Farmer Finds Surprising Results When He Sends GMO Crop ‘Dust’ to Lab

Farmer advised to wear face mask for protection


It should come as no surprise that crop dust – that is, dirt and other contaminants that accumulate mostly during harvest season – is full of some questionable ingredients. What one farmer found when he sent some dust from his hog building outside his brother’s and father’s farms where they grow Liberty Link and Roundup Ready corn is a little more shocking.

The farmer collected some dust from the corners of the building where he housed his pigs and sent it to a lab, simply labeling it ‘hog dust.’ Midwest labs sent back their results:

The ‘hog dust’ contained:

  • “Liberty Link corn dust, Roundup Ready corn dust

  • Total mold count 14,000 cfu/g 7,200,000 cfu/g 15,600,000 cfu/g

  • Aspergillus sp. (other) 10,000 cfu/g 7,000,000 cfu/g 15,600,000 cfu/g

  • Penicillium sp 3,000 cfu/g 200,000 cfu/g —”

The mold found in the ‘hog dust’ can cause everything from allergies to more serious diseases, and Aspergillus can cause lung disease, asthma, viruses, and pneumonia. These contaminants are also known to reduce beneficial fungi in the soil, which means that crops grown in such ‘dust’ are not as nutritious or vital as their non GM counterparts.

The lab was so concerned about the contents of the dust they found that they asked the farmer to contact them. When he did, they advised the farmer to have anyone working in areas where the dust was found to wear face masks to reduce the risk of serious illness.

Consider that the wind also spreads this toxic dust, like pollen, to neighboring farms and to unsuspecting people who aren’t even farmers. Even without the health dangers of GM crops themselves, the dust is now even considered problematic.

Perhaps it’s time we reconsider the use of GMO crops as other countries around the world have.



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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Gordon thanks for posting this. I suspect this is a very important article as it fits in with the information which suggests a lot of the basis for the attack on us is via food and specifically toxins and particularly mold within factory farm grain.

    The idea is to get the body to attack and destroy itself by harnessing the immune system and triggering it to malfunction causing all manner of auto-immune disease.

    A while ago there was a commentator on one of your articles who said that after many years they were able to ascertain the source of their health problems which they put down to mycotoxins causing them to have allergic reactions to food.

    Processed foods are full of mycotoxins from mold causing ergotism in the past. This was called St Anthony’s Fire in previous times and the new contaminants and poisons work on a broadly similar basis.

    There are supposed to be food safety tests but that is just to deceive the idiot people into thinking that the world is not a big scam and to keep working for the 1 per cent. Where profit is involved honesty and truth go right out of the window. So there is rampant mold and fungi, even more the case now with GMO food. Then there are all of the other things in processed food which have other effects like sulphites, powderized body parts and blood…

    When you go through a heavy de-toxification program and then one day happen to just have a bag of crisps or a processed food desert and you wind up feeling like you are dying because of the instant allergic reaction within your body, that is when you know there is something seriously wrong with ‘modern food’ and there is no need for an expert to explain.

    It works like this:

    1. Get everyone addicted to processed food and totally dependent on supermarkets and a controlled food distribution chain

    2. Monopolize food and seed production while plasticnating,denuding it of nutrients

    3. Move on to genetically altering the food and turning it literally into poison

    4. Cause massive food shortages and economic collapse, petrol shortages etc

    5. Combine this with artificially created and/or totally avoidable massive ‘natural disasters’ which wreck society.

    6. Starve the people and drive the rest to camps where ‘food’ is provided

    7. Anyone who is diabetic (which is now a massive number of people from nowhere) anyone who is dependent on a certain diet, anyone who is dependent on certain medicines. They will just die off quickly.

    8. Everyone else will then be brought under control, starved to death or executed. Lucky ones will live on margins.

    9. White Genocide = JWO

    Personally I would just draw up a list of people that need to be arrested and issue that to be actioned and then all of this could be avoided but as we know no one listens to me. In fact they listen less than they do to the proprietary pre-warnings that the perpetrators have to issue them selves before they can proceed…

  2. nick says:

    I used to be all doom and gloom and thought there was a plan to kill us all, but now I am not so sure. Is there any evidence that the people running things are really that competent to be putting all kinds of subtle plans into effect? I just don’t think they are that good, and there are plenty of more direct ways to wipe out a large amount of people, plagues etc.

    The thing is, the people who will remain the most healthy are those already trying to live ‘off the grid’ as much as possible, so how does it suit the controllers to have the most survivable people those who already don’t trust the government, media, advertised products etc etc and grow their own organic food out of town – these people are not going to be controllable.

    Unless, people who live like this are ordering ‘prepper’ type products from the internet and thereby getting themselves on a list to be dealt with later.

    What if the plan is to have people who are more survivable and have a pioneer spirit to kickstart society after a great calamity, this makes more sense to me

    • Men Scryfa says:

      I hope you are right Ian and us doom sayers are wrong. Whatever happens though I bet we will have some shylock wearing a mask come crawling out from under a rock trying to claim or co-opt the victory and try to squeeze a profit from it.

      • nick says:

        If you put yourself in the shoes of one of the wealthy elite, surely it seems preferable to have a control system similar to what there was in ‘fairytale days’ where there was a servant in every room, the feudal system where people had to get the lords permission to even leave the county.

        It must be infuriating when you have a butler who knows all your little foibles and fancies who then decided he is going to go to college and retrain to be an electrician or whatever.

        If there is a big die off. labour is scarce, and those with skills can command higher pay, and choose who they work for. this happened after the 1st plague and the peasants revolt, the peasants knew they had the upper hand, those that survived the black death. people who needed stuff doing were the ones struggling to find people to do the work.

        Post EMP is the thing to worry about, how are we going to communicate or get information, we might have to talk to our neighbours (eurgh!)

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Sorry Nick, I did not mean to get you mixed up with Ian, I was just a bit tired mate. My apologies. I take your points I think they are all good ones. Along the lines as you suggest the elite plan is all good in theory, but in practice looking further down the line is it really going to work? The position you take on the issue of labour is solid and can be argued. Many people have echoed what you say by predicting that in future instead of a surplus there will actually be a shortage of skilled labour and a serious under population problem. Murrin is of that view too. This is going to cause a problem if you want to be waited on hand and foot all day. It reminds me of the jewish warning to always leave the farmers alone or else they would end up starving themselves to death presumably. You cannot have a world just made up of tribe members if you have to keep the farmers too and then what happens when the farmers get powerful, it all starts again? Its nuts.

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