Google Finally Reveals Heavily Controversial Planet X to the Public At Large


Regardless of the specific type or content of the material being withheld, assuming a cover-up goes on long enough, sooner or later “Murphy’s Law” kicks in. In other words, if something can go wrong, eventually it will go wrong. From personal experience, I’ve noticed seemingly whenever NBC on particular is involved, the chances of something going wrong raise by a factor of 10 because they are such boobs.

Case and Point: On around January 14, 2014, KCRA Channel 3, Sacramento News was recording from their helicopter prior to going live for their morning show. That was when they spotted the enormous planet  in the sky that did not belong there. The video that you’ll see was taken from their own news helicopter. While recording footage of the planet taken live, which begins about 2 minutes into the video, the filming crew calls the station and not even the meteorologist has any explanation for what they are seeing. Watch the video to finally see what Uncle Sam has been trying so hard to cover-up.


As awesome as it is to see Planet X or Nibiru (whichever you chose to call it), no one filming asked the obvious question. If government is concealing the information or they are downright lying about there being another planet, WHY are they lying about it? What do they know? Secret Societies Entrenched in the Highest Levals of Government Have Swindled TRILLIONS in Tax Revenue From YOUR Hard Earned Money to be used to build gigantic Underground Bunkers For THEIR protection, is a great place to start, and all of the articles below are also great resources to begin putting the pieces together.

What has people so nervous about Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood (or whatever you choose to call the planet) is the fear of what the planet will it bring with it? Are NEMESIS and NIBIRU hiding behind the sun? With so many people wondering about other world affairs and not looking to the sky. Could Planet X already being showing itself?

In January 2015, an interview with Bob Fletcher predicted that martial law will be invoked in the US within six months of the worldwide naked eye observations of objects in the Planet X System for the first time. Bob is one of the guests in part III above.

Planet-X-11In the video below, what has long been suspected should now serve as confirmation even to the most uninformed skeptics out there. The planet is precisely where it has been said to be, it has the reddish colored cloud around it which is said to be a cloud of dust iron oxide red, making the rivers and lakes acquire a reddish color. To a simple guy like me, all the conformation I need that Planet X, or Nibiru is real, is the fact that previous efforts were taken to remove any evidence of the planet from Google Sky. Last I checked, you don’t have to doctor footage of things are not there.




4 Responses to “Google Finally Reveals Heavily Controversial Planet X to the Public At Large”

  1. Lynn says:

    Something in me says this could be a huge possibility, the whole thing is in the teachings of the lost civilisations. Just my take on history.

  2. kingel says:

    According to Professor Nassim Haramein………
    Planet Nibiru has come and………gone !

    • Thanks. I was knocked out by eben alexander. But henry and others think theres some kind of deception within, and suspicious it was covered so hugely on oprah winfrey. Im not sure what the deception is Kingel but its intriguing neverhtless, plus theres loads of other NDEs on youtube very humble yet convicing tales.

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