our “battery” begins to run down.  As this occurs, signs and symptoms of aging and disease occur.  Moving etheric energy downward has a rejuvenating effect, like recharging your battery.  Practiced often enough, I am told it can actually allow a person to live much longer than average.


The magnet analogy. The electrical or etheric charge also has qualities like a magnet, in that the charges of each cells are additive.  This means that when placed together in space, or in certain arrangements, they enhance one another, provided the charge is in the same general direction.

This is exactly how magnetism works.  If the iron atoms of a piece of iron or steel are all lined up the same way, a strong magnetic field is created, and the object becomes magnetic.  If, however, the iron atoms are arranged randomly, no magnetism is measurable because the magnetic effects of the individual iron atoms cancel each other out.

In a similar fashion, if all your body cells are “magnetized” or “charged” in a similar direction, the body’s electrical field becomes more coherent and stronger.  This has a strong healing effect.  However, if the cells are either not charged enough, or the charge is reversed, health will be much worse.


A personal experience with this idea. I noticed that when I meditated using the Roy Masters exercise, I could feel a mild tingling in my right hand, somewhat like an electrical current flow.  So I asked an electrical researcher to measure the electrical flow or amperage on my body between the head and the right hand.  As I did the Roy Masters meditation with the modification discussed later on in this article, an electrical test meter registered several millivolts.


The sodium/potassium ratio and cellular charge.  Dr. Paul Eck found that the sodium/potassium ratio on a hair analysis (but not on a blood or urine test) is a measure of the electrical charge on the cells.  The hair must not be washed at the laboratory for accurate results.

This has to do with the sodium pump mechanism.  It pumps sodium out of the cells and allows potassium to remain inside the cells for optimum health.  This mechanism also depends upon healthy cell membranes.  These require omega-3 fatty acids, for example, and other chemicals for proper functioning.  Too many omega-6 fatty acids, which most people have today, can damage the sodium pump mechanism, as can inflammation and other problems.




              The downward moving energy idea needs to be incorporated into your daily lifestyle in order to have optimum health today.  Many people also require it just to get well.  The main way to do this is to do the Roy Masters concentration exercise – with my modification – every day for at least 1 hour.  This is the most important and powerful way to move subtle energy downward through the body.

Modifying the exercise.  You must modify the Roy Masters meditation for it to work.  Move the energy with the mind downward from the head area to the right hand.  Do not try to have the right hand float upward, as Roy Masters mentions on some of his tapes or CDs.

Later, one can become proficient at moving the energy downward from the head not only to the right hand, but to both hands and down into both feet and legs.  When done forcefully and repeatedly every day, this will dramatically have a downward-moving energetic effect.

You can do the exercise sitting, lying down, walking slowly with your eyes half open.  You can do it while doing a coffee enema, or the vaginal coffee implant, or while in a sauna.  For best effect, I find one must do the exercise for at least 30 minutes at a time, and it is best to do it for an hour or more time than this.  It can be difficult, at first, to move the energy downward.  After a few minutes to a half an hour, and as one relaxes into the procedure, it becomes easier.  Also, at first the mind will often be very distracted.  This becomes less of a problem as time goes on with practice.

For much more explanation of this mental exercise, please read The Observation Exercise on this website.


Enhancing the meditative exercise with a partner.  This is called empathic healing, and it is very powerful.  The basic idea is to line up two bodies – preferably one male and one female – so they are head to head and feet to feet, as with a hug.  Alternatively, they can sit next to one another, or lie down next to each other.

Then both people push downward at the same time.  This sets up an electrical field around both of them, and you will find that it makes the exercise easier and more powerful for both of them.


Down visualization.  Another way to do this is that one person sits or lies down and visualizes that another person is sitting or lying next to them.  Then the first person (the one who is doing the visualization) does the Roy Masters meditation exercise with my modification.  This will benefit the person whom one is visualizing nearby.  A few notes on this procedure:


– It is best if the person you are visualizing is physically near by, although it is not necessary.

– Two people can both do this.  It will benefit both of them.

– For maximum effect, when doing the meditation exercise, imagine situating yourself at a point about 30” below your feet.  Now draw the energy downward from your head to this point.


This type of empathic healing is also described in the articles on this website entitled Down Hugging, Down Kissing and Down Sex.  When done regularly, these can greatly speed up results.


Other Exercises to do along with the meditation.


  1. Down breathing or toe breathing. This is a powerful breathing method. To do it, one begins by breathing from the toes or even beneath the feet. Never move your mind further upward than your toes.  It is not possible to “breathe down” on the inhale, but you can keep your focus on your toes, and never allow your body or mind to move upward.

As you inhale, open each bone and vertebra, starting with the feet, ankles, knees, hip joints, and then open up each disc space between each vertebra, moving up the spine – never down the spine.

As you exhale, powerfully move the air downward toward your toes or beneath your feet.

This may seem overly simple.  It is quite simple, but it will move energy downward and keep moving energy downward on the inhale and on the exhale if you do it correctly, and is a powerful exercise.  You could do the Roy Masters exercise at the same time, if you can and want to.  For more, read Breathing on this website.


  1. Down walking. This is also a wonderful way to do the mental exercise if you have a safe, quiet place to walk. For more on this method, please read Down Walking.


  1. Down thinking and feeling. This is mentioned later in this article.


  1. A nutritional balancing program IS down eating, down supplementation and down detoxification.




Among the many benefits are:


  • Causes all the energy centers to open or grow larger, and to spin in the correct direction and in a synchronous and balanced way.
  • This, in turn, activates the organs and tissues in a unique way that furthers their health, growth and regeneration.
  • This can extend life and improve health in unusual ways, since the etheric energy can replace some of the body cells with a more hardy type of cellular material.It replaces the cytoplasm of the cell to some degree, apparently.
  • The downward flow has many other benefits such as physical and psychological grounding and centering.These are discussed in detail in the Meditation article, so I will not repeat them here.
  • Spinning and balancing the seven major energy centers opens the door, so to speak, for even more advanced mental and other development of the body and unfoldment of higher skills or abilities.




These include:

  1. Sleep and rest. More sleep and rest is critical to enjoy the benefits of the etheric energy. Try to go to bed by 9 PM at the latest and sleep 10 hours or more each night. Also, sleep with you head to the north if you live in the northern hemisphere, and with your head to the south if you live in the southern hemisphere.  It does not have to be exactly north-south, but the closer the better.  The reason for this is explained below.


  1. Keeping the body in an extended position. If possible, keep the body in an open and extended position such as standing, sitting in a recliner type of chair with the feet extended out, or laying down. Positions that are not as good for the flow of the etheric energy are sleeping on one’s side with the legs pulled up tight in a fetal position, and sitting with the legs crossed or pulled up tightly.  These positions restrict the flow of the etheric energy through the body to some degree.


  1. Make use of open water. Open water is a type of water that has a more open bond angle between the hydrogen atoms of the water.You can buy it as Ice Age Glacial Spring Water from Canada.  Placing a few drops in a glass of water, or about two to three ounces in a gallon jug of pure water, slightly alters the molecular structure of the entire amount of water it is placed within.  This can help move the ethericenergy through the body more easily, as well.  Please do not drink more of it, as it is devoid of minerals and will demineralize your body.

Placing a bottle of open water at the foot of your bed while you sleep, about 6-12 inches from the feet, will also greatly enhance the ethericdownward flow in the body as one rests or sleeps.  A bottle of it can even be placed at the feet during the day if you sit at a desk, for example, for hours each day.  For much more on this interesting subject, read Open Water on this website.


  1. Do daily coffee enemas. This procedures seems to help focus more energy on the lower part of the body and helps move the energy out of the head. Moving it out of the head is the first step in moving it down the body.  Most people never move much of the energy out of the head, for which reason their body suffers and becomes ill, and their mind never becomes very focused and clear.  Animals, by contrast, have far more balanced energy in the body and do not accumulate it in the head, which is harmful.


  1. Use a near infrared lamp sauna, and no other type. This works because it, too, tends to relax the mind, and draw the chi oretheric energy down from the head to the feet. All of the mechanisms of action of this sauna are not clear to me, but the warmth and the particular frequencies of the rays seem to have this effect.

Part of the effect is due to inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system.  Too much activity of this system tends to pool the blood in the center of the body and sends too much to the head, as well.  Another reason is the reddish color of the lamps tends to activate the lower energy center of the body, moving more energy out of the head.  A third reason is that sitting quietly in a closed space with no stimulation relaxes the mind and body, and helps one to move the etheric energy downward.

Another possible mechanism is that the reddish heat lamps emit a frequency in the near infrared range that actually thins the density of the body, making it easier for the etheric energy to flow through the body.  In fact, just removing toxic metals from the body has this same effect.  This is also one reason the open water is helpful, as it, too, appears to reduce the density or denseness of the physical body, allowing more etheric energy to flow through it.


  1. Breathe more oxygen. One of the elements that is most receptive to the etheric energy is oxygen. Artificial means of getting more O2 such as hyperbaric oxygen is not too good as it is quite yin in Chinese medical terminology. However, O3 or ozone is better.  I don’t agree with some health authorities who say that ozone is not healthful because it is found in higher concentrations in polluted cities.

To breathe more oxygen, you may practice relaxation, deep breathing and living in a rural area or forested area with a higher oxygen content of the air.  An even simpler way to breathe more oxygen is with a common ozonator/ionizer air purifier.  For more about this, go to Buy An Ozonator/Ionizer.

These units, especially when placed in the bedroom, will add some oxygen to the air in a very healthful manner.  Do not listen to the idea that doing this is harmful.  One need not turn the machine all the way up for the effect.  In fact, turning it up all the way may produce too much ozone that is, indeed, a little irritating, though not that harmful.


  1. Living at higher altitudes in drier climates seems to be somewhat helpful, for some reason.


  1. Some tai chi walking practices. These are very ancient healing methods that are quite simply, yet helpful, providing that the goal remains to simply move energy downward from the head to the feet. Examples of such exercises include:
  2. Imagine you weigh 1000 pounds so each step you take send a tremendous force or energy downward into the earth.
  3. Imagine that with each step you send your feet deep into the earth.
  4. Speak the word ‘down’ or ‘sung’ (which means down in Chinese) as you place each foot on the ground in front of you.
  5. Feel your feet sink into the soft earth with each step.
  6. Imagine you have large suction cups under each foot. As you take each step, imagine squeezing the air out of the suction cup, pushing it hard downward to remove the air.
  7. Imagine your feet are like tiger paws that spread out and send energy downward as they touch the ground. You can watch cats and tigers actually do this with each step that they take.


  1. Inhibit your sympathetic nervous system. This is critical, in fact, because one effect of activity of the sympathetic nervous system is to send energy upward toward your head. Inhibiting this system involves relaxing the brain and body, reducing all stress, eating properly, getting plenty of rest, and taking certain nutritional supplements.  Other techniques can help, as well.  These are described in a separate article entitled Autonomic Nervous System Health.




Directional movement also has to do with the direction of etheric energy flow within and around planet earth.  This, in fact, is what gives rise to the Van Allen radiation belts, gravity, solar winds, at times, and many other curious phenomena.


Gravity. For example, the “flow” of etheric around the earth moves toward the center of the planet, and it pulls everything with it, creating what is called gravity.  In fact, it is nothing more than just an effect of the etheric flow around the planet.  Escape from the planet and you don’t have this flow or current of life moving you toward the center of the earth.


Polar flow. A much milder or lesser force that some people feel, nevertheless, is an etheric “flow” or directional movement from the magnetic poles of the earth toward the equator.  This phenomenon gives rise to other electromagnetic fields and other interesting phenomena known in physics and earth sciences.

A simple, but effective way to take advantage of this flow is to sleep with your head facing toward the pole nearest you (either north or south pole).  So if you are in the Northern hemisphere, you would move your bed so your head is to the North and feet toward the South.  This will enhance your etheric flow through the body.  In contrast, sleeping with your head to the south in the Northern hemisphere or to the north in the Southern hemisphere opposes the natural flow of etheric energy through the human body and is somewhat less healthful.

You can also enhance the flow during the day by aligning your desk at work to have your body face the equator of the earth.  For example, if you live in the Northern hemisphere, you would face South as much as possible.


Altitude and dryness.  For similar reasons, it is somewhat better to be at an altitude of about 6000-9000 feet or even more.  At sea level, or near it, the etheric flow is disorganized as it encounters other forces rising from the core of the earth.  This is less the case if one is at a higher altitude.  Once a person is fairly developed, this no longer matters as much, I am told.

A dry climate also seems to assist the etheric flow in some way.  Perhaps water molecules in the air affect the quality of the etheric energy in some way.




Certain thoughts tend to be grounding and centering.  These I call down thoughts.  They include taking full responsibility for your actions, learning to depend upon God, rather than upon other people, and asking God for help in every situation.  Others are learning to be self-reliant and self-sufficient, rather than needing a lot of people around you to be happy.  Another is to think realistically and logically, instead of thinking wishfully and unrealistically.




This is a more esoteric topic, but a very important one.  Pushing energy downward from the head to the feet through the body can remove what are sometimes called karmic blocks or blocked movement.  This can easily save your life.  To read more about it, read Movementon this website.




Moving energy downward through the body from head to feet brings much more etheric energy into the body.  This is called acquiredetheric energy, since it is not etheric energy with which one was born.  This energy not only heals the body, but also moves the body along the path of development and evolution very quickly.  In fact, it is necessary for advanced development.  To read more about this topic, please readMental or Spiritual Development on this website.



12 Responses to “How to recharge your battery”

  1. Walking slowly at vortex points where leylines cross whiledoing this, could multiply intensify the effects, or just simply walking down a leyline. Henry found one in Manila he would walk around. Can it be a coincidence an international bank decided to build a tower HQ there? Or could the site have been chosen. What might have gone on in the banks boardroom behind closed doors after dark?

    And as well, I remember Laura Walker in, her posts each day are v interesting and relevant I feel, and show our electric universe and the heavenly bodies working exerting their effects on the macro and micro levels……she mentioned perhaps a year ago, how there is a very big important leyline in the north east USA.
    She said on 911, all the terror and fear, and im sure the post hypnotic programming using trauma and fear that whole autumn in 2001…….loads and loads of low vibrational fear terror energy the Satanists love, GOT FED INTO THIS LEYLINE
    Which I think in a nutshell means it went along and fed to vortex points which demonic entities from the underworld gorged on. And the elites , esp the ones present in Manhattan that day, will have been ‘rewarded’ in the DEVILS PACT this whole world has been running on
    So my point is we have it in our power I think to turn the tables on these evil Satanists using leylines to all our advantage – if we can find them. And bringing in more etheric energy into our bodies at the same time
    Good clues in city centres are major impressive war memorials, statues, govt buildings being at the top of main streets and at converging roundabouts
    Choosing to walk there

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    Fascinating article. Is there a source link? I can’t see one on the article

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Thanks Adam, much appreciated
        This all makes so much sense to me
        Best wishes

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Peter, try to Alkaline the body with certain foods and also intake distilled sweet water

      The body as we know is mainly water and the water will if toward the alkaline take your vibration toward the blue or higher vibratory rate. Check that blue is toward the higher chakras and toward the alkaline end of the PH chart.

      Detoxify radically if you can, if you have the time and energy. Switch off all electrical items and wi-fi especially at night during sleep. Etheric attacks can occur midnight to 7am but peak at 3.30am.

      Focus on the breath

      Focus on using the whole of the lungs during breathing. You will know when you have mastered this when you shout on the street and the voice can be projected in such a way that all the people stop. Most people are only using the top of the lungs.

      Note that the feeling and sensation mentioned here is not the etheric energy itself it is a sensation only that indicates the presence or passing of the chi force.

      When you are getting somewhere with all of this then we should talk again.

      Good Luck!

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Thanks you very much Men Scryfa

        This is much appreciated information and will be a trigger for more research on my part.

        I already have some of the wider points in place. I live in a rural area with lots of trees and I walk a few miles a day in the local countryside with thoughts of correct posture and breath in my mind. My diet is mainly natural too and has been for decades.

        Since I retired in 2010 I have opened my eyes to many aspects of reality that I was previously unaware of. The Tap blog has been a key resource. My mind is unbelievably more peaceful as a result. Some of the issues are very dark. But knowledge trumps ignorance every time.

        Thank you also for your offer to contact you again. I will do that as appropriate at some time in the future.

        Best wishes


      • Samadhi Maithuna says:


        As discussed above, the way to do this is by practicing the Pushing Down Mental Exercise every single day for at least half an hour, and ideally for one to two hours daily. You can do it sitting, lying down or even walking. This does not matter. What matters is to do it. Do not feel frustrated if it seems difficult, especially at first. Just continue to do it.


        Conserving the etheric energy with which you were born, and learning how to get more of it from the environment, food, air and water are extremely worthwhile to learn.

        Even better is to learn how to get more of it directly from God or Source or the universe using the Pushing Down Mental Exercise. This article is a good introduction to this fascinating subject. For more on this subject and related issues, read Etheric Resetting, Telomeres, And How To Lengthen Them, the Ether Theory, and a dozen or so other articles about development and ether on this website.
        3. Retaining sexual fluid (mostly for men). Sexual fluid contains a lot of etheric energy. It is necessary to make a baby. Retaining this fluid is an old trick if you want to be live a long life. I don’t agree with today’s doctors who tell men and women that sex is great, and the more, the better.

        Having said this, sex without orgasm for men is always fine. The best is called Down Sex, which is actually extremely healing. You can also still cuddle up and enjoy your sexual partner all you want. However, keep sex with orgasm to once a week, maximum. Less, even much less, is better to conserve sexual fluid. It seems to be a reservoir of etheric energy and losing it is not good. If you do ejaculate, men can rub the fluid on the skin around the belly and pelvis to restore some of it.

        Women can reabsorb much of their vital sexual fluids because they often stay in the vagina. Also, women’s sexual fluid does not contain as much etheric energy, because most of the etheric is in the egg, not in the vaginal mucus. A way for women to retain even more of her sexual fluid is to tilt the bed so that the foot of the bed is a little higher than the head of the bed. This will tend to keep a little more of a woman’s sexual fluid inside of her just by gravity flow.

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    The “Star of David” symbol partly represents what is described here.

    • Very interesting addition Tap at the top which I will study to enhance it.
      As you said Men Scryfa to use the breath, and pack the etheric enrgy into the bones.
      I realise now I do not do enough country walking and deep breathing, must try for an hour at least a day if I can.
      Its very interesting how….etheric energy seems to travel on top of, or amongst, or is part of….air we breath. Therefore the lungs, the alveoli…..must be very special structures like a kind of interface between dimensions? At least some kind of door where etheric energy enters

      However ive also read from Wilsons site, etheric energy enters the body at different places. The liver for example, and ( which im still working on when I can), I think all the purification , cleansing, renourishing ‘rituals’ from times past have been to open up these etheric energy entry points
      And of course this is where acupuncture meridian points come in.
      Whilst still of some value, Wilson says acupuncture is not working as well today as 2000 years ago, bodies and the environment are very different.

      How, where did you know learn MS about ‘packing it into the bones’ with deep breathing? A book you’ve studied, or talking to people who practice it? What other etheric energy simplified boiled down advice do you know?
      As well, do you practice deep breathing every day? While walking around or sitting? Or while praying even

      As well, the star of David. is it the case this is a neutral symbol? But the Satanists in the Knesset have hijacked for their own power?

      I read Wilson say in his Merkaba article, how powerful that symbol is on the flag. So I suppose meditations like this above, and various other etheric antiaging strategies, does indeed help us build our own star of david/merkaba just like WIlson says

      I have and am vigilant with Wilson, I have proceeded carefully, checking and cross checking. I honestly think he is a good man, man of integrity. Hes aware of so much going on in this world.
      Ill say it straight, I do not think he is a zio disinfo agent. His NB science seems really powerful and so many things data points add up.
      I just think, he has a naïve blind spot when it comes to Israel.
      Hes well aware of extradimensional goings on in our world but (maybe even for self preservation), doesn’t connect those last dots about who and what Satanically speaking is going on. I think he has some confusion and naivety doesn’t understand they are fake jews

      ” What does the symbolism mean? In this article, I hope to show that the symbolism is not needed, but was put there to keep people from knowing a simple truth that might put the Hebrew people at even greater risk of harm than they are today around the world.

      I believe the symbolism refers to the structure of the merkabah, which is discussed below. It is a tetrahedronal structure (like four angels with four faces) that develops around a person as he or she advances spiritually. Here are more details:

      Structure. The merkabah is composed of layers of tetrahedron-shaped energy fields that intertwine around each other in a complex array to make a tight matrix.

      If it forms in a person, it slowly grows from a tiny speck in the aura of a person into a light or misty spherical shape about 6 to 7 feet in diameter around the body. Then more layers are added to it. These can be counted by someone who can see them. Each layer is offset a little from the ones below and above it. Until it is about 50 layers thick, it is very difficult to see in a person’s energy field or aura. After that, it is easier to see for those capable of seeing the energy field of a person.

      When does it form? If it forms at all, it usually does so after the age of about 35. However, today it usually does not form much at all for several reasons:

      1. The health of most people is far too poor, especially their nutrition.

      2. It requires a level of integrity and honesty that many people simply do not have.

      3. Several other requirements must be met for it to develop. These are discussed later in this article. Many of them are the same as following a nutritional balancing program. ”

      • Men Scryfa says:

        These are excellent questions. Please email me at menscryfa at gmail d0t c0m or

        Ask TAP to forward your email to me and I will try to reply today.

        Excellent questions.

        Age you have correctly identified.

        The age is important firstly because of the nature man and development cycle of the neurological system given to him. It is a 7 year cycle that begins from the maturity of the complete nervous structure that is completed from the age 21 to 23. Therefore the Awakening can occur around the age 34-37.

        These things can occur sooner but most students should be aged from the mid 30s or indeed in certain teaching methods no student is to be admitted before the age of 40. There are good reasons for this.

        The Cults and Cabals have hunted down almost all people who knew and understood this in the ‘West’ as they did try to do elsewhere. They failed.

      • beLIEve says:

        Men Scryfa

        Are you able to share the secrets of the merkaba with the rest of us ?

        I am sure many tap readers would appreciate it.
        We all need, all the help we can get these days.

  4. Eternity says:

    “the sensation of electrical charge to the souls of your feet and palms of your hand is instantaneous”. This is probably the solar plexus opening which sends a shock wave through the body where it is felt in the extremities, tips of fingers and face etc., it is an energy surge, or rather a concentration that mildly interferes, not dangerously and momentarily disrupts the electrical pulse of the heart and it feels a little like electrical tingling as we are primarily electrical, all AC currents if you like I suspect.
    Very interesting analogy of personal directed energy methods, there is I am sure many methods to self help through various ways of moving energy around your body. Most problems I suspect are down to energy blockages which range from the minor to full on blockage at some point within the meridians of the body. I suppose the key is to keep the natural direction of energy in it’s intended natural state, it is possible that dark minded beings reverse their polarity so that energy flows in the opposing direction to which it should where it can accumulate as a deep blockage in lower chakras unable to healthfully ascend the body how it should I suspect which to me moving the energy down unnaturally could be dangerous to health especially if there are already blockages present. The downward movement of energy moves down away from the body forming the egg shaped shield like structure two to three feet away from the body.
    I would however have avoided forcing energy downward as I suspect that energy moves downward automatically after first ascending through the body as it’s natural course.
    Energy I suspect is delivered through the heart and navigates upward toward the crown, upward another three feet or so to maybe another chakra point that possibly looks like a diamond, or prism even and possibly naturally comes back down in the shape of an egg or oval where it possibly meets below the feet to a root chakra at the soles of the feet to once again ascend upwards of the body criss crossing all meridians particularly the main central points front to back like a snake or caduceus where it possibly converges at the heart to continue on indefinitely unto death maybe. I always suspected that the best way to cleanse and energise the body was to perhaps visualise the central chakra points as snowflake like pattern formations that some may see as flowers in corresponding colours, one at a time and energise them perhaps with light, to visualise that light spinning into your body helping maybe to unblock nodes that deform through negative thought. Possibly light in the cells of water in the human body takes on the shape similar to snowflakes but transform in shape corresponding to the frequency that it resonates to according to how you think and, how you consciously charge it/ them, possibly. It is also possible that it is impossible to unblock blockages if the thinking of the blocked host does not change it’s way of thinking and acting, what do you think?
    Really what it all probably comes down to is magnetism from electrical charge, a form of gravity I suspect that maintains the field of balance, or unified field within healthy cells and to attempt to divert the flow of energy in unnatural directions is not really beneficial and possibly could also be propaganda?
    The two most distinguishable currents felt in the body emanate from the heart and the solar plexus, the heart it seems is AC all by itself, it gives and receives but if it is scared it passes it’s energy down to the solar plexus where it sends out a distorted current felt in the body as fear and can make the whole body shake where all meridians are temporarily distorted with the negative energy charge. I could be wrong of course and I find it very interesting, fascinating even how everyone understands and interprets how the body works on a spiritual, quantum level.
    What works for you as individuals is the most important aspect of anything that you do but be careful not to open yourselves up to eventual harm.
    Maybe it is possible to funnel your energy up through the crown toward the diamond or prism chakra (Satanists know this and use the rainbow imagery of a prism or diamond where they capture and hypnotise their victims) how Universal knowledge may be pulled into your consciousness and triggers the true meaning of human evolution or to awake from the sleep to see the prison world we are in, or the nature of the duality of being human and Spirit at the same time in a world that has had it’s spirit raped and decimated by the few that only want gain from it’s material wealth. Seeing the truth does not set you free, it makes the prison all the more acute and even makes you feel that you are in a hell, but truth comes at a price a suppose.

    I see an interest in the Merkaba here that is a convergence of two energies of light, light of the being, you or I and light of the divine which could be used at will if achieved, very unlikely any time in the near future of humans in their current state.
    Look up Metatrons cube, it is a fundamental principle of the formation of the merkaba which is a transformation of your egg shaped energy with the divine which creates a super oscillation and probably enables quantum travel otherwise known as teleportation, I assume.

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