Former MP to be quizzed under caution by police over historic child rape claims

  • Police are investigating claims that the man was part of a paedophile ring
  • It is alleged that he was one of a group of men who sexually assaulted a girl in the 1980s and 1990s in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire
  • The man denies the allegations and says he was rarely in the county
  • Esther Baker, the alleged victim, waived her right to anonymity in May 

A former MP is to be interviewed under caution by police over allegations that he was part of a paedophile ring who repeatedly sexually assaulted a young girl in the 1980s and 1990s, it was reported yesterday.

Police are investigating claims that he was one of a group of men who regularly raped and abused the girl in woods in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire.

He is due to be questioned under caution by detectives some time in October.

Police are investigating claims that a former MP was part of a paedophile ring who repeatedly sexually assaulted a young girl in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire (pictured)

The man strongly denies the allegations and has told police he believes there is an attempt to pervert the course of justice taking place. He says he can prove that he was rarely in Staffordshire at the time.

The alleged victim, Esther Baker, waived her right to anonymity to make the claims public in May.

She says her abusers possibly included a peer and a judge, and that the abuse went on for four years from when she was six – in the woodland and in a flat she now believes could have been in London’s Dolphin Square – often while police officers stood guard.

She is understood to have given detectives access to her emails in an attempt to back up her accusations. Ms Baker said: ‘It’s with the police and I look forward to them investigating.’

The alleged victim says she now believes the abuse could have also taken place in London’s Dolphin Square




11 Responses to “Former MP to be quizzed under caution by police over historic child rape claims”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Small fry.

  2. Lynn says:

    There’s a lot more… Pig Gate has started a Tsunami now.Dave had an affair with a man…,well well fancy that, this cesspit of a country is about to fall. The criminals are snitching on each other. When thieves fall out.

    • beLIEve says:

      I imagine everyone knows that “b liar” was found in public conveniences in London, in a compromising act with another male.

      I believe it happened before he wormed his way into Number 10 !

      I think he was fined around £500.00.

      He used his middle names on the charge sheet …Charles Linton ?…so, the story has taken a number of years to filter out.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Yes, he is now a multi-millionaire and is laughing in all your faces.

        It will only change when someone like him is captured tortured and then shoot in the head, so then we can laugh while his face is literally in his own feces.

        But given that most likely the people who are reading this are almost to a man, a bunch of proven cowards and weaklings I suspect this is unlikely to happen and instead mega crooks like him will be proven right in respect of their views of the herd of cattle that they so look down upon.

        So Lynton Crosby or no Lynton Crosby one has to wonder who the real fools are?

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Lynton Crosby… er sorry Charles Lynton…

        Getting a wee bit het up there wasn’t I

        Not for the first time maybe lol!

      • beLIEve says:

        Giving these, neurologically inadequate “entities”………..what they have been dishing out to humanity, for millennia ……
        could be quite tricky, because as Adam S has just mentioned… is quite possible/an odds on certainty……they use CLONES.

  3. ferryt says:

    I’m still waiting for the police to prosecute at least one of these bastards.

    We’re still waiting rather.

    Seems to me:


    (Er nothing after that, because of the freemasonic police and cps).


    Mention former MP who cannot be named for legal reasons.

    (Just keep repeating the above).

  4. Dogman says:

    It will be interesting to see how they deal with Esther Baker. I believe she is sensible to go public, but they may well trump up a charge or fabricate something to malign her. She may have to wait until the scumbag dies before the truth comes out! Sooner rather than later, hopefully.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Dogman we both know that this is all about protecting the much bigger fish with the big names much higher up the chain.

      They cannot keep this kind of mantra up forever. It is a bit like attacking the whistleblowers and witnesses via the mainstream press. There is a law of diminishing returns that applies here.

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