General Gul dies at home in Muree

Friend and colleague, perhaps the world’s best intelligence officer.. “The Zionists and Neocon’s did 9/11”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

General Hamid Gul died today at 79 years old.  We will miss him.  He was preceded by Major Raja Mujtaba who died last year, two of Veterans Today’s most powerful voices.

Put on a terror list for citing Bush complicity in 9/11, General Hamid Gul’s leadership at Veterans Today has been an inspiration for all of us.

This is a man who held all the secrets and released everything possible.

There is no better patriot, no better friend to the American people than Gul.

General Gul ran the whole US side of the Soviet-Afghanistan war from the Pakistani side, and he knew everything afterwards as head of the ISI, especially about Mr. Osama bin Laden, where our own Lee Wanta was his handler for a several years, particularly when it came time to round up the Stinger missiles with the bounty money as the incentive. Lee and Osama (his CIA name Mr. Tim Osman) handled the accounting in getting most, but not all of them back.

If I remember correctly Gul was the first of VT’s people to end up on the no fly list, to be followed by more of us for the crime of saying something publicly that upset someone, and where the “no fly list” was abused by being used to make examples of those who did not self censor themselves.

All he said was he thought 9-11 was an inside job. And all the work he had done for US interest in the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan, with over a million of them killed, that all went up in smoke. If he could be burned so quickly then “they” showed that anybody could.

You might notice that a vacuum developed in regards to anyone in a high position challenge our fraud of the century, what was really an amateurish 9-11 commission, rigged from the start by doing away with testimony under oath.

They are not making them like General Gul anymore, old Cold War veterans who when that one was over he spoke out against the new one being created to take its place so they could profit from the endless mayhem of destruction and then rebuilding, most of it on the public nickel and on credit, while the conveyor belt kept flowing to their off shore bank accounts, hundreds and even thousands of trusts that continues on to this day, with some of America’s top political families involved.



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  1. This General Gul gives me hope, that white hats within organisations really do exist

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