Germany’s Alpine border overwhelmed with immigrants. Rape becoming commonplace.

We have never done this before, but we will give you some world news that you probably will not get from the Lamestream media.  Let us know if you would like this kind of reporting to continue or if you would not.
We know there is a huge influx of people pouring west into Western Europe.  Here is news from the inside.
A Member living on the Austrian/Bavarian-Germany border tells us that there are so many thousands pouring in over the border that the police are simply overwhelmed by the sheer force of numbers.  Police strength had to be reallocated to protect the train stations and the border that various other points have had to be more or less abandoned.  This Member tells us that the police have said they cannot provide security or safety at many places including Oktoberfest and that people attending Oktoberfest must take extra precautions to maintain their own safety.  It was also suggested that the jam-packed Oktoberfest could be an enticing target for suicide bombers.
A family in Giesen, Germany are trying to get out of Germany to come to the United States!  Germans fleeing Germany?  It is reported that there is a huge tent city at Giesen and it is chaos.  We are informed that there are too many rapes daily to be counted but it appears that young Christian women are especially targeted.
We have been informed by many Members that the little boy who drowned and made such a heart-wrenching photo op was actually in a safe area when he was drowned and that his father was the captain of the UNseaworthy boat that had made several trips across that same water – smuggling refugees for pay.  In other words, he was a human smuggler.
Another Member said that in his little Alpine village, the citizens all volunteer for the normal duties such as the fire department, civil defense and homeland security.  These are routine, normal tasks that do not require many hours.  However, in light of the massive numbers flooding over the borders and past police who are simply overwhelmed by this flood, these volunteers have to rush home from their normal jobs to stand watches in the villages.
It appears that this is a whole lot more than the simple situation of people fleeing a disaster in their homeland, even though the Lamestream media likes to show only one side and for whatever reason does not like to show the grim reality.

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  1. ian says:

    Things are moving quickly now. It almost reminds me of the Russian invasion of Germany in WW2. Rape rape rape. Ilya Ehrenburg or something like it he was called. The Commissar who urged on the rapists. “Hellstorm by Thomas Goodrich”.
    Probably directed by the same bunch of hate filled people.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Pam is not my usual viewing but did report what is happening.

    Of course Israel’s media reports more of the truth to it’s own people – funny that

    “Europe Braces for Rape Epidemic From Incoming Migrant Hordes”

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